“End Times” – Geopolitical Overview – Friday – May 12, 2017

“End Times” – Geopolitical Overview – Friday – May 12, 2017

Received via email at 6:11 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles Chaos ain’t what it used to be as a tool for the cabal…. nor Tru…

Received via email at 6:11 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Chaos ain’t what it used to be as a tool for the cabal…. nor Trump for that matter now that the Nations of Israel & Ukraine have surrendered.

So is there anything left? Maybe not. Which makes our historic start a very real possibility. Now.

Distraction as a strategy to gain advantage over the gentiles is no longer working and it’s been hard for the remaining cabal operatives, like Trump and his media cabal family members, to pivot after 13 millennia of conditioning.

Is anyone talking about North Korea anymore? No. Because the threat was never real. Neither was Trump.

In fact, his self imposed potential war lost its reality edge and vanished from the media just as quickly as it came. Which will be his legacy as a politician: Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Yet it’s the sheer amount of chaos Trump is allowed to generate before he is disposed that boggles my mind:

Comey, secrete tapes, tax returns, immigration, health care, Russians, golf, tweets, tax reform, government shutdown, firings, hirings, Spicy, Rosie, Corbet, 129 lawsuits… so very disruptive when making a transition to a new financial system, yes?

That’s the whole point.

The cabal believes that in order to stop or delay the RV they must create as much chaos as possible, so as not to allow peace to rule the day and create the environment for a peaceful and smooth transition.

See 9/11.

I’m still amazed that the NPTB even let Trump assume the old role of USA, Inc. President in the first place, given that the coronation defaulted permanently in 2015.

But I guess there is a higher reason for Trump’s role which I must just learn to accept. Still, he’s hurt a lot of people and upset many families and communities.

All things serve God in the end… so to must a Trump Administration all be it for 4 months.

Clearly the NPTB’s used a “Trump Trap” to gain a surprise advantage over the hard core rebellion minions of the cabal.

But now that they are openly taking the air out of the nonsensical Trump Presidential ballon, hopefully it will right in time be to release the RV.

We have long been told Trump’s sudden demise was always in the plan, meaning Trump would be the flash bang necessary for the RV to begin.

But we shall see this weekend now that the markets have closed and Trump’s exodus has officially begun.

The Pope being in Portugal for the 100th anniversary of the 3 Secrets of Fatima REALLY matters, and not just to Roman Catholics, but to us.

Jerusalem being turned back over to the Palestinians REALLY matters, and not just to Christian and/or Arabs, but to us.

THE G7 meeting in Italy while all this is going on REALLY matters, and not just to us, but to the Pope, Palestinians and Populations of the World.

Everything, everywhere is connected now. Nothing is random. Nothing. So it attention to world events, not just Currency information.

All these current events have to do with the RV, yes, but everything else either helps or hurts the creation of peace necessary for prosperity to be released on planet earth.

See Middle East conflict.

This is the time of the long prophesied “end times,” but not as the cabal predicted in the enslavement of humanity. Rather, the opposite.

Their rule ends in this era and the meek of the earth (us) inherit the earth and the wealth of the wicked (them) is redistributed to the righteous (those who have surrendered to God’s Will).

Keep an eye out on Republican Congressional leadership (Pence, Ryan & McConnell) abandoning Trump all at once and bringing impeachment proceedings forward. Trump, like Nixon, will be forced to resign and receive a Presidential pardon from Ryan.

We know they’re all chomping at the bit for the Chinese and Russians to “release the Republic” so they can quickly bring back decency and order to American politics and get on with the very adult business of restoring America’s reputation internationally.

Enough of this arrive, raise hell and leave pageant shit Trump has given the world. Let us Lord move on for the chaos and move into harmony will your will.

In Christ’s Heavenly name we pray this prayer. Hallelujah!

God is with us.


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