“Swim” – Geopolitical Overview – Sunday – May 21, 2017

“Swim” – Geopolitical Overview – Sunday – May 21, 2017

Received via email at 8:03 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles After all the blogs… all the calls… all the links… all the q…

Received via email at 8:03 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

After all the blogs… all the calls… all the links… all the questions… all the answers… all the trolls… all the waiting… all the suffering… all the plans… all the hopes… all the dreams… all the everything…

… it’s time to be thrown into the endless ocean of love and swim!

To offer some advanced, multi-dimensional intel on the Panama meeting early Saturday morning:

The Quan Yin spoke an ancient phrase in a language only Obama knew, and it unlocked all global computer codes on Saturday evening.

This began the RV for humanity.


Money worldwide begins flowing freely and infinitely tonight on the new Asian based system @ 9:00pm EDT.

800#s can come anytime before or after and still slated for this weekend we are told.

Militaries worldwide are deployed. Air. Land. Sea. Cyber. Space.

All sovereign families were given a 24 hour last extension to submit historic and currency assets for processing, as the door was officially shut on the old financial system at midnight this Sunday morning.

And just like that … everything changed forever. The Global Christ Reset (GCR). No one noticed but a handful of shocked leaders in the conference room.

This is also why Trump is in the Middle East on the 33rd parallel–trying to stop the RV.

Reportedly, the cabal was going to sacrifice the US President and start WW3 to get their master plan back on schedule.

Just know that Trump is a clone, and Jared Kushner his Mossad handler. That plot was known way in advanced and defused thankfully by the Saudis if all people.


Meaning, the RV is not only a reality for a release, but already globally occurred with and T1 through T5 up to the plate with shortly with spendable liquidity.


Souls that have prepared spiritually by surrender for the flow of mercy will survive by swimming.

Souls that have not prepared spiritually through surrender will sink via drowning.

Both are Yahweh’s universal law–not man’s. The choice to sink or swim was always yours. But all have made it … and made it already.

Do consider the ark doors closed for this the second flood.

Do consider the seeds of grace planted and ground work laid for humanitarian projects.

Post redemption many will pass sadly, with only a chosen few left afloat by the grace and mercy of a loving and fair God.

I pray this fate is yours. If not, sobeit.

Believe, don’t believe… it was just your life resting in the balance.

Transition not transaction.

God is with us.


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