“Invisible” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Friday – May 26, 2017

“Invisible” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Friday – May 26, 2017

Received via email at 7:32 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

This post is for the ZIM redeemers, specifically those considering asking and managing sovereign rates long-term.

Keep in mind, I want you happy and safe first and foremost. Your soul means far more to me than your wealth. Always has.

So much so, I felt everyone should be fully advised as to what they’re stepping into with this currency redemption, more specifically, ZIM sovereign rate redeemers.

I’ve always stressed blessings and burdens would equal out in the end. Whatever you monetarily ask for in this unprecedented event, you will also own the spiritual obligations that come with your request.

Blessings = Burdens. 1 to 1.

What I would like to share with you today is the physical vibrational responsibility that comes with being a sovereign–because by accepting a sovereign rate you are by default accepting the energetic responsibility for protecting and serving all humanity and the planet… just like a Chinese Elder.

The ZIM is a powerful, powerful blessing–the likes of which most to nearly all human beings will never conceive let alone know or manage.

But not you.

No, you dear one sit on the precipice of Christ’s wealth releasing back to mankind, and tonight, experiencing the transition of eras just like the Chinese Elders in the mountains scattered across Southeast Asia.

Pretty meaningful existence, yes?

Saving the world one soul at a time. One school. One neighborhood. One river. One state. One country. One ocean. One continent. One species. One planet.

Tall order. The tallest in my not so humble estimation. Yet it is what it is.

ZIM sovereign rate redeemers = Super Heros who by rule are…

Human Angels.

All timeless, worthy characteristics to be sure. But I left one out intentionally … Invisible.

The sheer scope and breath of the ZIM’s potential wealth demands sovereign redeemers disappear from traditional public situations–both for their own safety and the greater good of the worlds they bless financially day in and day out.

We talk about Chinese Elders, Grandfather, Original Grandmother and Quan Yin as though their living down the street watching cable news and mowing the lawn before it rains.

When in truth, they’re hidden for their own protection, insulated from the outside world, using centuries worth of corporate, military and legal security mechanisms to shield their identity, political power and raw fiscal capacity.

This is what managing an endless supply of sovereign wealth demands. Being invisible is simply what works over eras–not just centuries, decades and years.

I share this now because many of you have different ideas of what sovereign wealth will feel like. Be like. Evolve into. And most of visions are euphoric.


But please take a moment to consider the existing sovereigns as your real life example.

Nobody knows what they look like or who they are but their own families, inner circles or maybe a few other sovereigns who were born into similar positions.

They have no public persona per se, no media attention is drawn to them intentionally, heck they even have their own banking tier few to any knew about in great detail before a GCR/RV was necessary.

Yet they run the world. And have for thousands of years.

And they accepted their awesome responsibility of taking on and defeating formidable dark nobility families (cabal) because they alone knew they were the first and last line of defense ensuring humanity’s survive.

That’s why the global collateral accounts were pooled and stored off earth in the first place–to be used for this exact moment in time to defeat the rebellion of evil permanently.

So amazing. Thank you is all I can say.

Thus when you’re at your redemption appointment this weekend, while everyone is out on their boats, driving to campsites or cooking up burgers in the backyard–think about what the sovereigns are thinking about as they hydrate the world after watching the old system they helped create just disappear after 73 years.

I can assure you they will be experiencing equal amounts of rapture and trepidation for what they have done.

As only they can know of the invisible sacrifices involved with their own super hero duties, beyond all the temporary toys sovereign wealth treats for the unwise.

Think of Grandfather, the Elders and Quan Yin as they sit in their mountainous hideaways, secluded, less any emotion (neutral) because they know tomorrow will come despite the miracles of today.

And again they will be tasked with new challenges all sovereign protectors of our species and planet face daily, whenever and wherever maniacal evil arises or natural catastrophes strike–because they will as they must.

Universal law is consistent on this point as your new blessings (sovereign wealth) will exactly equal your life’s new burdens (responsibilities to humanity/earth).

Point of the post: There’s no shame in taking a smaller amount that you can handle (including ZIM holders) without forcing yourself into being something you are not.

I just thought it wise to for a final time inform this community of its true deal parameters so when you do select your ultimate redemption rate/program, you won’t be walking into some heroic sovereign future blindly or unwanted.

Be honest.
Pray for guidance.

And dare to follow the sacrificial example of Yeshua Ben Yosef, who was the first to die so we could now live–as His love for all humanity is the purest form of sovereign wealth (Christ Currency) the species or planet has ever known.

God is with us.


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