“One Bad Apple” by Daughter of Terra – 5.31.17

“One Bad Apple” by Daughter of Terra – 5.31.17

Entry Submitted by Daughter of Terra at 4:12 PM EDT on May 31, 2017

In Service and for your consideration.

Hello beloved light family,

We have all heard the old adage “One Bad Apple Spoils the Bunch”. And we use this and live our lives by it. We end up throwing out an entire bag of apples because one infested the rest. Had we been vigilant we might have caught that one bad apple and just remove it, hence saving the rest.

The Bad Apple Brigade is now shouting -“its my right”. “Its not right that we are being singled out”. “You need us for discernment”. “We are only asking questions”.”Lets tolerate everything”. Lets tolerate everything…on a forum whereby because you stepping away from the masses…or know some one who did; you are here anticipating like the rest of us. Its not because you tolerated everything, because if you had you would not be here. But now you call for it. Yeah.

Tolerance is the step cousin 8 times removed from Wholeness and Love; it was a cabal word-creature used for all inclusiveness no matter the hurt, pain, or dysfunction it creates. Just tolerate it. It is my choice and I choose not to accept this as I see the game attached.

The game is that we tolerate despite it not working for or with the benefit of the whole. And yes ultimately some would say it all works out and it will…but not without calamity and destruction. Its going around the corner – just to cross the street. Yes eventually you get there. We reach the same destination. One is just a lot quicker and a lot more effective. There other disrupts.

No one is saying you can’t post your opinion. The question being posed is: Does it have to be here? You can create a facebook page and rant all day and night. Why do it here? We are not coming to your house and putting our soiled shoes on your coffee table. Why are you doing it here? How then, can we not assume you have an agenda? The internet is such a huge place. If you don’t like whats posted here, why come? Everyday its going to be mention of ETs, God, Higher Consciousness, Love and Light. If it is not your cup of tea. Don’t refill your cup.

You have been told a hundred times that the numbers will come out on a number of sites. Why come here? Its a fair question. Any answers? I didn’t think so. So we are right in thinking you only reason for coming here and posting your doubts, frustrations, rants, attacks on intel providers, and fellow posters is to convert or corrupt in the direction of your cabal team. #teamlack. #teamnolove. #arewethereyet. #teamfear. Go to tweeter…. get on that birdy and be gone. 3d awaits you.

Daughter of Terra


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