The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 5-30-17

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 5-30-17

Thank you PinkRoses for sending your notes. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight. Am I surprised to be here so far without the toll free number to give out to everybody? Yes. We really thought we be here. Things are kind of funny right now. Yes I am getting in a little trickle of information here and there, but it is not like it used to be the last month or so where we had quite a bit of information coming in everyday. Today, yesterday, day before, it is all quite a bit quieter out there. We are getting some good things, but things have gotten really quiet almost dead quiet. Really that is a positive thing. Those of us who are trying to track this thing and get any nugget to when it going to release to us and what is going on, at this point, we don’t have that timing so perfectly down where we know exactly where we have a rough idea when it is coming. To fine tune it right now is a challenge. Some even believed today we thought we had this and we knew when, but it hasn’t come yet in the time frame we thought even today.

Bruce: I think the fact it is pretty quiet overall is a good thing. Some sources we had in the past have gone dark. They literally can’t use their phones. Their phones are cut off literally. It is hard to get that source of information. That was the case yesterday somewhat and quite a bit today.

Let’s look at this way, we tend to look at Iraq first and then work our way back to the United States. Since it has been 5 days since the last call, a lot of Intel has come and gone. A lot of things have happened very positively to move this thing along.

Bruce: With Iraq we had them last Thursday ready to set off fireworks in each Province, 16 of them. Iraq was ready to disseminate the new lower denoms of the dinar, and value given to the fils. We do know what has happened in Iraq they have had some rate changes in country. Still looking for an international announcement about the RV of the currency, and the fact they are truly sovereign as a nation and have their complete sovereignty back. The take back of Mosul has been accomplished for some time, but it is just coming out the last couple of days in main stream news.

Bruce: There were two bombings last night in Baghdad. We are sorry to hear it occurred. One had 14 casualties and the other one had 17 casualties. We are saddened anytime life is lost. It is a tragedy. We want those listening from Iraq to know we feel that and are saddened by that. We know that you are looking to move forward, and we are looking for you to move forward. Infrastructure projects in Iraq to keep going and moving. They laid brand new electrical cable in Mosul, new fiber optics, new links in all the banks, all connected and working, ATM machines are up and running. Throughout the country all are ready,

Bruce: They held back the fireworks. They are in Ramadan now and will set off the fireworks when the timing is right. Some of the parades did take place a few days ago. Our understanding is about 6 took place in 6 different provinces, but have more they plan to do. They are in the midst of the celebration, but not full bloom as much as they will be as soon as the announcement is let out and the budget is put in the Gazette finally with the visible. All is done from there, but still need some visibility with that.

Bruce: My understating is our Secretary of the Treasury was supposed to make a phone call to PM Abadi this morning. I don’t have confirmation that occurred, and I think it was going to be a congratulation call for the RV of the currency and the sovereignty and return of Mosul. Is all perfect in Iraq? No or we wouldn’t have the two bombings this morning. Keep praying for the Iraqi people to have their sovereignty, full freedom and they will have peace in the land.

Bruce: We don’t know the exact rate on the screens. They were trading those currencies up to new levels. I don’t have an update on any of the rates. I do have an update on the base rate for the ZIM dollar. It is really in good territory as far as a NDA rate. It is very high right now, over 7 bills. I think that is very interesting.

Bruce: When it comes to the Redemption Centers, HSBC is in charge of those, and is working in conjunction with Wells Fargo. We have over 7430 plus Redemption Centers in the United States and Canada. The operatives were receiving memos to report in as of midnight last night. They had a couple days off with skeleton crews with the Memorial weekend. They are back in place. We know Wells Fargo has been hiring wealth managers and wealth advisor s like crazy since the beginning of last week. They need them because of all the new high net worth individuals that are going to be coming with these exchanges.

Bruce: They are in position in the Tier 2 banks of which there are 107 branded bank names multiple thousands of branches. They are also helping at the Tier 1 banks such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase Bank, and Citibank. What is interesting is we have the wealth managers there that were to come in as of 10:45 this am when all were supposed to report. That was going to be at the specific banks and branches.

Bruce: We are position to start. When are the toll free numbers coming? This is the two hundred trillion ZIM dollar question. We are looking forward to the exchanges as soon as we get the numbers. We don’t think there will be any hesitation. Some people believe the toll free numbers are out. No they are not out yet. I have been honored to be selected to put them out to the community. So far I have been told to be on alert for them but have not received them yet. We thought it could be this afternoon for that to occur. We are ready for it, but we missed that window now. It is past this afternoon on the west coast. We are in the situation we are looking for this to go down pretty soon.
Bruce: We heard some of the banks say they are preparing for exchanges to start on June 1st, Thursday. We don’t know if they are talking about us or the public. My personal feeling was they weren’t quite ready for the John Q Public, but they should be ready for us now. The banks are all online. The market has opened again in China the 2nd day in a row. Trades are taking place in Hong Kong and Singapore. They are 13 hours ahead of the east coast. It is Wednesday, 9 to 10am there. It is a good thing for us to realize we should be in the midst of it right now. We don’t try to call it on the Big Call, but to give you an idea what I am hearing and roughly where we are, I think it is okay to let you know we are close and supposed to be here, and I do not think we have to wait too much longer.
Bruce: As far we know all the groups meaning all of Tiers 1, 2, and 3 are complete. We know that some of the groups were to be paid today and could still be paid today where they could see their money in their account and have access to it. If they do not have access today very likely they will have access to it tomorrow. The theory is when one gets paid all get paid which would be a true shot gun start. People that have SKR, advance paids, part of groups, sub groups, etc. that have money showing in their accounts or pre-advice they are about to be paid all of that should come in approximately same time. As a result, we should get our toll free number approximately that same time. It is trying to give us a shot gun start, all the money at the same time.

Bruce: We now the United Arab Emirates where Dubai is located. The Dirham is their currency. Our understanding today is the Dirham is gold back. A gold back currency in Dubai is kind of a big deal. That is an indicator that not only it be gold back, but all currencies all around the world with this currency reset will have gold back currency. This changes the value of these currencies so much to have them not back by thin air.

Bruce: Imagine our currency being gold back. I not think we will see a drop in the dollar. I don’t believe it is going to do that. Will it be less than other currencies? Yes. That is how we get the rate on the ZIM, dinar, dong, etc. Those rates we see on our screens for our redemption will probably not last as long as the rates when they settle in a little bit more after we go through as John Q will see rates when they go in.

Bruce: One thing I did learn the last couple of days which is positive for us. Much as we are going to be involved in humanitarian projects and take a portion of our redemption of our currency exchange and put them in humanitarian projects. My understanding is at this time because the internet group is approximately 5 million or more people paying attention on blogs, calls, and Skype rooms, these people like we are talking to tonight on the Big Call have more information more than anybody else. More information than the groups of people that exchanged before us.

Bruce: We have more in depth information. It gives us a sort of advantage what to expect and what is going on. I was pleasantly surprised even though many of us on the Big Call will be involved in human projects. No reason to exchange for tons of money and just sit on it. That is worth less. How many toys, homes, and cars we need? Yes we will buy some nice things, couple of nice cars, homes, jewelry. Yes, of course, that doesn’t even scratch the surface of what we are looking at. That is why Rebuilding America, Ministries, Veterans project is so vitally important because we are aware what is going on, the most informed of those taking part in this exchange. We are the light workers. We are the chosen ones or COs.

Bruce: We know the value of these currencies after they are exchanged. We know the ZIM is a gold back bond. It is not just the ZIM, the dinar and dong also. They are gold back by assets. What is really fun is when it comes to what percentage you are going to use for humanitarian projects, and for personal. I plan to use the entire ZIM exchange for my God account for ministry and humanitarian projects, and use the other currencies for more personal use.

Bruce: Really that designation of the percentage to go for humanitarian projects/personal could be 80/20, 70/30, etc. What that will be is totally up to you. The beauty is after you set that up; I don’t know why you couldn’t change that. Set it up one way and then change it. You say I am going to take that other trust for humanitarian projects such as Rebuild America. We want to create jobs. The point of this thing is you guys are going to have the ability to designate those percentages for humanitarian projects or personal. It is up to you.

Bruce: The beauty of this is if you are going to do humanitarian projects which I hope you all want to do that and many have written in they want to help, you guys can negotiate those rates. We are the only group, the Internet group that has the right and the ability to negotiate our rates. That is a major deal, guys. You have heard some have group rates of this, pre-negotiated rate of this or that. You have the ability to on your own negotiate your own rates. I am going to say especially on the ZIM. I am just telling you. It is a beautiful thing.

Bruce: If you have big plans like Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven and I do, it may take a larger rate. Negotiate it. Don’t be shy when it comes to your private negotiated rate. Banks use the terms sovereign rate. Will we get the sovereign rate? I can’t speak of that. You have the ability to negotiate a higher rate. Use that for good, for whatever purpose you decide to do. It won’t do a lot of good to negotiate a high rate then sit around get fat and be happy. That may seem fun for a little while, but then it will seem empty.

Bruce: Only meaning is what you do with it to help other people. Doesn’t mean you give, give, give, hand out money and hand out money. Put people in position so they can have a pride in their work. Hire people and pay them a decent wage. Let’s get the wage base up high in this country. Create long lasting job opportunities. We can do that. Find out what a certain job pays and add a little more to that. We have ones coming out of college. There is a lot of talent out there. We are going to put them to work creating good hiring opportunities in trades as well. I think we are going to have a shortage of electricians, plumbers, etc. because I think we are going to put them all to work.

Bruce: I have plans to create apprentice programs, and mentor programs in our Rebuild America project. We can take people that want to help be part of this, hire them, offer them a job, training, etc. These are going to be long term projects. We are not going to Rebuild America in 5 to 10 years. We are going to go 50 years. We are going to go deep. I am looking forward to it. I want you to be part of it. We are going to have blog sites, web site, give you a template. You guys individually will do similar things all over the country as in building techniques, designs, picking up old lots, cleaning them up, and putting our veterans to work.

Bruce: We are going to be the largest employer of Veterans in the country. Between the Veteran Network and Rebuild America there won’t be any veterans that want a job that won’t have one. I guarantee that. I am excited for them and their families. We are going to reintegrate them back into society. I am excited and could go on and on. I know we are at the right place at the right time. You are tuned into the right vibe right now. I will do my best to create an atmosphere where can all work together for these common goals. I will be hiring people, hiring teams of leaders and looking forward to get that started.

Bruce: Will we take time off after we get the toll free number? Yes, 3 or 4 weeks. You will go back to the follow up appointments with your bankers, wealth managers, attorneys, etc, and get all your structure lined out. We have a lot to do. Don’t fret if we don’t have the Big Call for a month or so. Maybe we will start up in July. Looks like that be right with our timing. We probably will blast off with a July 4 call. We will see how that looks like. I have and you have a lot to do. So don’t take off and not come back. Stay tune to website.

Bruce: Thank you all for being so good and faithful to coming in every Tuesday and Thursday night for 6years, every Tuesday and Thursday night. Are we going to have a call Thursday? We all hope we don’t. I really want us to move onto the next stage of our lives. We will put a short celebration call. I will get the toll free number out to everyone, put it on the website and few other places online.
Bruce: I want to thank all the banks who are putting all this together for us. HSBC and AIIB for talking the lead role for this. Also thank you to Wells Fargo for hanging in there with all the changes. I know a better and efficient Wells Fargo is going to come out of this. Thank you to all the rest of the banks we will be working with.

Bruce: Thank all of you to all the over 7000 Redemption Centers for going in and being ready for us. I know you will have big smiles when we come in to do our exchanges. We will go in, and come back afterwards for follow up appointments. The first initial set up for the first exchange will be an hour to hour and ten minutes. Keep a smile on your face, and keep confident. Tell them what your passion is for humanitarian projects, your heart’s desire. Be sure to negotiate your rates especially the ZIM if you want to do something big.

Bruce: Thank you all for listening. Thank you Sue, Bob, Pastor Steven, and Kent. Thank you everybody. Listen everybody, we love you, and thank you all for being so faithful. Let’s get this thing. I know we are very close. Let’s pray we are at the end of this ride and we get to see this thing very shortly. Everybody just have a beautiful exciting redemption process. Take a deep breath, and breathe in and out, and see yourself in that situation of going in getting redeemed, and coming out with the paper work you need, and you will know everything is different now. Everything is moving forward and you are moving forward with it. All have a beautiful night, and let us see what transpire tonight and tomorrow. We love you and look forward to do a celebration call and put the 800 numbers out on the website. Good Night Everyone.


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