“To: AreLian” – One Who Knows – 6.3.17

“To: AreLian” – One Who Knows – 6.3.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 6:58 PM EDT on June 3, 2017

TO: AreLian

To my friends and family, no need to read this post as it is a “House Cleaning” matter. However, if you are into a good Troll trouncing, then you will enjoy this post. This One, needs a little schooling on how we do things here at IDC.

TO: AreLian

I skimmed your post and right away I realized that you were the Troll backup and support staff. You are the teams they send in when the main Trolls are being taken down, but, you are too late, they are already gone. As for your fate, that is yet to be determined…. While I already know “Who” you are by your energy signature, which is UNMISTAKABLY Cabal Agenda, for the purpose of this Post, I am going to pretend that you are naive, and that I need to explain things to you in a step by step way so that you can grasp how OUTMATCHED you are, here in OUR HOUSE! Here is your post, but I wouldn’t recommend anyone read it, after all it is a lot of Cabal Cry Baby stuff about free speech.

“On Prophets, Disgust, and Traps” by AreLian – 6.3.17


#1) Share ideas, intel, stories, enlightenment, ask questions, discuss opposing points of view for better understanding and clarity.

#2) DO NO HARM, No fear mongering, no Cabal Agenda talk such as there is no Republic, no NESARA/GESARA, no GCR, sell your currencies, or the like.

Troll Identification & Take Down Steps

Step #1) This is the first step, in the Troll whacking process. A poster comes to notice when they start violating House Rule #2. They start Fear Mongering, saying irresponsible things, and otherwise display a Cabal Agenda.

Step #2) The community becomes disturbed by their posts and expresses displeasure with their obvious Cabal agenda. In short, the poster, makes a problem of themselves.

Step #3) I then check with my sources and have the poster checked out behind the scenes. If they are Cabal, that means they are no ordinary poster. They are getting PAID to cause us Harm, take our currencies, and slow down the GCR. You should know that every single email that comes into Patrick’s inbox is checked out. So in your case AreLian, there is no need to give us your IP address as it is already known, and recorded, but thank you for the offer anyway.

Step #4) I then confront the Troll publicly on the website. This is not a super important step but it does, A) Repair any damage the Troll did to the community by exposing the Troll’s lies and revealing the truth in the process, B) Giving notice to other Trolls that this is not a good place to do their Cabal dirty Work, and C) Just because I like Whacking Trolls as they really deserve it. How dare they seek to harm us, slow down the GCR, and get paid for it as well.

As I said, this step is not really needed because behind the scenes, the process has already begun to stop them, and arrest them as well. They can be charged with everything from doing harm generally, to being charged with a HUGE financial crime as well for causing people to give up their currencies, which could amount to Trillions.

Step #5) Watch for the Troll’s associates who come to their rescue. Many times it is the Troll themselves that then post under a different name supporting their own other posts. However, more times than not it is a Cabal infestation, of many other Cabal associates that come in to support the Troll that is being taken down. These will be NEW names we have never seen before who suddenly show up making cases for free speech.

This is the trap that you have just fallen in, AreLian. Do you really think that Salem Witch Trials have anything to do with a “Cabal Disinformation Agent” who has been tracked down and “Identified” by Republic security forces as Being Cabal? No of course not. Cabal are so pathetic. You all think that you are so smart and can outwit us with your bull. Sorry AreLian, Free speech DOES NOT APPLY to those who are paid to harm us, and that includes you. You see, that is where your misguided rant went right off the rails. I don’t whack Trolls in public until I have verified that they are Cabal.

Of all steps, Steps #5 is the most interesting for me. I just sit back and watch to see who gets offended from the public whacking of a KNOWN CABAL TROLL. That brings me back again to you AreLian…. OOPS!!!! I bet you wish you hadn’t posted now…. Huh? Your post is a pathetic attempt to make us feel bad about taking out the Cabal trash, what you AreLian, would call your associates.

Your Fatal Flaw

The “Fatal Flaw” in your argument is that the Public “outing” comes after the Troll is already identified by Republic Security Personal. The PROOF, is that they are stopped and taken into custody shortly afterwards. How can you make an argument against that? You can’t! Duh!

Do you advocate that we let these PROVEN CABAL out of jail and unfreeze their bank accounts and give them free rein to cause fear, doubt and worry, to our Friends and Family here on IDC? Not to mention talk our Family and Friends out of their currency, all in the name of Free Speech? That is either the stupidest thing I ever heard, or it is a clear sign that you are a Cabal Agenda Supporter yourself. Well Are You? No need to answer… Remember I have contacts who have already identified you.

So AreLian, For the Record, which is it?

A) We are doing a great job here on IDC identifying the Bad Cabal who are trying to harm us and having them removed and arrested. Or,

B) We should let the Cabal Trolls alone, in the name of free speech, to do harm to our Family and Friends?

In summery AreLian, if identifying REAL CABAL Agents who were sent to IDC to harm us, is a good thing, and then having them removed from our site is also a good thing, and then having them arrested for the Cabal scum they are, is a also a REALLY good thing, then we are doing the right thing… aren’t we AreLian? Well? The answer is: “YES WE ARE!”

Then your stupid “Witch Hunt” Free Speech post was misguided at “Best,” and a Cabal last ditch effort to save a fellow Troll at “Worst,” Right AreLian?

You should Know that here on IDC, We Do No Harm, but We don’t take Cabal shit either! Why should we?

Let me ask you this:

AreLian, do you keep your front door unlocked? And if so, what is your address? By the way, If you won’t give us free access to your House.. Why should we give you free access to our House AreLian?

“If You Lock Your House’s Front Door…” – One Who Knows – 5.18.17

I don’t know about your Home AreLian, but, in our House, there are Thousands of Trillions of dollars at stake, that could be lost or taken from Light Workers with a few well crafted Cabal Troll Words. With that in mind, doesn’t it make sense that we keep them out of our House? Here on IDC, we look after our Family and Friends, and do our best to keep those who mean to harm us out of our House. Doesn’t that sound like the RIGHT thing to do for people you care about?

Doesn’t it seem a bit irresponsible and reckless to let Known Cabal Agents into our House when we know they want to harm us? Remember AreLian, we only take them down AFTER they have already identified by Republic Security Forces as Cabal Agents first.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that NOTHING is wrong with our TROLL take down system. They are Identified and PROVEN CABAL by the Republic’s Security Forces, BEFORE they are taken down. There is not a single argument that can go against this plan. It is for the good of our Friends & Family, our World and the Universe. Cabal Trolls and Minions are harmful and will ALL be taken down as soon as they are identified. The best way to discover them is by their writings, like this person AreLian. Once they have made themselves know, they are checked out and I am informed that they ARE NOT Light Workers, to say the least, and are here to harm us at worst. ONLY then do we take action to take them down.

By the way, We are being applauded throughout the Universe for standing up to these nasty and dirty Minions. We will NOT put up with their Cabal Agenda and REJECT IT OUTRIGHT! Every single poster on IDC is checked out the moment an email comes into Patrick’s email box. There is NO WAY to be anonymous in this WORLD between the Republic’s Security Forces, the Galactic’s abilities and the abilities of our Hollow and Inner Earth allies.



May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

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