Special Message from “The Office of Poofness” – ZAP DOWN Posted By: Mr.Ed Date: Tuesday, 13-Jun-2017

Special Message from “The Office of Poofness” – ZAP DOWN

Posted By: Mr.Ed [Send E-Mail]
Date: Tuesday, 13-Jun-2017 18:08:28

Special Message from “The Office of Poofness” – ZAP DOWN

“The Office of Poofness”


Judy Says

Hello Everybody,

This is Judy and I am a very old friend of who you know as “Zap”, and last week I came to his place to help him recover. I work with “living food” and making sure he gets the right nutrition and some special supplements to get him back on his feet because he has depleted himself and he has nobody around him to help him so I came over to stay with him until he gets better. He just works night and day and nobody can do this for long without getting their body in a knot.

Over the last week I have seen what he is going through and the huge load he has on his shoulders and frankly I do not know how he makes it through the day. He is caring for some people like Mary and Henryk and Peter and many others and he expected some kind of emergency funds to arrive by today and he got the news that it will be another few days before that money would be cleared and he has bills for internet and telephone that are going to be shut down. He has no food but his rent was paid.

He told me he cannot do it anymore because he cannot help keep people alive and he is in bed where I told him to be. I am helping him answer emails as he is not in good shape right now and I decided to reach out like he does and ask for your help to the dear man so he can help himself and help those other people he cares for. He is worried sick about them and he feels powerless to help them and that is not helping his psyche. He needs to be positive and bubbly and stay on that path.

I am sorry if this is not what I should do but I think I am doing the right thing. Please please help him and those other people. He is a dear dear soul and his light is not so bright right now and he needs you.




Thank you for your support as we do our best to keep you up to date. We couldn’t do this Without Your Help.!!! Please go to Paypal.com using the account address: goneforthfornow@gmail.com to support the cause. Please remember to click friends and family when sending. If you are not a member of paypal and sending a donation please send an e-mail to goneforthfornow@gmail.com so we can log you in and send you a Thank You. I appreciate any help you can provide in keeping ZAP stable right now. .

With Much Gratitude and Appreciation, Susan

Love and Kisses,

“The Office of Poofness”

Susan and Staff


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