Website Update – Regarding the Quan Yin Post – JUNE 15 2017

 SOME days I say nothing and other days I feel like sharing. It is what it is I guess. At least you KNOW that I am NOT a clone a SHILL or some kind of B.S. artist etc. Especially when I tell it like it is whether YOU want to hear it or NOT is entirely up to you. But the TRUTH is the TRUTH and is not something that you can sugar-coat or sweep under the carpet if you want to live THRIVE and SURVIVE. Here is hoping this INSANITY ends soon.

HEAD’S-UP LOVE BEINGS, I was waiting for the rest of this to come out to see what will be said about this, as a precaution I took the post down earlier as it didn’t seem quite right, the part about NO one is coming to save US, more like SEEMED kind of FEAR PORN to me at least anyway.

Lets SEE – so  far the PROCYONS have been arresting the dark cabal draco REPTILLIANS, the ANDROMEDANS warned us about meat and sex-slaves of our humans to other planets they and others STOPPED this from happening. The PLEADIANS have been HELPING US a LOT, the ARCTURIANS have been healing US. The SILVER LEGION warriors have taken out REPTILLIAN cube ships, rescuing humanity first etc. Then we have HOLLOW EARTH SOULS the ASCENDED MASTERS, the 144,000, etc.  Many of the GALACTICS have been HELPING US – ALL along,as WELL as HEAVEN and LIGHT BEINGS etc.

MANY changes ARE really happening behind the SCENES as well that are NOT ALL KNOWN or REPORTED that are to BENEFIT HUMANITY and GAIA.


In the FUTURE we will SEE just how many hundreds if NOT thousands of different species are fighting for OUR survival. I know I am leaving many out of this and it is NOT intentional as I do NOT know everything they ALL have done for us, for HUMANITY. Plus WE must stand-up ourselves as well and clear out the 3 dimensional mind-controlled garbage that was spoon-fed to us from cradle to gravegeneration after generation of outright LIES and twisted TRUTHS.   As well as recognizing our own selves OUR OWN TRUTHS and ourselves as the HIGHER SPIRITUAL BEINGS of LIGHT that WE ALL ARE and raise our own spiritual vibrations. We are doing our parts to HELP save ourselves and others as well. We are exhausted but still standing and we are NOT backing down and the DARK CABAL needs to get that as well.

We would NOT have a hope in hell of saving ourselves or this planet without the planned help of billions upon billions of LIGHT BEINGS that are HERE NOW and before to help us from the FEW [approx 6-11 races] that are here and or were here to HINDER our PROGRESS as they are DARK ENERGY BEINGS. Thank-YOU MOTHER and FATHER GOD, PRIME CREATOR GODS and ALL those loving BENEVOLENT BEINGS who happen to come across this, we LOVE you so much as well. We cannot wait for this to be over ! We appreciate all of you ! We welcome all YOU benevolent ones who helped us.

Plus some of those dark souls went back to the LIGHT and are now working on behalf of HUMANITY to help free US as well. They did a 360, I guess.

PEOPLE have many varied opinions of TRUMP but at least you can say he has done more than most of the PRESIDENTS all stuck together. Many say that he has already been very COMPROMISED, and fully TURNED into New World ORDER, I mean which was the original ILLUMINATI PLAN all along as in THE SIMPSONS cartoons and the ILLUMINATI CARD GAME showed us etc. I am going to share with you a few videos that you can check out to see what kind of NUGGETS you can gather as I gather them later-on.  I also believe that some of the LIGHTWORKER’S are pushing to bring OBAMA or MICHELLE back, but I SEE NO POINT in it. Because of the obvious CLONE factor. Like I said before I do NOT know everything or claim to. But if we put our head’s together we can figure this out and we know the DARK ENERGY BEINGS absolutely HATE that as we have more leverage to take them down and out of POWER. Meanwhile they are the ONES that have taken themselves out of power as their LIGHT is DWINDLING and they darn well KNOW it. But as YOU and the REST of the PLANET have NOTICED these PSYCHO DEATH CULTISTS are starting to stick out like a sore thumbs and BROUGHT themselves even LOWER by their DEEDS of their own hands and getting others to do their DIRTY work and KILLING for them as well. It SHOULD be an INTERESTING week people. And then there are the possessed ONES.

PRIME CREATOR told us the MUSHABA BEINGS are GOING DOWN. I only left the information out there as PROOF what has been said. WHILE others have said OBAMA is a DOUBLE AGENT etc. I could NOT tell you that but I have seen and posted videos of OBAMA CLONES hijacked by the REPTILES, so who knows at this STAGE of this evil game we are trying to crawl out of. As we gather more information and intel, it should be REAL interesting these next few days and weeks. Share the info and any hopefully TRUTHFUL inside information so HUMANITY does NOT get tricked any more by the garbage and dark CIA TROLLS with their fake and half-truth videos, as they are everywhere. I start watching some of them and get about 5 or 6 minutes into them and SEE AGENDA of the dark ones written all over them. SICK STUFF.

However should there EXIST a REAL OBAMA and or PURE OBAMA who is ROYALTY like a few are claiming that was KIDNAPPED by the DARK to CLONE HIM and take-over our planet. I guess we will find out IF that is actually TRUE in the FUTURE. HOWEVER our fight is with our so-called controllers. The TRUTH will be KNOWN and I can’t wait for the DAYS of REAL FULL DISCLOSURE not the CONTROLLED NARRATIVE garbage being spewed out by the snake PEOPLE who actually DESPISE the HUMAN RACE.

That is the LEAST of our PROBLEMS, we have bigger ones to deal with.

Let us NOT forget the thousands upon thousands who asked to LEAVE the PLANET for their SAFETY who from several sources we heard have testified on the ILLUMINATI, the ARCHONS, the ANNUNAKI the REPTILLIANS of what they witnessed and knew. I think they were taken to PLANET AEON, not sure if it is spelled it right a few years ago. This was NOT a small group either we are talking in the 5 or 6 digit range or more. These souls probably SEEN too much and KNEW too much and were afraid for their lives.

Educated guess says the KNEW people at the top of the CONTROL PYRAMID structures and possibly just below the hidden controller systems and quite possibly the secret space programs as well. We were told that in the FUTURE their testimony will be broadcasted somehow to EARTH so we could witness this all as well. And that this would come out with the FULL disclosure stuff.

Those people are probably are doing well and thriving somewhere else. When I first heard of this I thought it may have been the dark souls TRYING to escape justice for what they did to humanity and this planet. There are higher dimensional beings who would have caught them eventually anyway as they are so much more advanced. It was confirmed by a few other sources after that,  that they were taken as were afraid of the DARK forces getting to them. Bet you that they have some stuff to tell us that we are NOT aware of as that RABBIT HOLE is so dark so deep and so twisted and dimensional as well.

PICKING a side in POLITICS is like picking a LESSER EVIL since the whole damn thing is so corrupted, a few years back I caught the same thank-you and bullshit acceptance speech being done around the same time at both sides of the planet. I think it was HARPER and the AUSTRALIAN government ? I can’t remember at the moment exactly WHO it was, except it was a REAL EYE opener about the SCRIPTS that the ILLUMINATI dark cabal gives the ones that THEY groom and select to take over the world. Which ONLY PROVES the insanity of the ILLUMINATI SELECTIONS and not anything to do with REAL PUBLIC ELECTIONS that is for the PEOPLE. PROMISING something and DOING the opposite is normal to dark politics, POLITICIANS and the REPTILLIAN cloned ones and take-over our world demonic agenda scam.

YOU will KNOW them by their WORDS not just their ACTIONS.

REMEMBER my vision of SEEING the CLONES running our planet OFF world as well the controllers ran everything down to the last unjust LAW and dark intentions ? I was being shown something prophetic about then or our future if these dark beings were not stopped and the control being taken away.

If you SEE a lot of lying then YOU know they just can’t be trusted.

O.K. this is what has been posted and what is being said about this.



Website Update – Regarding the Quan Yin Post

Dear Readers,

The Quan Yin SITREP posted this morning has been taken down. The post was confirmed to be disinformation.

I know many of you have sent in entries and questions about the post. I will not be posting all entries regarding the Quan Yin post. Instead, Richard/OWK will expound upon the Quan Yin SITREP in a post later tonight and will reveal it’s source.

Thank you for choosing us.

~ Dinar Chronicles


“Re: Quan Yin (Cabal Post by the NSA)” – One Who Knows – 6.15.17

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 6:55 PM EDT on June 15, 2017 RE: Quan Yin, (Cabal Post by the NSA) Well how did you all do on the Fake Q…

Entry Submitted by One Who Knows at 6:55 PM EDT on June 15, 2017

RE: Quan Yin, (Cabal Post by the NSA)

Well how did you all do on the Fake Quan Yin Post today?

That Cabal Crap was brought to you by the NSA (National Security Agency) paid for by your tax dollars to screw with your minds, and make you fear and doubt.

Did it work? Or did you smell the BS from a mile away?

To make a long story short, the post was taken down as it was 100% crap.

When Quan Yin was asked about it she just shook her head in disappointment.

I got a lot of emails from people who were freaking out about it, but as I have said it was a Cabal Fear Mongering Creation.

Let this be a lesson to you that just because you see “Quan Yin, or Grandfather, or Arch Angel Michael on the title doesn’t mean it is real.

Pay attention to the “Intent” of the message and if it has a CABAL AGENDA… it is.

They are desperate in these final days, and have even taken another shot at me.

Don’t worry, we are at the end…..

Just waiting for the Numbers, in the very slow Segment plan.

Let Me Give You the Plan:

#1) Bla, Bla, Bla, Trump Resigns.

#2) Bla, Bla, Bla, Pence Resigns.

#3) Paul Ryan is next in line and is sworn in as President.

#4) Now, he makes the REAL changes and wha-La, we have a Republic.

Somewhere before, during, or after that happens, the GCR ends and the rates are public.

Then 3 days (72 hours) to makes calls for appointments, but you can set your appointment for the next week or two, depending on your schedule.

Get your money…. DONE!

All is Well!


May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows

P.S. Please forward this post to all those who read that NSA-CABAL FAKE Quan Yen Post, so they can feel better and stop worrying. Thanks!

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