“My Response to Tank’s Request” by Hope Ranger – 6.16.17

WOW these 12th dimensional energies are POWERFUL, sleeping a lot. FEELING the LOVE! It has been like that for a few weeks now. Like normal when they first come in they ZAP you out for awhile as you integrate and adjust to them. The hit US first and travel down to others. WHHEEWWW !

Looks like everyone is feeling these energies going on dinarland as well.


SEEMS  like there has been some exciting news in DINARLAND lately;

“My Response to Tank’s Request” by Hope Ranger – 6.16.17

Entry Submitted by Hope Ranger at 11:52 PM EDT on June 16, 2017

Friday afternoon and evening I read many of the posts on DC and read some of the stories. Some were very good and got me excited for the RV. I was tired because I was just so ready for this to happen and so tired of it never happening so Friday night I just kind of ignored the RV for the most part. I read a few posts but I just tried to ignore it.

This morning I got up and went to the bathroom and thought about checking my computer but decided it wasn’t worth the frustration so I didn’t turn it on. I went back to bed and fell back to sleep for another hour. We finally got up because the dogs wanted to go out so I finally turned on my computer and checked my emails.

There was an email from Richard telling me to call him. Oh my god I was so excited. I called him and he said “hello my friend are you ready to be rich?” I told him I was so past ready that I my ready was three months old already! He gave me the toll free number and told me to call it but not to email or text it only to give it out by word of mouth.

I called it and they were so nice! I didn’t expect them to be so nice. They gave me the other number that is my number so I called that one and they were even nicer. I have my appointment for later today so I will write how it goes then. My appointment is at 1 this afternoon and it is only 10 now so I am going to go crazy waiting!!!

Well I went to my appointment. Wow what an experience. It was at the Excelsior hotel in Provo. We went there and parked using valet parking which is what they told me to do. We went inside and there were several people standing around talking and when we walked in they all came over to us calling us by name and shaking our hands. They took us to a conference room and escorted us in and offered us seats at a table. They offered us drinks or anything we wanted but we declined except for water. Soon three people entered one woman and two men. They shook our hands and introduced themselves by name but not title. We sat down and they explained the process to us which was very simple.

We laid our currencies out on the table, they inspected them, counted them and entered them into the computer. They then asked me if I had a specific rate I was interested in on the Zim. I asked what the highest non-NDA rate was and they smiled and told me it was $8.76 so I said that would be fine. They asked about the other currencies and I said that with the Zim it didn’t matter what the rates were on those just give me the standard street rate on those. I don’t even know what rates I got on those and I don’t really care at this point.

So I walked out of there with $10,000 cash, three cashier’s checks for my children, and I transferred money to my two regular accounts so that I could buy some things and pay some things off.

We are home now and we are just sitting looking at each other not sure what to do next. The feeling of having so much money suddenly is overwhelming. I can right now log onto my bank and pay off every debt I have and not even think twice about it because it is literally pocket change to me now. Yesterday I was worried how I was going to pay everything next month and today I have more money than I ever in my entire life dreamed I would ever have. I have $963,600,000,000,000 dollars and change!!!

Wow that is amazing!

We finally stir ourselves from our stupor and start screaming!!! Finally we settle down and start talking about what we want to do next.

Trying to describe the way I feel at this moment is impossible because you have to experience this feeling to understand it. The feeling of freedom is amazing. Freedom and power to do so much good in the world. I can’t wait to get started!!!

Although I have done this a million times in my mind I have never done it in writing so thank you Tank for requesting this of us because it helped me to settle my feelings of despair and frustration that this has not happened and to be honest everything that is happening here on IDC lately has me feeling unsettled emotionally. I love Richard I have known him since before I knew he was even involved in this and I have been in this myself since 2010 so I am not a newby to this ride myself. I can spot a cabal post as well as the next guy so I don’t need anybody telling me who is cabal I just don’t read them. As far as them being arrested at first it gave me hope that we were truly at the end of this but now I feel like it is just another play that we are watching like all the other plays on TV that I don’t believe in the news. Honestly I have been very unsettled emotionally because of everything going on here lately and this request is a breath of fresh air seeing all these stories is wonderful and I can’t wait until they are all true!!!

So thanks Tank for this request and thanks Patrick for making it possible for us to do this.

Hope Ranger



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