“Gospel” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Sunday – June 25, 2017

“Gospel” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Sunday – June 25, 2017

Received via email at 12:41 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

What’s the gospel or good news about this last second Middle East delay tactic between Saudi Arabia and Qatar?

Well it means the long held cabal factions led by Israel and US are no longer calling any shots.

Saudi Arabia knows its on its own because it can no longer rely on American crude sales.

Because Saudi Arabia has now pulled away from the West entirely, especially here at the very end, is good news because this is just how Arab men negotiate normally.

The House of Saud wants a sweetener from the Elders and used Qatar as their leverage.

They’re probably either demanding longer terms in existing oil sales contracts or better pricing per barrel on the global fixed price of the crude oil market.

We suspect the Elders knew this pull away was coming and left room in the spot price via Russia, and will more than likely allow the spot price to increase in exchange for the fighting to completely stop in Yemen.

Which Saudi Arabia will have to accommodate just to be GESARA compliant anyway.

What the House of Saud must anticipate is that crude oil for mass energy purposes will be shut down in 10 years or less with the new technologies awaiting release by Chinese manufacturing companies.

So this last second pull away maneuver is all game theoried out by both sides well in advance.

The gospel here is that it means we’re really at the end of this RV marathon thankfully. Mercifully. Abundantly.

Hang in there.


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