“Re: Today Was Always God’s Plan” by Spiritual Angel – 6.26.17

“Re: Today Was Always God’s Plan” by Spiritual Angel – 6.26.17

Entry Submitted by Spiritual Angel at 8:53 AM EDT on June 26, 2017

“Today was Always God’s Plan” – GCR/RV Thought – 6.26.17

Good morning to all!

Today is the perfect day for our blessing to come to fruition. Today is the 26th, which, as explained in the above post is important. It is also important in Chinese culture because many consider the number 8 (adding 2 + 6 = 8) to be lucky as you’ll read below.

If you wish to read it in full you can do so at this link: https://www.onlinechineseastrology.com/content-detail.aspx?ID=108

Why Is The Number 8 Considered Lucky In China?

By: Water Tiger

December 13, 2007

For Chinese the number 8 is considered lucky just like the number 7 is considered lucky in the West. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the Olympic games in China start on August 8, 2008 or 08/08/08. In China you have to pay extra to have the number 8 in your phone number or license plate. In addition, home and business owners like to have the number 8 in their address.

So, why is the number 8 considered lucky in the minds of Chinese people. The main reason has to do with the pronunciation of the word for the number 8 in China. It is pronounced “ba” and sounds like the word for prosperity which is pronounced “fa”. Another reason why the number 8 could be considered lucky is because it is a perfect symmetrical shape. You can cut the number 8 in half vertically or horizontally, and both halves mirror themselves perfectly. Perfect symmetry lends itself to perfect balance. In Chinese Astrology, perfect balance is considered the ideal.

Today’s Universal Date via Numerology, is a Master Number 33 which is the number of the Humanitarian. That would be us!

6 + 26 + 2+0+1+7
v v v
6 + 26 + 1 = 33

Although the link below is referring to the Master Number 33 in the context of a Life Path Number, energetically speaking it also applies to the Universal Energy of today’s date which affects us all.

If your Life Path is a 33 like mine is, it will magnify today’s Universal Energy. You can figure out your Life Path number by adding your month, day and year of birth together.

Different numbers have different strengths, for example, someone with a Life Path number 8 may be good in business, finance, commerce and may be very successful. All Life Path Numbers have their own strengths which will contribute greatly to raising the energy of this world.

If you wish to read the information below in full you can do so at the link below. You can also read about your own Life Path Number at that link. Just remember that there are so many other factors in our lives that contribute to our personalities, our energies, etc…

Figuring out your full name at birth, your married name, your nickname, etc…, adds additional information to the big picture that is you, a very special spiritual being having a human experience.

Note: Your full birth name is the most important as far as your names go and it is the second most important number behind your Life Path Number. Remember,Numerology is a tool.

Peace, Love, Blessings & Light!

Spiritual Angel



The number of world harmony and balance of powers. Spiritual creation, the transformation of thinking, understanding the essence of being, wise use of time and effort. It provides an analytical mind, wide interests, perfect logic, creativity and perseverance. This number reveals the flow of healing energy through the honest heart and unconditional love.

People with the Life Path 33 are always seeking to bestow generously upon everyone who may ever need it. Joyful, loving and energetic, they touch the hearts of those who seek their protection, care and support – this is a number of souls who pick up the vibrations of love to the highest level – the universal sympathy.

Person with the Life Path 33 is a master of joyous energy, of healing with love and service with full devotion. The main task of life path 33 number is to learn how to focus on their emotions for the spiritual purposes. The challenge is to understand that serving and responsibility are joyful, if we start from a loving heart.

Initial setting of the Life Path Number 33 – to benefit, to serve and to help the largest possible amount of people. Due to the strong demand for justice and human rights, these numbers are often looking after the aged and disabled people, or are engaged in any other areas, benefiting society. This number would like to heal everyone with his/her love.

People with the Life Path Number 33 have a special gift to work with humanity and the indifference to their own strength. If you are carrying this number, many will feel the light that you radiate, and they will happily follow you: your faith and love will show them the way. You stand above the current events for the good of all people, regardless of their skin color, race or nationality. In fact, you are personified Love.

Number 33 can find a real opportunity to serve the humanity.


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