CGI’s Christ: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines – Are they Unconstitutional? JUNE 27 2017

CGI’s Christ: Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines – Are they Unconstitutional?

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Date: Tuesday, 27-Jun-2017 23:57:06

From CGI’s Christ:

Why Marines & Air Force were originally under the Navy and Army

I conclude that the Marines were placed under the Navy
to preserve Constitionality of the President as Commander-in-Chief, who has only explicit Constitutional authority to command the Army and Navy.

Similarly the Air Force was named the Army-Air Force in the
beginning to preserve the President’s Constitutional authority.

What Happened in 1947?

The 1947 National Security Act places the Department of
Navy and Department of Army, who command the Navy and Army respectively, at the Seat of Government.

However, the Enclave Clause of the Constitution (Article 1, Section 8, second to last paragraph) places the Seat of Government at Washington D.C. At one time it included Arlington and Alexandria, but that was ceded back to Virginia.

Search this site’s Legislative Section, on the right-hand of
the page. The Enclave Clause is discussed. The list is not
in Alphabetical order.!/articles/1/essays/57/enclave-clause

These extremely powerful Military departmments are now Constitutionally outside the Constitutional authority of the President and Congressional branches.

See Sec 206, 207 below

Other Constitutional Concerns

The Constitution doesn’t specify who is ‘Chief
of Law Enforcement’. The FBI is Constitutionally State-less.

The constitution does not enumerate the Departments and
Powers of the President, as it does the Congress. I see this
as saying, President’s powers can be shrunk significantly and outsourced to the Legislature, if need be. It is intentionally
ambigious, possibly to provide cover to illegal acts, so we
can blame the Presidency, not the Congress or Courts.

I guess that makes me a Patriot Conspirator, who say, as of 1947, the Military branches are officially Un-Constitutional.

Should we fix it, or remain as idiots with our pants-around-
our-feet, if something should go wrong.


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