Please note that I Saint Andrew, do NOT consider someone a CABAL AGENT, if they do NOT know as MUCH as I do or the LIGHT FORCES and I do not consider some of these people mentioned lately on this WEBSITE as cabal AGENTS by other souls NOT MYSELF. If they do NOT know enough about they LIGHT FORCES counteracting the BAD STUFF, that the CABAL is DOING. Some souls are NOT as good as discerning information as the next one, but that still does NOT make them CABAL. People are at different levels of awakening and KNOWING things and are being used to help humanity at different levels of knowledge as HUMANITY is at different levels of KNOWLEDGE. This is expected due to the FACTS that we were LIED to about absolutely everything !

I REFUSE to JUDGE any LIGHTWORKER or LIGHTWARRIOR as each one, number 1 – Volunteered to be HERE as a GIFT from GOD to HUMANITY, to help humanity etc. and number 2 they came through. EVERY LIGHTWORKER has OFFERED what THEY DO BEST to contribute to the WHOLE. Many can do MANY different things and MANY wear MANY different HATS and can do certain things others are doing. HOWEVER, we CHOOSE and we ASKED, what WE could do to CONTRIBUTE to the WHOLE a PLAN designed by GOD millions if NOT billions of years ago [That is how old some of us ARE] believe it or NOT. GOD left NOTHING to FALL BY the wayside which is WHY GOD had EACH of US CONTRIBUTE , OUR PIECE [MISSION] to COMPLIMENT [NOT COMPETE] and COMPLETE the BIGGER PICTURE to BRING ABOUT the NEW GOLDEN AGE for HUMANITY. To usher in HEAVEN on EARTH.

WE were ASKED to DO OUR PARTS, which EVERYONE has. Some MAY be JUST STARTING out THEIR PATH to COMPLETE and CONTRIBUTE to the WHOLE. They MAY HAVE DONE THEIR MISSION ALREADY or they are “LOCKING into THEIR PLACE” if YOU WILL. EVERY SOUL and EVERY MISSION is IMPORTANT. FOR THOSE LOVING and BRAVE ONES, who GOT BUMPED OFF doing the RIGHT THING by HELPING HUMANITY which is UNFORTUNATE but THEY ALSO FULLFILLED their MISSIONS as MUCH AS THEY POSSIBLY could and are GREAT FULLY honored in HEAVEN and by the GALACTICS. Which means some of the LIGHT FAMILY had to PUT-ON and EXTRA HAT or TWO as HEAVEN may or MAY NOT needed that SPACE FILLED to CONTRIBUTE to the WHOLE. SOME have GONE BEYOND and ABOVE and there is NOTHING WRONG with that WE NEED all the DIVINE HELP that we can GET. HOWEVER NO TWO PATHS are EXACTLY the SAME, No ONE PART is CONSIDERED “BETTER,” than the OTHER when YOU are ALL CONTRIBUTING to the WHOLE. STOP KNOCKING those that CHOOSE to be THE LOVE HOLDERS that are NOT INVOLVED with reporting the everyday UPDATES on where WE STAND for the freedom of humanity. That is NOT in their MISSIONS, and it does NOT make them a cabal agent because of this. Some are HERE JUST TO HOLD a SPACE of LOVE, JUST TO PUMP OUT LOVE to EVERYONE ELSE so WE the ONES at the FRONT LINES can COMPLETE OUR MISSIONS to complete the WHOLE. I am even witnessing others saying IGNORANT things about them from other sites, and also ZAP etc. choose NOT to please. YOU DO NOT KNOW their paths, so why judge.

If they are NOT as they SEEM to be then it will be KNOWN and it is ALREADY KNOWN by those that KNOW more than we DO on the ground as ground crew Nothing slips past HEAVEN and your ENERGY tells them they are the cabal.

THEY are JUST as LOVED and NEEDED as the REST of US ARE. 

IF YOU continue TO KNOCK, INSULT or “ACT LIKE EVERYONE SHOULD LISTEN TO YOU and ONLY YOU“, it will COME BACK at YOU BY NATURAL LAW called “CAUSE and EFFECT.” DO YOU want to CARRY-ON in such a 3D dimensional MENTALITY as to constantly JUDGE what so and so IS doing and who said what etc. Or do YOU want to make yourselves look foolish by CONTINUING to BASH others who may or MAY NOT be at the SAME LEVEL of understanding as YOU ARE. ARE YOU CONTRIBUTING to the WHOLE or COMPETING, LISTEN to ME – I KNOW the TRUTH attitude ? Yes there was a couple of times when I spoke out IF I thought that something DIDN’T seem quite right, and I APOLOGIZED as I got sucked into that and I ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to get SUCKED into the NAME and BLAME GAME here. EVEN though I am KNOWN throughout HEAVEN and EARTH and even with the GALACTICS as an “EXCELLENT JUDGE of CHARACTER,” it does NOT give me the RIGHT to KNOCK another’s PATH and I REFUSE to go there again.

And I told you ALL that the LAST 2 times You wanted me to take sides.

I REFUSE to judge my fellow LIGHTWORKER’S and I suggest you take heed.

AS for the ONES who WANT to KNOCK the others and I have seen way MORE than 1 person and WEBSITES that are DOING THIS and YOU KNOW who YOU ARE. YOU had to start SOMEWHERE and there was a POINT when “YOU DID NOT KNOW EVERYTHING” or perhaps I should say “KNOW as MUCH as YOU DO,” does NOT GIVE YOU the RIGHT to KNOCK someone ELSE DOWN only to TRY to make yourselves LOOK BETTER to the rest, but DOES IT ? Just because I had a MEMORY wipe before I came here and so did YOU, I cannot remember EVERYTHING at this moment in time, does NOT mean that your memory won’t RETURN at sometime soon.  I do NOT remember or recall YET as being SAINT ANDREW, NOT one memory and I am O.K. with that RIGHT NOW as I KNOW one day I will. But that does NOT mean that I am BETTER than anyone, NOR do I consider myself BETTER than any of you, and those that TRULY know me, KNOW this about me.

I admitted many TIMES I do NOT KNOW EVERYTHING here and NOW.

But I am willing to LEARN and GROW back into “WHO I REALLY AM,” and HATS-OFF to ALL of YOU WHO are GETTING it that YOU are MORE than just a Human body. Again this isn’t about me, I am using MYSELF as an EXAMPLE, because IF I do NOT have a RIGHT to JUDGE other LIGHT BEINGS on their SPIRITUAL PATHS and learning curves, then why do YOU think that YOU have this RIGHT either ?

[No I am not talking about a MASS-MURDERING DARK BEINGS called the cabal] They had to be JUDGED by the will of the COMPANY of HEAVEN.

I am speaking about all the BENEVOLENT LIGHT FORCES who volunteered.

DO you think MOTHER and FATHER GOD have a check-list out of 100 that says. O.K. well you only SCORED 89 out of 100 on your KNOWLEDGE so we are going to point out to you that YOU are NOT qualified to be a spiritual LIGHTWORKER because YOU didn’t quite make the cut, so to speak.

Does GOD and JESUS or SAINT GERMAIN or ARCHANGEL MICHAEL point out fingers at each other and ARGUE that they are better than the OTHER ? NEVER, EVER ! DOES KRYON or ANYONE ELSE do anything like that ?

NO they would NOT do this to us. JUDGEMENT is 3D dimensional, do NOT confuse this with then why did the cabal get judged, THEY had to BE and do NOT think it was easy for ANYONE that had to do this, I assure YOU it wasn’t.

Your earth SCHOOLS are set-up to JUDGE EVERYONE, to SEPARATE and COMPARTMENTALIZE EVERYONE, as the HITLER way it was designed to do. Which absolutely KILLS any outside CREATIVITY and UNIQUENESS.

So EVERYONE on this PLANET becomes a JUDGE of others, constantly TALKING, condemning, GOSSIPING, pointing FINGERS and ACCUSING.

You have spent an ENTIRE lifetimes of people talking about others, It is even taught to us in our FAKE NEWS. They can MAKE someone sound like some sort of SUPER HERO, or the SCUM of the EARTH, based on words, words are their WEAPONS of choice. Your original state IS TELEPATHY, remember it.

AGAIN do NOT CONFUSE this taking down the CABAL or PEDOPHILES etc.

WE must have SPIRITUAL GROWTH of our so-called RIGHT to JUDGE others. WORDS can MAKE ONE GROW inside and they can stunt it too.

Which is WHY PRIME CREATOR wants to build CRYSTAL SCHOOLS which You all KNOW are GREATLY needed, to GIVE POWER to the LITTLE LOVE BEINGS and NOT to DIVIDE our most precious ones in the younger years.

Honestly DO you really care what your MATH or HISTORY teacher or PRINCIPLE thought or thinks of you, even if YOU were that SUPERSTAR at times in your LIFE. Does it matter what they SAY or think about you in the LONG RUN. How many times have souls been told that YOU would amount to NOTHING at SCHOOL because You won’t CONFORM to a HITLER SCHOOL system of RULES that is ONLY there to get YOU to conform to THEIR SYSTEM that does NOTHING but JUDGE and FORM YOU into A SLAVE a PEON considered LESS than the CABAL. It is a JUDGEMENT SYSTEM, period. The whole entire CONCEPT of the FAKE MAFIA GOVERNMENTS is a JUDGEMENT and DIVIDE and CONQUER system designed to BRING anyone DOWN and punish those BRAVE ONES like YOU who are smarter and HAVE learned NOT ONLY to THINK OUT of the BOX, but to think outside of ALL the BOXES, and those BOXES are JUDGEMENTAL SYSTEMS of DIVIDE and HATE and CONTROL etc. Your fake NEWS MEDIA as an EXAMPLE, will NOT say a man got shot. NO, they will say a BLACK man shot a WHITE MAN or a MUSLIM MAN attacked a CHRISTIAN, or a CHRISTIAN attacked the MUSLIM faith, or a SINGLE MAN insults the LESBIAN and GAY community etc. DIVIDED by race, color, faith, like when they used to CONDEMN all females years ago. IF they HAD a CHILD or SEX out of WEDLOCK. Trying to categorize or more to the POINT JUDGE that a WOMAN as some kind of SLUT because she had a child out of wedlock. Or 2 MEN should NOT get married etc. It is JUDGEMENT, JUDGEMENT, JUDGEMENT, JUDGEMENT PERIOD.

NOW in our latter days it is WHAT ? CHINA THIS, CHINA THAT, RUSSIA THIS and RUSSIA THAT, and USA THIS and CANADA that. Because MANY have caught on to their divide and conquer and hate between races and religions, faiths etc. NOW they are AMPING UP WORLD HATRED by the constant BULLSHIT in the NEWS about how this COUNTRY hates this COUNTRY and to get out of this country and move to that country etc.

In all honesty who the HECK has the RIGHT to tell US what to think and feel?

Most of US have met PEOPLE from EVERYWHERE across this PLANET and the AVERAGE person, just wants the same things, PEACE, RESPECT, LOVE and ACCEPTANCE. YOU are WAYSHOWERS, show the WAY do NOT JUDGE !

NO ONE wants to SEE any being going to the GRAND CENTRAL SUN to be uncreated. As that is their SOUL ESSENSE. But there was NO CHOICE in this matter as THEY would IF they WERE ALLOWED to CONTINUE “KILL THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE.” And that is NOTHING to JOKE about as THAT is ALL they KNOW. They had LOST their way, NOT YOUR FAULT and certainly NOT OUR FAULT, it is what IT IS.

I have also complete CONFIDENCE that MOTHER and FATHER GOD of this PLANET and PRIME CREATOR’S of ALL that IS of ALL PLANETS as the MASTERS of ALL MASTERS and CREATORS of MALE and FEMALE  – KNOW what it is that they have to DO at each given time as divinely guided. I am COMFORTABLE in my own ENERGY in MY OWN SKIN at this moment in time. If there is SOMETHING needed to be learned for MY mission or something YOU NEED to LEARN for YOURS, it will be shown to ME or to YOU. There is a FINE LINE between HELPING and HINDERING one’s light GROWTH and to point out and COMDEMN where ONE is at on their PATHS is NOT HELPING, it is HINDERING their progress IF you make them feel Inadequate about THEMSELVES or where they are at/on their knowledge or learning curve.

Have you considered the fact that WE are SHOWN what NEED to KNOW or LEARN at any moment in a given timeline that WE NEED to know so that EACH of US can do our respective MISSIONS when we NEED to know them, it is called TRUST and FAITH. Also what YOU need to KNOW for YOUR MISSION[S] is SHOWN to each person so THEY in turn and at the RIGHT time, learn what they NEED to learn or KNOW. Can ONE say then that MY MISSION is MORE IMPORTANT than someone else’s is and that THEY should be the only one to follow. Gathering information is SUPPOSED to make you MORE intelligence as KNOWLEDGE is POWER, but KNOWLEDGE does NOT mean that YOU should USE or EXERT that “POWER over OTHERS,” as it is a SIMPLE miss-use of POWER. Look at ALL PERSPECTIVES of information.

I do however REMEMBER JESUS [Sananda] saying in this LIFETIME to be CAREFUL who we BLAME. When it comes to the CABAL well that is obviously different as TIME goes by they all begin to STICK OUT like a sore thumbs as to their behaviors.

I have WARNED YOU ALL several times in FACT that it is “NOT COOL to KNOCK another LIGHT BEING” and how LONG will it take for YOU to understand that ? STOP IT,  and CONTINUE on your paths please.

PERHAPS they are JUST learning a FEW more things and think they are helping or are unsure but that DOES NOT MEAN that YOU have a RIGHT to BASH them, O.K.

TRY to see the GOOD in your FELLOW LIGHTWORKER’S and WHAT THEY have done to CONTRIBUTE to the WHOLE. If you CANNOT say SOMETHING NICE, then DO NOT SAY ANYTHING at ALL, like I taught my OWN sweet CHILDREN.

PICKING on SOMEONE who YOU think is “BELOW” your LEVEL of understanding or KNOWLEDGE only makes one LOOK BAD to every one else. DID YOU NOT have to go through different LEVELS of understanding and KNOWLEDGE and many are NEEDED for the dimensions are UNDERSTANDING as people will find themselves there NOW and in the FUTURE. ARE YOU CONTRIBUTING or are YOU COMPETING ?

RATHER than trying to “PROVE SOMEONE WRONG,” what have they DONE or said to be “PROVEN RIGHT?”MAYBE they just do NOT KNOW as much as YOU do, but MAY I remind YOU that even YOU had to start somewhere.

Something to THINK ABOUT.

Is it FAIR to COMPARE your MISSION[S] as all are SO DIFFERENT as are the PATHWAYS of KNOWLEDGE and the TIMES to get there is, to YOURS ?

ARE YOU BEING in 3D EGO ? Or are YOU BEING in 5D and up in SERVICE ?

Or is the divine TRYING to find a NICE way to tell you to “SHUT-UP,” and keep you comments to yourself, make a mental NOTE if you must, but keep it to yourselves. This is NOW the 3rd message, let us make it the LAST ONE.

WHAT IF, the ONE you are KNOCKING turns out to be secretly working for the LIGHT or a DOUBLE agent, or a BEING just to TEST YOU on how you react or treat others. JUDGING the cabal for what they did to humanity for crimes against humanity, to STOP THEM from doing this is different. Just do NOT combine that with attacking a LIGHTWORKER over showing it to others and or explaining this to others so they too can wake-up and understand it.

AGAIN you cannot call a LIGHTWORKER a cabal agent if they do NOT have ALL the KNOWLEDGE of what is going-on in their NOW LEARNING curve.

This is YOUR LAST PHYSICAL BEING EXPERIENCE if you have chosen to ASCEND with the PLANET. MAKE it count, do NOT waste your ENERGY on dividing and conquering the LIGHT FORCES, YOU are to STICK together. There are THOSE that KNOW less than ME, there are THOSE that KNOW MORE than me or that I or you can remember RIGHT NOW, LEARN to be O.K. with that and do NOT JUDGE ! HOW many times do YOU NEED to hear it before you get it. YOU are NOT BETTER, I am NOT BETTER than the other MASTERS or ANGELS or the 144,000. DO YOU UNDERSTAND this YET ?

FOR GOD’S SAKE – pick and choose your fights wisley and if you don’t KNOW something that is O.K. You are at different learning curves. There are things that I KNOW NOW that I did NOT know 10 years ago, or even 5 years etc.

DOES that MAKE ME BETTER than the rest ?

PLEASE – to OFFER advise and HELP others is ONE THING, but to KNOCK down those that are NOT as INFORMED as YOU are makes you look worse to the rest, capisce ? [Understand]

YOU are ALL LOVED, YOU are ALL AMAZING with what YOU have DONE and OFFERED to others and YOU ARE ALL EQUALLY IMPORTANT to the WHOLE. KEEP YOUR ENERGIES where they BELONG and VIBRATE in the 5th dimension and HIGHER and don’t waste your ENERGIES in 3D Egos.

COMPETITION is also a 3D dimensional aspect COOPERATION is 5th dimensional. Remember this o wise ONES CO-OPERATE instead of COMPETE this is NOT some kind of CONTEST, share your information with LOVE !






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