Anna von Reitz: Rat Roping and The GCR 7/09/2017 & SAINT ANDREW’S response – UPDATED – YES JUDGE Anna Von Reitz REPTILLIANS EXIST and here is some PROOF!

EVERY part of my SOUL wishes that it wasn’t true what I am about to tell YOU;

SORRY to burst your bubbles but I witnessed many REPTILLIAN SHIPS in front of the MOON over 4 years ago sometime in SEPTEMBER, I think around 2013. ANYWAY after praying and starting my ascension process about 3 years before. I asked GOD if these ALIENS called REPTILLIANS I was researching are REAL and I was told to go inside and get MY TELESCOPE. Then I saw about 7-9 GIANT SQUARE CUBES, they looked BLACK and they were sitting in front of the MOON, near the bottom half and these SHIPS were FRIGGIN HUGE and some looked stuck together as well, it must have been around midnight or so. What I saw that NIGHT is FOREVER etched in my mind. THESE NASTY REPTILES do EXIST, and I do NOT need to PROVE what I SAW to anyone, I am the re-incarnation of SAINT ANDREW who came back in FEMALE form and I have NO reason to LIE to anyone. There is PLENTY of EVIDENCE, the courts and systems are DRACONIAN, as in ALPHA-DRACONIAN, which is a certain type[s] of INTELLIGENT REPTILE species from Alpha Draconious and they are VICIOUS. However there are some LIGHT BEING REPTILLIANS, that are few and far between that are helping humanity and then there are the DEMONIC ONES< who LOVE to EAT HUMANS, RAPE and SACRIFICE our CHILDREN. I assure you they EXIST. Most of the ONES on our planet that WE are trying to get RID OF, are downright evil as hell and ARE NOT only CRIMINAL but they are also INTERDIMENSIONAL and INTERGALACTIC CRIMINALS to boot. They are also PARASITIC to humans, to human clones and to our ENTIRE WORLD FINANCIAL SYSTEMS. In other words WE work our butts off and THEY ROB US, forcing US to pay them to live on our own darn planet. They are some of the hidden controllers and are NAZI-LIKE in attitude. They also have other styles of space-ships than cubes. The DRACO have lied even to those Nazi’s under them that this is THEIR PLANET, this was NEVER THEIR PLANET it belongs to GOD and the HEAVENS etc.

**MUST SEE** Draco Reptilians Revealed William Tompkins 2017

WOULD you prefer that I lie to YOU or do you want to hear the blunt TRUTH ?

They clone the HUMAN body and then Hijack their bodies as 4th dimensional parasites. Now the clones they use are much more sophisticated and it is harder to tell. Certain MILITARY factions of the LIGHT know how to tell them apart from the REAL ORGANIC GOD-SPARKED HUMANS. They are DIMENSIONAL PARASITES and hijack the human, body sort of like the body snatchers movies. MOST of our government members are or were clones and cloned, it’s been going-on well before the 1940’s. The LIGHT FORCES have blown-up like 101 cloning bases [mainly underground] by now and I think the last report last months is there were @ 8 or 9 left ? They will just open up more of them until they are ALL shut down. LIKE the MILITARY FACTIONS that have SECRET MILITARY, for example the MEN in BLACK are real, and then you have the MI 5 etc. They are very REAL, and they are NOT going to tell to the other normal, or I should say KNOWN military departments what they are doing, secret societies are behind most of them as well, secret societies, secret military factions, NOT hard to figure out, secret POLICE forces as well etc., that the other POLICE may or may NOT know about, most people refer to the secret departments as “FACTIONS.” This is WORLDWIDE control” not just in AMERICA.

They want our planet, I and the LIGHT FORCES have banished them as well as the HIGH COUNCIL of HEAVEN, whom I represent and PRIME CREATOR also banished them. These evil factions are NOT just REPTILLIAN owned and ran, there are and were other DARK ENTITIES as well. SATAN was removed over 4 years ago by GOD and the LIGHT forces. What you have left is the LAST of the DEFIANT ONES who refuse the LIGHT and the LOVE of GOD, so they TOO shall be removed. They STOLE this planet and made EVERYONE their SLAVES and EXTERMINATE US like rats and YOU want me to BE POLITE about, I think NOT ! This is NOT something that one should  SUGAR-COAT.

The TRUTH is the TRUTH and some will NOT be able to handle the TRUTH !

What started out as an EXPERIMENT for the HUMANS turned into a BLOOD thirsty Human EXTERMINATION PROGRAM across our ENTIRE PLANET killing US.

WHEN you WRAP your heads around this absolute TRUTH, then YOU WILL KNOW “WHY all these so-called LEADERS and CEO’S,” can do such HORRIBLE THINGS to humanity, the ANSWER is that it, they are NOT human MEN. SOME MEN from the TOP DOWN positions to maybe the medium levels below TOP that run our planet always DID and DO what those from the TOP down – TELL them to do. The orders are from the EVILEST of the EVIL ONES from the TOP DOWN to man. MOST of every MONOPOLY MULTINATIONAL CEO owners of the FORTUNE 500 are EVIL SATANIC, CHILD RAPE, MURDERER and MOLESTING SCUMS, to put it politely, would like to say more but YOU get the IDEA [who are mainly demonic] giving the orders, it comes from DEMONIC BEINGS, JINN, some could be DARK fallen ANGELS, REPTILLIANS, called the BLACK NOBILITY [nothing to do with racism] and the COUNCIL of 13. These “ROTTEN ONES,” have murdered over 2 billion Humans in the last 100 years alone in like 20 different ways.

They don’t want to GIVE our planet, back but rather want to continue with AGENDA 21, the HITLER EUGENICS program which has been renamed AGENDA 2030. These are the same scums that planted BOMBS around the planet, so the REAL LOVING GODS, who created US humans could NOT do anything SOONER to rescue as, and at the same time WE have to RESCUE ourselves by ascending and BRINGING the planet back into the HIGHER DIMENSIONS < where the planet FIRST started off. MEETING each other half-way to JOIN our PLANET with the HIGHER DIMENSIONS etc. And they ARE WARRING over our planet in an INTERDIMENSIONAL WAR, with HEAVEN, the ANGELS, the GALACTICS and the HUMAN ANGLES [144,000.] YES, the TRUTH is way more BIZARRE than most humans can handle. RIGHT NOW the BIGGEST SPACE WAR in universal GALACTIC HISTORY is going-on above our HEADS, SEEN and in UNSEEN dimensions. WE are totally winning, and according to MANY have already WON this war and are in clean-up and clean-out mode. DO NOT LOOSE HEART PEOPLE as we are nearly there. ALL of HEAVEN is here and over 18 BILLION LIGHT BEINGS going-up to somewhere around the 20th dimension we have been told. It is what it is, and I have NOT made one cent doing MY DUTY as a SUPRA-CELESTIAL being working for HEAVEN, so WHY would I lie about this, as you can see, it’s NOT like I am making any money here.

Understand THIS: All the different SATANIC SYSTEMS that are set-up by the DRACO’S do NOT COMMUNICATE with all the other “FACTIONS” which is like a SEPARATE department as the reptiles also have a caste system, and consider us, the humans as pawns and peons. Meanwhile they STOLE this planet from humanity {the good guys} The BENEVOLENT BEINGS. So you have ALL kinds of WARS going-on, including and INNER-EGO WAR with your own HIGHER GOD & GODDESS self. There is a very REAL INTERDIMENSIONAL WAR that HEAVEN and the GALACTICS are fighting and SOME of the GROUND CREW. YOU cannot TRUST these DARK beings, dark as IN DARK ENERGY, they FEED on our FEARS and our CHILDREN and our BLOOD energies.

THE DARK BEINGS can only be TRUSTED ONCE they go back to LIGHT, in which case they will PROBABLY have to be REMOVED, it is up to Mother and Father God who have the LAST say in the matter, unfortunately some will just REFUSE and it is what it is. At this point it is hard to tell which of these dark souls have returned to the LIGHT. Another reason why so many LIGHT beings are needed at this TIME to report back to Heaven.

HEAVEN EXISTS and it these end days for the dark beings, do NOT let them brain-wash you into thinking that there is NO such place, they are your HIGHER DIMENSIONS.

These ENTIRE LOT of dark beings are called “THE DARK CABAL,” as a way to DESCRIBE them to everyone who may find out about them.

YOU CAN’T just make this stuff-up and I have done a tonne of research.

I UNDERSTAND your ANGER as we ALL go through this when we find-out what has been REALLY going on and that fact they were trading humans to other planets outside of our solar system as SEX-SLAVES and human MEAT to other races, the good guy Galactics put a stop to this a few years back to HELP us and protect us from outside human trading. The Governments, should I say most of the GOVERNMENTS knew about this and the TOP of some of your MILITARY BRASS around the planet KNOW about this ad are in on it which is why MANY will be arrested by the HIGHER GALACTIC FORCES. The visitors didn’t JUST get here, they have been hiding underground in many [some secret] military bases around the PLANET. Many underground bases have been blown-up by the good guys LIGHT FORCES and have been mistaken for EARTHQUAKES or SINK HOLES etc.

Trillions of DOLLARS were/are spent from around the planet [Robbing the countries, should say ROBBING the HUMANS {parasiting our money} to keep these DARK BEINGS in hiding, in underground bases and MILITARY MI-LABS etc. Which produce SUPER-SOLDIERS made by the dark beings to KILL US all off. Some of the TOP MILITARY personal were CLONED and are secretly MIND-CONTROLLED for hiding REPTILLIANS in their souls and other dark beings such as the Annunaki and the Archons etc.  They also have or had, a SECRET SPACE PROGRAMS ran by the dark beings and they had these dark armies and certain HUMAN under mind-control from a MOON base that was constantly sending out LOW FREQUENCY energies to keep humanity in a lower mind state in 3rd dimension to KEEP HUMANITY, under control to stop them form awakening to the TRUTH. Some of the dark military are CLONED and chipped, some human, some DRACO etc. Too many REAL HUMANS are awake and aware of what is going-on and THEY have NO chance of continuing their TRANSHUMANISM PLANS of {ELON MUSK}  to mix a real human brain and body parts with MACHINES to HIJACK a ride up to the higher DIMENSIONS of HEAVEN. HEAVEN has traced this infestation PROBLEM of this PARASITIC REPTILE INFESTATION back to this TIMELINE, and WE all volunteers to COME BACK here to STOP this. The EARTH is NOW on the POSITIVE 5th dimensional timeline and WILL NOT BLOW-UP losing 2\3 or the earth and humanity as was planned in the old time-lines. This will NOT happen now as the LIGHT forces, the 144,000 in your BIBLE, many ASCENDED MASTERS and GALACTICS here put a stop to the dark OLD timeline and created a NEW ONE. So this means that your world won’t END, it will ASCEND as will you eventually IF you live here. Do NOT return evil for evil. Let GOD get REVENGE by removing them from power through his sources and light forces.

TRANSHUMANISM is what the DARK BEINGS like ELON MUSK are pushing on the PLANET to try to SECRETLY HIJACK their ways up the DIMENSIONS into HEAVEN with A.I. leading the WAY, called ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, another major problem that the BENEVOLENT GALACTICS have had to deal with and MUST be completely OUTLAWED on this planet as the DARK ONES can take=over PLANETS this way and they have already done this to many PLANETS and blown them up as well after they have raided  – STOLEN all THE planets resources of GOLD, SILVER, PLATINUM, DIAMONDS, and other HIGHLY PRICED METALS and PRECIOUS STONES using the humans as mining SLAVES for them. they have been doing this to OUR planet as well for thousands upon thousands of years and these resources BELONG to humanity, NOT these dark beings. They ALL NEED to arrested and REMOVED from POWER, NOT murdered.

Many things were REMOVED from the BIBLE from your evil Vatican church such as the TREE of LIFE, KABBALAH, the TAROT cards for reading your spiritual paths [Not the demonic copies of card sets] The BOOK of ENOCH, the woman’s work WHO also wrote scripture etc. Some words were also changed from many BIBLES and words omitted.

There are many that work for the Governements that have NO idea just had bad it got as they are NOT told was is going-on at the top of these corporations of the corruption.

The WORLD is messed up to put it politely because these GREEDY, LOST and INSANE beings are beyond PSYCHOPATHS for what they have done to humanity and earth.

ONE must stop blaming HUMANITY, most of HUMANITY is INNOCENT and were MIND-CONTROLLED Not to wake up and come into their own, GOD and GODDESS power through ascension, but that has changed now, many more are awake and aware of all this evil system of SATAN that needs to come down as it is ROTTEN to the CORE.

MOST of the REPTILES are also LEADERS, POLITICIANS – BANKSTERS etc. Some REPTILLIANS beings that are here are/were. Then we are told that there are some LIGHT BEING REPTILES, but we were told from several sources who are actually trying to HELP humanity. We were also told by the LIGHT forces that MOST of them on PLANET earth are EVIL and DARK ENERGY beings, what you would call a DEMON perhaps in the BIBLE and they do possess people as well. The DRACO’S are mankind’s worst ENEMY in the UNIVERSE, they have taken over many planets and blown them-up killing BILLIONS of souls. ONLY those LIGHT SHIPS know who has GONE back to LIGHT and who hasn’t.

SOME have gone back to the LIGHT, yet don’t be FOOLED. ONLY the LIGHT ENERGY in your body, and YOUR ORIGINAL PRIME CREATOR GODS  and certain of the LIGHT FACTIONS – the GOOD GUY FACTIONS {depts} would KNOW who is a REAL LIGHT BEING in your GOVERNMENTS and who are CLONED or REPTILLIAN etc. MOST of the UNITED NATIONS are REPTILLIANS, & clones unless they have been replaced now ?

I wish that it wasn’t TRUE that these BEASTS did NOT exist, but that would be lying.

ALL the MILITARY and POLICE etc, across the PLANET need to WAKE-UP and COME TOGETHER to PROTECT the HUMANS. Now we hear that BEHIND the SCENES that MANY are getting arrested, AND RIGHTLY so. HOWEVER if YOU do NOT witness this in the MAINSTREAM MEDIA, [Good-LUCK with that they are paid mega bucks to LIE to us]

We should see or witness some MAJOR CHANGES soon so hang-in there.

And IF we don’t then it will be TIME to send in some more SECRET MILITARY of the good-guy BENEVOLENT MILITARY and or HUMAN military to get the JOB done.


THAT is all for now

PEACE, LOVE and JOY to you all.


to the best of my knowledge




The Pleiadian Message – A Wake Up Call For the Family of Light

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Anna von Reitz: Rat Roping and The GCR

Rat Roping and The GCR

July 9, 2017

Judge Anna von Reitz

People often ask me, “What does the military have to do with it?


The day before Abraham Lincoln bankrupted the original United States trading company, he issued General Order 100, otherwise known as the Lieber Code. The Lieber Code, variously re-stated, is still in effect today. It made the U.S. Army, at that time, the Grand Army of the Republic (G.A.R.) responsible for the safety and security of our money and our country.

The United States as a political entity has never been at peace since April of 1861 and it still isn’t. The nominal excuse for this is that there has never been a land jurisdiction (civil) government properly composed and competent to order the military to stand down.

We have to note that the military has done absolutely jack-diddly to promote the resumption of normal government in this country, and that instead, its first move after the so-called “Civil War” was to put their favorite General, Ulysses S. Grant, in as President.

What did they do after the Second World War? They put their favorite General, Dwight D. Eisenhower in as President.

At no time in the past 150 years has the U.S. Army done or even attempted to do their real duty toward the people and the states that have so loyally supported them by paying their salaries and buying their toys and allowing them to conscript our sons and daughters into the U.S. military where altogether too many of them have suffered and died.

And what was that duty? To expedite the prompt and secure restoration of civilian control of the actual lawful government of this country, and then, to stand down.

Their further disservice is shown in the way our money has been destroyed and manipulated and gee-gawed from here to Christmas.

Where was the U.S. Army in 1907, when the rats in the bogus “corporate” Congress claimed to have some kind of “magic beans” claim to use our land as collateral backing the debts of their bankrupt corporation?

Where were they in 1953, when the same bastards in Congress pretended not to know who our land belonged to even after we’d bought it all back? Sure as Jersey they didn’t ask, did they?

Where was the U.S. Army in 1913, when the fraudulent “Federal Reserve” took over and started printing “Notes” on our credit, paying a couple pennies to print the “Notes” and receiving the full face value of those notes back— plus interest?

Was this honoring the mandate of the Lieber Code to “protect” and secure our money? Really? Looks like they were busy protecting somebody else’s money to me.

Where was the U.S. Army in 1933-34, when FDR unlawfully converted this entire population and everything we owned to international jurisdiction? All the Generals and their Staffs were too stupid to know what was going on?

Do I, or should you, believe that for one nanosecond?

Where was the victorious U.S. Army in 1946, when the Government Accounting Office was told to start using a patently fraudulent accounting system? And when all our estates were rolled over into Puerto Rican Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trusts—where were they then?

Did all the Generals get lost out in the woods and didn’t know where we were?

They somehow didn’t observe how the “Federal Reserve System” was inflating away the value of our money? That same money they were obligated to protect?

Should we believe that they were all dead from their asses both ways, and taking their orders from the corporate Congress seriously? That none of the cadets at West Point or Annapolis pouring over the history books ever unearthed any of the salient facts about the “American Civil War”? Like it was never declared? And never ended by a peace treaty?

Not a peep was heard.

The Generals were knee-deep in clover.

They had the equivalent of “infinite credit” as part of the network of federal agencies and departments and state franchises presumed to be the Beneficiaries of our ESTATES in our “absence”. They could afford solid gold toilet seats at our expense. And if some of the supply orders are to be believed, they did.

Where were they in 1999, when the weary old sods who paid and paid and paid in every way there was to pay, finally dug themselves out of the 1933 bankruptcy?

Where was our vaunted military when Queen Bess declared us all “disregarded entities”?

They were all gutless, feckless, useless, worthless, pieces of maggot shit. They sat right there in their leather recliners and didn’t say a word in our defense and didn’t move a finger, either.

That’s why people like David Hackworth waved bye-bye and moved to Australia to raise rabbits. Who the hell in their right mind could follow such men into battle?

And perhaps more to the point— why should they?

That pretty much brings us to today and the plot to “roll us” one more time and take everything that’s rightfully and lawfully ours away to pay their debts. The land that we bought back out of their 1907 corporate bankruptcy? It’s in hands of the now-bankrupt DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE and DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR and considered “fair game” as collateral backing the debts of the UNITED STATES.

Our ESTATES which by all rights should have been returned to us the moment the 1933 bankruptcy ended are also now tangled up in the UNITED STATES bankruptcy for no good reason but greed and gutlessness, incompetence and dishonesty.

And which wing of the Pentagon was hit on September 11th? The Navy Quadrant Team that actually knew and admitted what was going on. Who finally tracked the rot back to the Holy See? The Paradigm Project.

Thanks be to God and may the Generals see the light—- but there’s precious little sign of that as yet.

Instead, we’ve been left to our own devices to claw our way back onto the land and to amass our claims and record them and process them all by ourselves, at our own expense, and the Generals have looked over their lordly shoulders and placed bets on whether or not we’d find our way.

We did. No thanks to them. And we are still fighting our lonely battle, grandmothers and old men, garage mechanics and farmers, shopkeepers and schoolteachers and restaurant owners, and for all the billions upon billions of dollars that have been spent on our supposed “defense,” there isn’t a goddamn paperclip coming out of the Pentagon in our defense.

How much more blatant does it have to be?

The American Bar Association is the “army in the field” and the true Enemy Within of the American People and of our government from the beginning. It was lawyers who concocted these veils of purposefully deceptive verbiage. It was lawyers who passed off their corporate look-alike, sound-alike profit engines as the actual government owed to the people of this country. It’s lawyers who have been operating their private courts “as if” they were our public courts and providing “an appearanceof Justice. It’s lawyers who have been sitting illegally and unlawfully in what should be our Congress, knowing full well that they have no right to be there and are prohibited from occupying any office in our government.

What does the military have to do with it? It’s their job to protect our money. It’s always been their job to protect us and our money. No other job was ever implied. And they have FAILED us.

They haven’t recognized the real enemies of the American People and they haven’t taken action in our behalf. They’ve stood by and honored the orders of a fake corporate Congress. They’ve ignored the Public Law. They haven’t cleaned out the fake courts. They haven’t removed the lawyers from Congress. They haven’t protected our money.

And at the end of the day, what’s their offered solution? To call yet another governmental services corporation fronted by the same vermin a “Republic” and allow an old Vichy French Corporation and one of Obummer’s Buddies. SWISSINDO, to come in here and offer Americans “M1 Bonds” under conditions of deceit and non-disclosure hoping to steal everything from everyone in sight.

Way to go, General Dunford, you are a credit to your Predecessors, who have unflaggingly sold the American People down the river for 150 years—either by stupidity or guile, and at this point it really doesn’t matter.

What matters is that we are the actual, legitimate Mom and Pop and Pony unincorporated government of the actual United States of America, all those “disregarded entities” that you are hired to defend.

We are back on the land jurisdiction and we are the Paramount Secured Interest Holders breathing down your necks. We are the people you actually work for, not the interloping usurpers and middlemen trading on our assets without our permission and threatening us with our own military and occupying our Public Offices under conditions of impersonation and deceit.

Its time to wake up, Little Suzie.

Today, I heard a most charming story. I was told that the United States Treasury islocked down” and that our accounts are not on the “black screen” pending the worldwide Global Currency Reset and Re-Valuation, popularly known as the GCR/RV.

This process is being overseen by a nameless, faceless “Committee” that so far as I know is accountable to nobody. They brag about having “Off World” members — reptilian extra-dimensional beings that pop in and out of view like mirages, walk through walls, and lord it over us while they live in “secret bases” on the dark side of the Moon.


If you believe that, after all the other horse shit you’ve been told in your life…. what can I say?

Does it make sense to you that we are being kept from accessing our immense silver accounts and prevented from taking our own silver to our own mint to issue our own traditional silver coinage by unknown people engaged in some unknown and unauthorized process?

The excuse for this apart from the complexity of the “Reset” is that the Unknown and Unauthorized Powers That Be don’t want us to convert our silver into fiat Federal Reserve Notes.

Excuse me? Is the silver ours or theirs? By what right do these Committee Members propose to sequester our assets and make judgments about who can access their own property or not? Our silver and gold reserves have sat in musty vaults for generations. These deposits were made long ago, before the current rage for drug trafficking and money laundering.

So why is it that suddenly, we can’t even see our own deposited assets when we are the verifiable owners of those assets? Have the banks stolen the assets and they are trying to cover up the facts?

Quite possibly. Why not? The banks have stolen everything else on Earth, why would they balk at stealing gold and silver deposited in their vaults?

So now we are getting all these excuses. Oh, the Reptilians made me do it…. my dog ate my homework….a Congressman’s third cousin barfed on the central computer console…. I have to go to China and beg non-existent “Elders” for toilet paper and half a cup of sugar…. it’s a real emergency.

Yeah, I guess so. If those “black screens” at the Treasury don’t click back on and show all our deposits soon, it’s going to be a considerably bigger emergency.

The kind of emergency where millions of people suffer and die for the sake of the pride and fear and basic dishonesty, greed, and immorality of a few.

If anyone thinks that they are going to waltz in here and force Americans to sign up for more undisclosed contracts and more peonage and more “free gifts and grants” of our property, that’s going to be cause for an “emergency” too. I get angry just thinking about “M1 Bonds” and what the vermin are trying to pull.

I also get angry thinking about all our ESTATES being created without our knowledge and the black-robed devils infesting our once-decent courts and the Queen sitting in Westminster with her crony the Lord Mayor, calling us “disregarded entities” after these same disregarded entities fought and died for England in World War II and spent their labor and resources rebuilding it, too. If that isn’t the ultimate gross ingratitude and disrespect of our entire effort and our entire nation, I don’t know what is.

Whoever is on the Secret GCR Committee and all those at the Treasury messing around and “vanishing” our asset accounts and all those Generals who aren’t worth the brass in their campaign ribbons and all those fake judges sitting in private courtrooms fleecing the innocent and all those Bar Attorneys finding your excuses for taking up space in what is supposed to be our Congress— listen up. There’s a clock and it’s ticking.

My Father is the Lord of Glory, the Lord of Infinite Space and Light. There is no higher authority. Not in this dimension or any other. Think about it. Think really hard.

Source: Maine Republic Email Alert


Dark Forces Hierarchy and Control Tactics


By DaNell author

The Cabal:  a general term for any and all of the Dark Force hierarchy, either separately or all together.  Here we are going to do a few levels of separation, so we all can learn the subtle differences of darkness and how they have controlled us.

Knowledge is POWER.

(rp0516) Rob: Yeah, that’s what I’ve been feeling to. Many people are waking up and are not aware of the lower level Cabal members who are responsible for evil programs working within a subtle series of groups like the Illuminati, Freemasons, CFR, (inaudible), RAND, IMF, World Bank, World Health Organization, the Committee of 300, multi-national corporations.

And, of course, the American, I guess we could call it political octopus of the DOJ, the NSA, the CIA, the CDC, Department of Justice, Department of State, and even now the Atmospheric and Engineering is having deep secrets with all of the chemical spraying.

However, most of the population is not aware that these Earth organizations are controlled by hostile, renegade ET groups, Omegans, Reptilians, Greys, insectoids, Tall Whites, and others.

I’m going to ask you, is this inter-dimensional war that is totally raging at this time . . . will the population ever get a clear history of the Earth’s dilemma on a mass scale or before the Event? Or will all this info. come after the Event?

We’re getting snippets of this and snippets of that, but it’s not being released in one fell swoop because there’s so many groups. Can you tell us about that? So many people want to know who’s who and what’s going on.

Cobra: Okay, first I’ll explain what’s going on. And you have now just explained the basic structure of the Illuminati. I would say the basic structure. But there are people, there are beings, there are structures behind the scenes that are controlling the Illuminati and all those structures that you have just mentioned.

The first player is the Jesuits, and I think most people are not aware of the real power and the real scope of the Jesuits reach and they are basically controlling . . . They are the ones that are controlling the so-called Khazarian Mafia. They are the ones that are controlling all those organizations.

And behind the Jesuits you have the Archon families. They are old lineages that came from the Andromeda galaxy a long time ago and have been incarnating in certain select families mainly in Europe. And they are the ones controlling the Jesuits which are controlling the Illuminati. And behind them are inter-dimensional ET entities and the Chimera group.

Regarding the Reptilians, the Draco, that you have just mentioned, most of those have been cleared out and they are not having as much influence on the planetary situation anymore. And this is just to give you a little explanation of what’s going on. (rp0516)

Some of the ways Humans are Controlled:

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

[PFC 0317]  Lynn – In your blogpost from November 28th, 2013, you mentioned the following:“Currently the Jesuits are the main operational task force for the Archons to maintain the quarantine status for planet Earth. Their previous superior general Hans Peter Kolvenbach is instrumental in keeping the fear vibration among humanity on the surface of the planet.”

It has been reported in the news that Kolvenbach died on November 26th, 2016, in Beirut. According to your sources is he actually dead? If he is dead, what does that mean for disclosures and justice in regards to 9/11 and 3/11 attacks?

COBRA – It means that one of the major perpetrators of this have died or shall I say have been removed from the planet but he was not the only one and he is not the only one who was preventing the truth about this to come out. There was actually a whole group and this group has not been removed yet. But each of them that has been removed does make the situation easier and this is one of the reasons why we have so many releases about various topics that were not happening before. [PFC 0317]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

(ru0317) Question: David Icke had stated that the Queen of Great Britain and most of the kings of Europe, as well as some US presidents, are all related to one reptilian bloodline. How about the Russian Tsars, were they related to the royal line of the reptilians too? Please, clarify the situation with this.

COBRA: Many of them yes (ru0317)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

A: Excellent. God, it’s so exciting. Now, you had talked a little bit about, um, the removal of the cabal needs to happen first before, this event takes place.. correct?

Cobra: Yes, actually the removal of the cabal happens at the event.

A: At, the time of the event.

Cobra: Yes.   (am1213-2)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

This article is meant to inform.  The physical removal of The Cabal will be extremely helpful, but what can you or me do today?

 What YOU can DO

  • Join Sunday Synchronized Meditations –  9 am PDT, 11 am Central, 4 pm UTC
  • Share information – internet, blog, youTube    –     Write Articles
  • Connect with Your Higher Self/Soul  –  Receive Inner Guidance/Healing  (Do your INNER work)
  • Raise your Vibrations – Find Inner POWER  (Keep your energy clear and high)
  • Fulfill your MISSION  (Connect with your soul to find that out)
  • Use your TALENTS   =  TAKE ACTION

Clearing:  I AM ____________________________________ (your own full name)

I AM ONLY ________________________________ (your own full name)

I AM NO ONE BUT ___________________________ (your own full name)

see past articles on clearing:,  


DaNell –


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