“Is Fulford that Ignorant?” by (Anonymous) – 7.10.17

 WHAT IS BEING SAID ABOUT BENJAMIN. ABOUT the CGR which I heard I think it came from the IMF, that the PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT THINGY was done as some kind of AGREEMENT APPARENTLY THAT WAS, SHOULD I SAY, A MONETARY MEASUREMENT of what each countries VALUE was worth BASED on what precious metal etc. and some special drawing rights for the GCR.
WHAT I want to KNOW is, WAS this CLIMATE AGREEMENT which was written or perhaps LOOKS like it was written by the DARK CABAL. Now many have reported about, so I think this could be where people might think BENJAMIN works for the BAD GUYS. I have NO IDEA, about the LEGITIMACY of the PARIS climate thingy, but I have heard that it was supposed to signal the GCR. I have heard this a FEW times over the LAST YEAR or so, but AGAIN I still don’t KNOW if it was written to BENEFIT the LIGHT as we have been told, WHILE the DARK is STILL IN POWER as the CABAL are KNOWN NOT to do ANYTHING That benefits HUMANITY. I guess as TIME goes on, we will KNOW the TRUTH of this.
What makes this INTERESTING is the FACT, that WE ALL KNOW that GLOBAL WARMING is an OUTRIGHT FREAKIN FRAUD, as a way to SCAB tonnes of money for the CABAL to steal off of HUMANITY for whatever they want that money for, like CHEMTRAILS or maybe their black budget programs etc.
I guess ONE would NEED more of some kind of PROOF at this point from the LIGHT FORCES about the LEGITIMACY of the actual GCR being hidden in the PARIS CLIMATE THING. NOW I heard a LONG time ago that it IS to BENEFIT HUMANITY, HOWEVER we also have the FACT that the CABAL have NEVER been KNOWN to do ANYTHING that BENEFITS HUMANITY, which WE also have to TAKE into account. 
I guess because too many PEOPLE KNOW about the global warming FRAUD as a scam to get more money off of humanity. The TRUTH will be KNOWN whether or NOT signing that thing IS FOR HUMANITY or IS FOR the CABAL ? NO ONE NEEDS to KNOCK FULFORD over this it is NOT FULFORD’S fault, now then is it ?  Sorry but I was too tired yesterday to say something SOONER. This is what has been said about this PARIS CLIMATE AGREEMENT to the best of my KNOWLEDGE, look at it this WAY what has the CABAL DONE for YOUR COUNTRY LATELY ?
NOTHING that I know of BECAUSE they are KNOWN ONLY to be OUT for themselves.


“Is Fulford that Ignorant?” by (Anonymous) – 7.10.17

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 2:12 PM EDT on July 10, 2017

Fulford’s report today is the most wrong thing I’ve ever read from him. It’s the exact opposite of the truth. Either it is a fake cabal post claiming to be him or he is completely out of the loop and drawing erroneous conclusions. He doesn’t have any knowledge that the Paris Climate agreement has nothing to do with the climate? He doesn’t know that it’s really a cover for the GCR? Thousands of people who applauded at the passing of the accord so fervently did so because they knew it was the hidden legal basis for the new monetary system. Fulford, as highly connected as he is, didn’t get the memo? He thinks it’s just about climate? Do people rejoice as much as they did at that event over climate change? No, they were rejoicing because they knew it means global prosperity for all mankind.

Can Ben Fulford be that ignorant of the truth? It must be a cabal post pretending to be Fulford’s.


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