OWK Conference Call TONIGHT! GCR Intel and Current Events – July 12, 2017

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

OWK Conference Call TONIGHT! GCR Intel and Current Events – July 12, 2017

Received via email from One Who Knows…..


OWK Conference Call TONIGHT!

This is an announcement that will be on a Call in show TONIGHT!

One Who Knows

Will Be On:

“Willie’s Truth Call”

Tonight 7-12-2017

9 PM Eastern Time

Call: 641-715-3570

Pin number is 814-068#

Press *6, Then 1, to ask a question

Willie & I will be answering Questions about the latest GCR Intel, and Current Events.  Don’t miss it.


Replay (7-10-2017)

Re-Play Information

For those who missed our call on Monday, 7-10-2017, here are the replay numbers and links. We talked about Trump, GESARA, The GCR, the Cabal Roundup and a lot more.  Enjoy the replay, as I enjoyed being on this call.

Call: 641-715-3579

Pin Number: 814-068#

Computer Replay:


Download Link:




May You Get Everything You Want and Live The Life Of Your Dreams/Plans

Signed: One Who Knows / Richard Lee McKim Jr. / Star Fyer

Posted by enerchi at 7/12/2017 10:00:00 PM

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