“Space SITREP Cliff Notes” by Pat – 7.12.17

“Space SITREP Cliff Notes” by Pat – 7.12.17

Entry Submitted by Pat at 11:29 PM EDT on July 12, 2017 “Space” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Wednesday – July 12, 2017 I admit reading thi…

Entry Submitted by Pat at 11:29 PM EDT on July 12, 2017

“Space” – GCR/RV Op-Ed – Wednesday – July 12, 2017

I admit reading this SITREP three times, having to piece together some of the riddles. For what it’s worth, here is my own interpretation.

[“At midnight Saturday 7.15.2017 we reach a divine tipping point where light replaces darkness in majority, and it will affect all who read these posts differently.”]

I read this statement and had to stop myself from jumping on top of the dining room table and doing a tap dance. Whoa! Heavy stuff! Am I to understand that this is the “Event”? The blessing of divine infused Light that we have been receiving is now ramping up to absorb all the dark energy? This can only mean, from that day forward, euphoria will continue to increase as all dark energy is re absorbed into the Light??

[“What happens between now and then will determine all fates and all timelines, of all involved. As all go or none go.”]

So…between today and July 15th, at midnight, will determine fates. My guess, is this time period is the “come to Jesusmoment for them? This is it. You either whole hearted and humbly RETURN to the Light ( we are all One…everything is made from Source energy) and continue your individual “education ” towards Ascension and beyond, OR you are absorbed back into the Light and lose your individuality??? That would be a benevolent gift. OR…you aren’t absorbed by the Light and transferred/eliminated to another dimension for further 3D education??? Not sure….nonetheless, YOUR fate is in YOUR hands. YOU are making your choice as to how to proceed. Up to you!

So, I’m guessing, that because of the “all go or no go”, means if ALL dark energy turns to the Light prior to 7/15, we are all allowed to proceed with the RV, but if all don’t choose Light, then no one goes until after October 1st , so the Western World is then allowed to collapse into chaos taking the dark completely down in self-implosion??? Is that what I’m reading?

The sad part of this is the Cabal think extending their demise somehow hurts those of the Light. Laughable. We’ve come this far, it might be nice to watch the self implosion. Certainly, could warrant great entertainment. It’s their choice…demise or no demise. Seems like a no brainer to me.

[“It’s true cabal agents could see great wealth this weekend and/or be terminally incarcerated.”]

We apparently have 3-days to redeem, so the RV could be imminent. Unclear as to the trigger, that will set it in motion prior to 7/15. However, after 7/15 we will be over the tipping point of the Light being the majority (here I thought we already were) and the crumbling of the Cabal and their holdings will be allowed to proceed with gusto. Implosion time.

[” A benevolent oversight mechanism has FINALLY kicked in…”]

Mechanism?? Hmmmmmm, that’s an interesting word to use. Mechanism usual means something not natural, and/or mechanical. Interesting.

Having to wait until after October 1st, at first was disappointing, but a close second will be the fireworks of what happens 7/15-9/30. Get your popcorn ready Lightworkers. This should be quite the show.

Cabal chooses door “Number One “prior to 7/15, and the RV is triggered. Cabal chooses door “Number Two,” wins the dark 1st class trip to elimination.

Looks like a win win for us Light Workers, either way. Sobeit.




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