“Fearless Wings” by RT – 7.13.17

“Fearless Wings” by RT – 7.13.17

Entry Submitted by RT at 2:40 PM EDT on July 13, 2017

Don’t worry about the title; I just liked the idea along with the picture. This piece is going to be metaphysical and deal a little with the ‘Dark Side’ so be warned, ‘Here Be Dragons!’ Friendly ones, hopefully, that aim to get you home quicker but really… when was Dragonriding ever easy… Also be warned it is looooooooooooong and life itself is short, so…

First here are some quotes from the most recent article by Lisa Renee, along with a link to the article. Certainly, well worth reading in its entirety but again, heavy stuff…

“These are extremely challenging times for the people of the earth, who are enduring the trials of planetary ascension without any context; standing in the cross fire of the war over consciousness…

Most of humanity is travelling blind in the sandstorm of chaos, unable to see or understand why the planet and her inhabitants seem to have gone to another stage of crazy, acting out senseless violence and insanity…

For Starseeds, or Intuitive Empaths, feeling, sensing and seeing this dark phenomena explosion in the field, and living out every day as a battle for commanding personal space and deflecting negative and demonic forces that are buried everywhere in the 3D structures designed to hijack, attach to and mind control the people, can feel harrowing and exhausting…

Have compassion for your brothers and sisters, because many of us have no idea what it is like to walk in anothers shoes and to endure what they may be experiencing now during the consciousness battle for earth and humanity. The world and all people need more love, kindness, compassion and empathy than ever before…

All of us must face our own inner demons, and recognize how they have been lurking in our mind, emotions and bodies, that steer us into repeated cycles of trauma, looping thoughts of pain, fear and despair that send back that negative energy into the collective mind of humanity to be further harvested as loosh…

To arrive at spiritual maturity, the level to which you will accept responsibility for what you allow your body and consciousness to express, you will undergo tests in your discernment and spiritual strength to face the world of the demons, as you have to learn who and what you are by facing the darkness, evil, false, alien or negative polarity…

As we travel together through the dark night of the soul, we can meet the true spirit of God, by honestly facing the darkness within us, and seeing it operating in the world around us. We have to face the demons in our world or see the anti-Christ and identify what it is and where it hides to manifest agony and misery for the human spirit.

Greater acceptance is required now, learning how to surrender is a daily practice. Problems we used to obsess about or believe they were a big deal, are losing their importance in our lives.

All of the world’s spiritual traditions have been rooted in ancient and eternal wisdom at the fundamental level before they became misguided through the lens of the negative ego distortions sourcing from the Negative Alien Agenda, the core Universal teachings in all spiritual traditions have been based in the GOLDEN RULE. The Golden Rule and discovering the ethical standard it places upon us in our life has much to teach us all…

The Golden Rule is the most essential basis for the modern concept of human rights, in which each individual has a right to just treatment, and a reciprocal responsibility to ensure that same justice is upheld for others…

The Golden Rule is a principle of ONENESS or Unity that can be explained from the perspective of psychology, philosophy, sociology, and religion and spirituality. This is why it is such a powerful statement and principle to live one’s life…

As we travel through the deepest underswell of rising darkness, depravity and demonism, do not falter and commit to hold the light, be the vessel of the purest light of loving kindness, truth and compassion that you can. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Whatever is hurtful to you, do not do to any other person…”


Lisa Renee… she reads em as she see’s em and her perception is deep, extremely penetrating and valuable – imho.

I wanted to post something of my own lightweight research and having come across this article recently – angels of synchronicity, here’s a big thumbs up from me – thought the quotes a good context giver and preamble to what I have to share, which, if there is any truth to, should arm and help you to step into an even more perfect state of peace – if of course it in any way applies to challenges you may be encountering or that may happen to come your way.

Phew! This writing lark isn’t as easy as it looks is it? Roll on the Age of Telepathy…

What we will be looking at – mainly through the findings of a radical researcher and psychiatrist – is how certain unpleasant agencies of the universe may operate, perhaps confirming what you already know, in order to increase the distance between them and you and make their ‘smell’, so to speak, more identifiable so that you know when they are around and can make the psychological adjustment necessary to be at peace again.

I will deal with the topic phenomenologically, that is ‘how it presents itself’, and not seek other interpretations because it is both easier and quicker and ultimately what we are looking for here is results and efficaciousness, rather than proving how good we may be at reviewing and adapting models to fit wider and more conventionally accepted belief systems.

Ok Let’s dive in. I am going to be as brief as I can as you can follow up on the material in its more developed form by following the link.

I read some time ago in The Mammoth Book of the Supernatural by Colin Wilson a brief account of the work of a psychiatrist called Wilson Van Dusen as given in his book The Presence of Other Worlds.

Briefly, he, WVD, found a correlation between the voices that schizophrenics reported and the phenomena of evil spirits as delineated in the work of Emanuel Swedenborg, an author living mainly in the 18thcentury who claimed to be able to ‘see’ into the inner dimensions and heaven worlds.

A synopsis of Van Dusen’s findings was given in The Mammoth which is, again briefly:

That such voices are generally negative and self destructive (destructive toward the victim), hold the victim in contempt and seek to pick on the victim’s weaknesses and control their actions in some way often leading them to acts of a destructive or self destructive nature. A bar full of negative, taunting schoolchildren was the description given in the book – as far as memory serves.

These were termed ‘lower order beings’and were also characterised by their antipathy to religion or religious ideas and their love of bad or indecent language and also the fact that they seemed to have no memory or personality of their own – Swedenborg confirmed this of ‘evil spirits’ – but relied on their victims memory to do their ‘work’.

Also there was something very generic about them, after studying about twenty cases it was seen they fell into a kind of holding pattern.

There were, besides these embodiments of mindless incorporeal hostility another ‘higher order of beings’ that also presented sometimes in such cases, tho of a lesser percentage (20). These did not ‘speak’ as such but presented their data in a more symbolic intuitive form that was often religious or spiritual in nature with wider implications that might challenge the understanding of the patient.

These Van Dusen correlated with the kind, wise, gentle angels of God, as described by Swedenborg.

They – the higher order beings – said that the ‘purpose’ of the lower order of beings was to illuminate a person’s weaknesses.

Ok, and here is some light relief in the form of me getting a bit meta with you and saying that was some light relief – good luck unravelling that one – before we plunge on and cover what happened when I searched for Wilson Van Dusen on youtube and discovered a clip that on listening to have found advances our understanding into areas we are already well familiar with, but from another direction.


It is from a channel I will hopefully be delving into more, that is devoted to Swedenborg’s work and its useful contemporary application.

It is well worth listening to yourself, but this is what I personally gleaned from it and will present, again in brief, for your own insight here. It follows on from and is in the same vein of the Von Dusen data… It comes from another worker in the psychiatric field familiar with Van Dusen, along with a presenter correlating it with Swedenborg material.

Talking again about these lower order beings this person states that one difference between them and the higher order beings is that whereas the lower order will jump in and try and overwhelm their victims awareness with their ‘speech,’ the higher order are more patient and operate more on a ‘wait to be invited and don’t speak unless spoken to’ basis.

It is also outlined that the unrelenting negativity of the lower order could be explained by Swedenborg’s statement that because a person who has a consciousness on the whole given over to negative patterns (presumably in some final and irredeemable way) would on entering the inner worlds be in real torment due to the conflict engendered by it still bearing its more wholesome and positive aspects, God, as a genuine mercy, removes this more wholesome spiritual aspect. (Which might also explain them lacking personal memory.)

That they, lower order again, are incredibly good at what they do and one of their main ‘tricks’ is to take a memory of an incident in the victims past and represent it to them repeatedly, purely to milk them of the negative (usually false guilt, or false shame based) emotional charge (loosh) from so doing. Yep. I said it and it is there in the clip…

To refer back to the Van Dusen book, he talks about a patient who was presented again and again with the memory of a paltry 10 cent debt he owed and had cleared a long time ago.

Clearly in the light of the loosh gathering info, it is very possible there was still an emotional charge on the memory (anger, frustration, false guilt) hence its continued re-appearance.

Again clearly this kindof data might be useful to those suffering from unwanted thought syndrome as well as those treating the more severe schizophrenic conditions (the psychiatric worker reported on good results) but to tie it all up here in a way both positive and relevant to our concerns…

As fortunate as we might be not to be encountering such challenges in their raw state ourselves – not stepping out of the good old phenomenological perspective that is – still it might be noted that if we are encountering similar problems in even a subtle way such as challenges to our self worth or stray beliefs that seem to undermine the self evident truth that we deserve the very best this universe has to offer at all times, as does everyone else.

Then it is possible that such unwelcome ‘resistance’ in our field of awareness to this and other truths concerning our overall self-worth are simply mindless flak from the lower planes. That even tho in our perception such ‘doubts’ may seem to come from a part of our self that seems to bear some real and deep intimacy with us, that they do not in fact issue from our real self and are only making an appearance following an agenda of their own – to try and get our consciousness to animate more negative, doubtful states.

In so perceiving not only their alien mindless nature but recognizing also their agenda – to top up the batteries in the lower dimensions – we can more easily and readily latch on to and intuit what is happening, albeit subtly, and more quickly rediscover and click back into our own full, true peace and clarity.

There you go. A big journey of words that only a handful might find of some passing, minor use and very temporary distraction but it is AAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL Done!

(Thank goodness!)





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