“Re: Email w/ Judge Anna Regarding GCR/RV, TDA” by Hughlett – 7.16.17

“Re: Email w/ Judge Anna Regarding GCR/RV, TDA” by Hughlett – 7.16.17

Entry Submitted by Hughlett at 2:37 AM EDT on July 16, 2017

“Email w/ Judge Anna Regarding GCR/RV, TDA” by Anonymous with a Smile – 7.16.17

Hello All! Thank you Anonymous with a Smile!!

As a reader of dinarland stuff, I’m really tired of the same old same old. Intel providers are apparently being played big time. I’ve studied patriot stuff for about 20 years, and Judge Anna has presented WHY and HOW we have ended up in the present mess better than anyone else I’ve read. In other words, her research seems to be more complete, pull in more pieces if the “matrix” puzzle. Here is a quote from her latest article, about accessing the Treasury Direct accounts. Indeed, there is a hook to doing that, as in every other contract with the Corporation governments. Quote:

Just as I told you about the “M1 Prosperity Bonds” being another trick, the Treasury Direct Account is also another trick at this point, because it creates the legal presumption that you are subject to their bankruptcy and leaves you at the mercy of Secondary Creditors, when you are in fact the Priority Creditor.

Until we negotiate this and get it straightened out, boycott the Treasury Direct Account offer and tell all your friends and neighbors what it means and what is going on.


Blog: http://www.paulstramer.net/2017/07/just-facts-maam-again.html?m=1

PDF: http://annavonreitz.com/justthefacts2.pdf



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