Dolores Cannon Presents Moving into the New Earth – JULY 17 2017

Head’s up, I know you have probably seen this video before, most of us have. I have posted this for anyone NEW that is looking for answers to some of life’s deeper questions. My notes are in color[s]. Note: YOU are ascending with your PHYSICAL BODY, no fear of death, DEATH is only a transition back to the other side. So you need not fear it as the planet ascends, YOU will too.


You came here to learn how to manipulate ENERGY.

There is NO GOD sitting on a throne that is going to punish you. You go to the Higher Councils and YOU JUDGE yourself. {Like what I mentioned to you several times about your Life Review} There is Boards, Masters, Guides, NO JUDGMENTS. You will see everything that YOU did, from the Other person’s viewpoint. This is where the Karma comes in. You look at your past life and YOU judge yourself. There is no harsher critic than yourself.

[The DARK CABAL is a different because they are INVADER races against the humans FREE WILL trapping them on this planet and in 3D dimension] They took over the EARTH LEARNING school and took over people’s FREE WILL. [Doing everything they could think of to STOP GOD’S ascension process.]

This is a Planet of FREE WILL you come in with your nice little plan like a christmas present, this is what I am going to do, I am going to get in do what I have to do and then I won’t have to come back here. But you get here and everyone else has got their own little plan and it clashes. That’s FREE WILL and we don’t realize what is happening.

Karma what goes around come around there is NO escaping it. If it doesn’t happen in this life, A lot of it is happening NOW because we want to get it over with. But of it doesn’t it will happen in the next life or 100 years from now. 

And there is also GOOD KARMA and it all about LEARNING. Earth is a SCHOOL. You come here to learn lessons. earth is a challenging planet.

EARTH is a SCHOOL that you can’t skip a grade, You will keep repeating situations until you figure out what it is, it is trying to teach you. If you don’t learn it, you will have to come back again and learn it all over again. Earth isn’t the school that you go to. You’ve lived on planets and other dimensions. You have been around forever. You have had bodies that it just PURE energy.

So it’s a constant learning that is going on all the time.

What I have found is that we all came from GOD. There is NO EVIL, there is NO BAD, there is NO GOOD. It’s all ENERGY and what to you do with that energy?  You can use it for GOOD or YOU can use it to hurt people, it’s ALL ENERGY. And this is how you accumulate the KARMA. But it all did begin with GOD. But that’s why there is NO JUDGMENT over there because it’s all experiences. Everybody’s had something BAD happen in their life. But you look at it and you think, did you LEARN anything from it ? If you learned even one thing from the experience, that was the purpose of the experience. You didn’t you’re going to have to take it again, until you learn it. I asked them one time, wouldn’t it be easier if we knew about all of this before we came in ? Well were in here, wouldn’t it be easier if we knew WHY we came what we are supposed to be working out. They said, “It wouldn’t be a test if you KNEW the answers.” A little sneaky isn’t it? This is the ONLY planet where we come in with everything wiped-out. The other planets that the E.T’s live on, other beings live on. They are very AWARE of WHO they are. They are aware of their connection to the SOURCE, to GOD. They know what they are doing what they are supposed to be doing, they are very connected. We are NOT. That is part of the School, part of the TEST. They said, If you came in, everything is wiped-out. If had them come in and they are going to be doing the Birth Experience and they’d be saying, “I’ve got to remember, I’ve got to remember, then they are born and then they say, I don’t remember anymore.” It’s just wiped-clean. I have had a few people who do REMEMBER the other side, but not very many. You come in as a blank slate, and when you leave, when you die, the blinders are taken-off and then you KNOW it all again.

[The veil of forgetting is coming down, should be real INTERESTING indeed!]

Then you have all that information again, at that point. But when you come in, they said what greater test than o live a life thinking you are all alone. That you don’t have any connections to anybody. That there isn’t anything BIGGER than you. And you have to do it all from scratch by yourself. What greater test is there, than that? To FEEL your own way. For the other ones KNOW, they feel sorry for us, that is why they are here trying to help us. But if you understand, their way of thinking ? Your NEVER alone, you have always got somebody with you, but FEEL like we are. This is part of the test. How are we going to react coming into a world, thinking we are all by ourself ? No body to help us and we have to FEEL our way gradually back to, the reason behind everything. And many people don’t. They showed us a picture of these people in one of the sessions and said we see all of these people wandering around, not literally but they appear to be all bent-over and ugly looking and just all snarled up and they can’t even stand-up straight as they have all these loads on their back. And I said, “What does that represent?” it means they keep coming back one life after the other piling it on top of each other till their all bent over. They haven’t got a clue of WHY they are here, WHAT they are trying to work out and they are just going round and around in circles. And that’s the ones that are going to have the hardest time, getting rid of that to come out of this. because we are coming to the point now that WE have to come out of this. This is part of what we are doing.

Now when JESUS came, and I wrote the part in the book about JESUS and the ESSENES, this is what he was trying to TELL people. Your going round and around on this wheel of Karma. Making the same mistake over and over again. He wanted to show people how to get off of the wheel, PROGRESS upward in their development. That was the whole reason for him coming. He said If you are going to save you from anything, it is saving you from the wheel of Karma. They didn’t understand. But that was the main thing and it’s coming back again. You have to get rid of this, to release it and let it go.

Now when you began on this whole adventure, you started with GOD. During all the sessions, they all called it the source. You started with the source, with God. We were all part of that. And everyone I have had describe it the same way, as a HUGE ENERGY, an unbelievable ENERGY. Some of them called it the GREAT CENTRAL SUN. It’s a HUGH BRIGHT LIGHT and they say when they are there it’s so BEAUTIFUL and COMFORTING. There’s a LOVE beyond comparison you could NEVER experience on EARTH. {I actually FELT this LOVE for about 4 hours and it felt like 5,000 people loving me at once.} They FEEL that when they are with the source, they don’t want to leave. Your all together there and that’s where we all started out. Problem is you can’t STAY there. GOD became curious, he wanted to LEARN. He couldn’t learn as he was, so when he decided to learn, he split out in all directions. This is the equivalent of the BIG BANG theory. He broke apart into billions and billions of tiny fragments and pieces. He says, “Go and learn and bring the information back to me.” Everyone of us, saw tiny and tiny sparks and they shooting out in all directions. Some of the sparks became planets, some of them became galaxies, some of them became human souls. Every one of us, when I had taken the people back, they tell me these things, I don’t ask them. But I know now, I’m going to get the same answer every time. When I take you back as far as you can go to the REAL YOU, it’s just a tiny, tiny spark. Tiny, tiny spark of ENERGY. Which is called the spark of life because you cannot exist without the spark of life within you. When the body dies the spark of life leaves. All you are is this tiny little spark that is journeying and doing all these things. [I stopped around the 39 minute mark, listen to the video.]

She talks about the animals, Group souls, the oversoul, walk-ins. About the Earth being in trouble and the 3 waves of volunteers that came here to help humanity. She talks about the Earth changing it’s frequency and vibrations.

Dolores Cannon Presents Moving into the New Earth


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