“Raise the Light” by Harmony – 7.17.17

“Raise the Light” by Harmony – 7.17.17

Entry Submitted by Harmony at 4:53 AM EDT on July 17, 2017

Good morning beautiful souls.

The energies and entities of darkness (which includes those known by some as the Cabal) are now banished from this planet and her environs. Many many of us have been working so hard for so long to achieve this.

My grateful thanks to all of you. It’s been a tough and exhausting job, but ultimately so worthwhile, which is what has kept us focused, even during those times where it was so difficult.

It would be so so easy to sit back on our laurels now, and goodness knows, we’re so ready for a rest.

Yet our job hasn’t finished; in fact it’s now beginning in earnest.

Having now anchored the light, our job is to raise this light up, and up, and up. Bit by bit, incrementally, gradually, but very definitely.

We have so much ahead of us to achieve that is truly wonderful, and in order to do that, we will all need the force of love and light on, in, and around this planet to be reaching ever higher vibrations.

As we come into our financial blessings, and are able to step into our long held missions to heal this planet and all its beings, in every way, we will need the support of these higher vibrations to do just that. They will make our job so much easier and will help to ensure much success more smoothly and more quickly.

And all we achieve will be blessed with these higher vibrations that we have imbued.

I’m exhausted this morning, right now, at this moment, it’s a bit up and down. But mostly now I’m pretty tired. Just like most of you.

We do need to rest as much as possible, pace ourselves, and be very kind to ourselves, and others. We’re doing so much.

Yet, the job of raising the light is an essential one. It can be difficult to do when so tired, and I’m struggling this morning. Feeling a little depressed too. That’s understandable given everything.

But I’m still finding time every day to raise the light. And it raises my light too, helping me to feel better, and then raising the light becomes easier.

So, I wanted to ask you all, whenever you have a little time to sit quietly each day, to go within, to call in the light, to send it out from your heart to the hearts of every being here, and into our mother Gaia’s heart. And bit by bit, together, we will raise the light. We can do this, this is why we came.

Thank you all so much.

My love and blessings to you all

Harmony xxx


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