“Welcome to the Closed User Group” by Fireswan – 7.17.17

“Welcome to the Closed User Group” by Fireswan – 7.17.17

Entry Submitted by Fireswan at 4:54 PM EDT on July 17, 2017

I looked around in the financial IT announcements, looking for some kind of announcement that they’re testing a new financial system. Yep. I’ve got some confirmation of my suspicion that the routing number leak was to get some unaware testers to try out the new system.

Announced on July 6 by SWIFT22 Banks join the BLOCK CHAIN system:


…the PoC application will use a private permissioned blockchain in a closed user group. It will leverage the technology of Hyperledger Fabric v1, a platform that was released earlier this year.


Here’s what they tested inside the new-and-improved SWIFT system Hyperledger Fabric v1):



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