“Zorra * Zaraya * Jane” “Surprise Call today part 1 ” July 21, 2017 – With Sharen about the TDA [Treasury Direct Accounts]

Sharen comes through with Zorra about the Treasury direct accounts to pay off your debts in USA and around the world. We wanted to know more about this so no one is panicking about this anymore. Sharen’s interesting past lives as a blue energy being that was creating this planet earth, she was also there when they signed the declaration of Independence for the USA.

Sharen tells us what she knows about the Treasury accounts started with your Birth Certificate called your STRAWMAN ACCOUNTS. When you were born your birth certificates were a contract, they made it into a bond, made it into a bond as you got older you got a social security number. @ 1933 they have been using our accounts in USA. http://www.treasurydirect.gov put your birth certificate of money will show up, you are so wealthy that money wont be needed in the future.

She believes that they are paying the government payments out of our own accounts. They have tried to say that they have been running out of money to pay social securities, the Government has been saying this. Well I believe that they are paying off our social security and other Government payments that we get out of our own account. There is railroads, senators, congressmen there is shipping companies, there is nuclear companies, there is banks, financial institutions, private people that own apartment buildings and things like that. Just hundreds and thousands of people that are on our accounts using them. We we come into our accounts, it’s endless, it will last for generations and generations of your families.They are still endless, we still have an endless amount, it keeps growing and growing and growing. For every year there is pages and pages and pages.

JANE: Why was it all started that way. We are looking at the cabal who started this. The Federal Government and when they started utilizing our social security number and birth certificate accounts.

Sharen: YES, it was the shadow Government [Federal Government] They started the account to give us value and I guess they started it with like a million dollars and I guess it all connects with the Saint Germain accounts.

Sharen: So anyway now today these accounts are so huge that you would never ever account them, even star to account them. Just for instance I have 1 one person on there that is connected to my account that is worth just over 4 Billion dollars in this one line. Just this one transaction that is going-on and the all say active and the last one, not the last one, but the last one that was on there I just noticed being the last one was dated April of 2016. So there’s people still getting on them and still using them. And I also want to tell you they have been paying the Indian affairs with them and they have been paying for wars with our accounts.

So the best way to clean this world up and running the right way is to get that money away from them. And the one way that I found out how to access your account is I emailed an email to Treasury direct and I asked them how do I access my account  ? And they sent me back an email and said if you want to access your account you go to http://www.treasurydirect.gov – just like I told you and they said there would be forms there.

The forms are called FS 5446. You an copy them off, and I filled mine out online out right there, it is 21 pages, don’t let it scare you it takes about half a  hour. Write out your name at the top, your name in all CAPITAL LETTERS the way it is written on your social security card. I heard Heather say that that’s the best way to put it on there because that’s the way they recognize it. So write it all in capital letters the way it is written on your social security card. Then underneath it will say write your account number. And your account number is your social security number. Now I heard. I’m hearing now that if you are going to use it for a transaction to add the number 22 at the end because that means checking. You put that number at the end of your social security number. I filled out the forms and printed them out, but like I said most of the pages only want your name and your account number and most of the pages won’t apply to you. Now I didn’t have a list of all the numbers of my bonds which looks like they might have been millions, it looks like. So I just put transfer all because what I am trying to do is, I think this is what I’m trying to do because I really don’t know, I am new at this too. But I said I wanted to TRANSFER ALL my bonds which I think is impossible there is so many but at the time I said it, I didn’t know that. So I marked X where is says TRANSFER ALL, and it says in there if you don’t mark a box, there just going to transfer all. Well I don’t even know one bank account that can hold all these. But I am going to get it started this way anyway because I know they will contact me and tell me if I am missing some information. And they take your phone number and your email address so they can get a hold of you. But they said in this email if I filled out these papers and I go after you are done there is signature pages and you take them to your bank. You have a bank OFFICER, it can’t be a notary, it has to be a BANK OFFICER and you have them verify your signature. And then they sign it and stamp it and you take these papers and you send them back to the treasury department. There is and address at the bottom of the forms and then they say that they will show you how to access your account.

Now I am starting to SEE A LOT of PROBLEMS with the ROUTING NUMBERS being that they take them, then they confirm them then they REVERSE them. And a lot of that is the middleman that you are trying to go through to do this. It’s not our account that’s doing this. It’s the BANKERS its the Financial Institutions, it’s the PAYPAL. I think when you put your card or your account in, it comes up as Bureau of Public Debt. When I did it on AMAZON as my checking account, it came up as the Treasury Department. And what I found interesting is that the END of both of those names is the last 2 numbers of your social security card. At the END of the bank name. Now I have never seen that on a regular account. So that to me proved that we are completely connected to these accounts. I mean I knew that we were anyway but that was even more proof to me.

JANE: Hold your thoughts and I am going to asks ZORRA for imput.

ZORRA: ALL ACCURATE, it is all accurate. 22 is for checking and 32 is for wires. [wiring money]

Sharen: What I am finding out with all these routing numbers is a lot of them aren’t working. It makes me really sad to see all these people who get real happy thinking they can finally pay a debt. Just pay a debt, not but a new car, not buy a new house, not buy furs and jewels and all that stuff. No, they just want to pay a debt. So when they go to pay a debt they get all happy because get that off their shoulders and they get excited about life again. And then they get it reversed and they get a big fine for trying to do that, they call it a bad check. So not everyone has that happen but enough that it has made me very very sad.

So I’m starting to think and not everyone of you is involved in the FOREIGN CURRENCY EXCHANGE so I will just tell you what’s been happening with them. Some have them have been on for like 20 years, 15 years, 16 years, 8 years, 7 years unbelievable amount of time. They have been waiting for this for this foreign exchange to happen, they bought some foreign currency and see they are holding it waiting and…, Since I’ve been on with Gary Larrabee and I’ve been into this foreign currency thing it’s been about over a year. But they have been promising 800 numbers, like every week, like every week, every week. They get everybody built u and then they drop them down, they build them up they bring you down, well that’s the way the cabal works. That’s the way the dark people work, they want to live on your sad energies and your unhappiness. So they make you happy, then they make you sad, then they make you happy then they make you sad. Well that’s the way they train sociopaths. And that’s they way some of them even raise their kids. Then they make them happy, then then make them sad, then they break their hearts and then they make them happy. They do that their whole life until they are so messed-up that there just sociopaths. You guys have probably heard all the things they have been doing.[SHE’S RIGHT, IT IS really SAD the way the cabal treat their own kids !]

JANE: Zorra what are the obstacles in regards to the currency & paying debt.

ZORRA: Understand that the information you are giving is correct. They are NOT going to stop it. It is gaining momentum and my advice to all of you is to be in HARMONY and be in JOY, no matter the situation. And just do it, and the more you do it, the more you access these accounts, the more and more that you do, very soon it’s going to be unstoppable. Meaning it is already a snowball rolling down a hill, it’s getting larger and larger and larger and very soon it is going to crush them all. 

JANE: So your saying even if some people try it and it gets reversed, your saying that we should continue to try anyways ?

ZORRA: Indeed, over and over and over and soon they will get the message that they CANNOT STOP YOU. They cannot stop 7 Billion peoples. 

JANE: So with thinking about that Zorra and Sharen had a great point, yes we have been through this roller coaster ride with the currencies and now we find the TDA’S and then it started to work and then you get your purchases declined what ever your trying to pay off gets declined We don’t want to have to go through all of  that.

ZORRA: I understand. But it is also a TRIAL for you to see how determined you are. 

JANE: So I guess, we are so determined. I guess, well from your understanding when we talk about the TREASURY DIRECT ACCOUNTS, Now what your actually validating is this IS ACTUALLY part of the NESARA and Saint Germain Trust that is unfolding for us, correct ?

ZORRA: Indeed, the beginning of it.

JANE: So this is – STILL separate from the REAL SAINT GERMAIN or the REAL NESARA or .., How is that related ?

ZORRA: It is just a part of it.

JANE: So it is just a part of it, so you want us ALL to do this ?

ZORRA: I want everyone to do it.

JANE: And you know I have got to tell you everyone, you know when this came out, first Sheran, you know I asked Zorra about it, just you know on the side. What do you think about this? And he said DO IT ! Then I said WHY ? And he said I wasn’t going to tell you but it was in the plan for a long long time. Then I asked Zorra well WHY didn’t you tell us that. Well I guess it wasn’t time or what ?

ZORRA: It wasn’t time. 

JANE: You had to wait until it comes out on it’s own first ?

ZORRA: Of course !

JANE: Alright. So..,

ZORRA: We cannot ~ spoil the surprise.

JANE: Alright everybody so even though we still have obstacles at play here so, and we are not um.., We will continue to be DETERMINED just as SHAREN is and a few others…, Excuse me Sharen, I just have to tell you OUR experience, so when we first heard about it and said you know, go ahead, go ahead and do it. I had some hesitance, O.K. say here’s my hesitancy about this. Now this is before Zorra told me it is part of the BIG PLAN. So I said well, because I was reading up also and doing my own investigation about it and of course, one of the KEY things is a lot of people want to stay on the straight and narrow and say they don’t suggest that you do this, just wait hold-off until there is a perfect announcement that this is all O.K. and it’s all official. And Zorra said, don’t go ahead and do it, get more people to do it. [Jane laughs] So I said really ? So I went out and paid a small utility bill which Sharen had said on the video and said O.K. I’m going to go ahead and do that and I’m going to pay off some small water bill. Then I said O.K. that went through. Then I started to pay off something larger, so I went and paid off a bill and that went through. Both of them have gone through and it has been about a week already. So I have a feeling that I should not get anything back, how long do we have to wait for that Sharen to go through and not declined?

SHAREN: Well I think that 7 to 10 days like every other kind of cheque. And I haven’t had anything declined of either. 

JANE: O.K. so maybe you can tell us your experience with this too ?

SHAREN: O.K. I want to say that I completely AGREE with ZORRA, we have to keep going even if we are the front runners and we get knocked down a few times, just get back-up and do it again, and do it again. and again. Because the MORE people that do this the BETTER. WE are going to run over this like a river. And we are going to make it happen, and like he said, NO BODY can STOP US ! I just wanted everyone to know about the rocks in the road so you don’t let it stumble you. So you don’t get so depressed about it or sad every time it doesn’t work. Just be prepared for that because your a front runner. Your from the first people.

JANE: SHAREN what about the LEGAL ramifications though ?

SHAREN: I haven’t seen any, they haven’t been able to connect any illegalness to this account at all. They’re threatening, but this account hasn’t caused any illegal problems at all. We haven’t heard any stories that this account caused any illegal problems whatsoever. It’s mostly the people that don’t understand it and they ONES that are trying to STOP US. I think a lot of that is TROLLS. I also think that the ones that have been reversals that we heard about is not true. I also think the stories about a man getting beat-up when he picked-up a car, is not true, I just think that it’s still FEAR PORN that is put out there to try to discourage us. And I know there’s some people that have been reversed and …., but um..,

ZORRA, Understand beloved Master, SHAREN, there has, there was a case where one was a  …, attempted to purchase a house and some ruffians came and gave him a hard time. BUT, that was a very rare occasion, rare indeed. But they got them on a unrelated charge, unrelated and it was not even connected. UNRELATED. They could not get them for what they have done to buy a house it so they had to get them on a lesser charge. 

JANE: Zorra, so they were Lawyers, or what, that went against this GUY ?

ZORRA: No, the authorities. But the problem was..,  and there was a couple of plain clothes people there that were the ones the perpetrators trying to get it stopped. And of course there was no precedence for it. 

JANE: So what happened to him ?

ZORRA: They were released.


SHAREN: So I haven’t had one that was real. Because I know how the TROLLS work. I always felt that I had a huge inheritance. And she tells us more …,

So far I only got to around 45 minutes so you will have to listen to the rest.

ZORRA gives out routing numbers to access your accounts according to different states etc. at around 50 minutes.

SHAREN said you can only use this for your OWN debt, not someone else.

No idea yet what to do for Canada as I haven’t listened to all of it yet. “GOOD-LUCK everyone in USA with this! They are looking into how to transfer your money into your own account and making their own credit cards to use.


O.K. so now I am adding some notes from inteldinarchronicles for you.

Entry Submitted Anonymously at 6:01 PM EDT on July 22, 2017


Zorra from Hollow Earth Call on 07/22/2017
(reference: http://inteldinarchronicles.blogspot.com/2017/07/zorra-call-today-at-12-pm-edt-7-22-17.html)

Call Replay

Topic: TreasuryDirect Accounts (TDAs), Important Quotes from the Call:

00:11:53 (Zorra) “This is the beginning of your blessing, to come forth, it is also what is termed, it is the (ah) also part of what is called part the NESARA and part of what is called the St. Germain Trust, distribution of funds…and it is beginning with you! Remember when I told you, in the past, that everyone would be receiving a portion of this blessing; I never said what the blessing was, in essenece, but now that this has been brought forth, then now I can bring this forth and let you understand. So I’m confirm what was said before…but, using your Routing number and using your social security number, you can pay off your debts.

00:36:30 (Zorra) “Indeed. Understand that your explanation (Sharon’s TDA overview) you are giving is correct, but also understand this…they (Cabal) are not going to stop it (TDA), it is gaining momentum and my advise to all of you is to be in harmony and joy…and just do, and the more your do, the more you access these accounts, the more you do it, … it is going to be unstoppable.” “They (Cabal) cannot stop 7-billion people.” “This is a trial for you, to see how determined you are.”

00:38:12 (Jane) “So from your understanding when we talk about the (ah) TreasuryDirect Accounts, now what you are actually validating is that this is actually part of the NESARA and St. Germain Trust that is unfolding for us, correct?”
(Zorra) replied “It is indeed.”

00:38:46 (Jane) “So you want us all to do this?”
(Zorra) replied “I want everyone to do this!

US Government FS form 5446 (updated February 2017)

TreasuryDirect Account Name: (your full name as on SS card, in ALL CAPS)
TreasuryDirect Account Number: your SSN + add “22” (from checking account/for paying bills); or + “32” (for wires)

00:55:50 (Zorra) offered Routing Numbers, derived from your US social security card Letter District:

• A Boston (1st District) 0110-0001-5
(Zorra actually stated this routing number incorrectly as 0110005 and 01100005, twice on the call)
• B New York (2nd District) 0210-0120-8
• C Philadelphia (3rd District) 0310-0004-0
• D Cleveland (4th District) 0410-0001-4
• E Richmond (5th District) 0510-0003-3
• F Atlanta (6th District) 0610-0014-6
• G Chicago (7th District) 0710-0030-1
• H St. Louis (8th District) 0810-0004-5
• I Minneapolis (9th District) 0910-0008-0
• J Kansas City (10th District) 1010-0004-8
• K Dallas (11th District) 1110-0003-8
• L San Francisco (12th District) 1210-0037-4

01:06:20 (Zorra) “you can become totally debt free from this (TDA) process.”

01:16:45 (583 caller – Alexandra) “…you cannot use your social (SSN) to pay someone else’s debt,” (confirmed by Sharon) “you can only pay your own debts.”

01:18:08 (Zorra) “Understand this. You do not want to go out and go crazy, and you do not want to, do what is termed, to try and purchase something, such as a house, or a car, or things...it is about paying off your debts…

I have located the “LUV” (actually i-uv) website reference, commented on by Sharon during the call:




Ascension Blessings IDC!

“Zorra * Zaraya * Jane” “Surprise Call today part 1 ” july 21, 2017


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