“Overcoming Cabal Entrapment of Free Will” by Fireswan – 7.29.17

“Overcoming Cabal Entrapment of Free Will” by Fireswan – 7.29.17

Entry Submitted by Fireswan at 2:02 AM EDT on July 29, 2017

I have posted several times about my ongoing process of overcoming the subtle reptilian/cabal entrapment codes that were/are residing within my DNA.

After finding out about physically-identifiable cabal markers in/as my body (such as man’s hands and feet on a woman’s body), I got a DNA test to see if there are/were other known indicators of reptilian codes. I was lucky not to get the genetic mutation that Angelina got which apparently causes breast cancer, but I did get a very rare NF1 gene mutation. Another glitch that is apparently an indication of royal (cabal) DNA.

So, now that I have two confirmations that my suspicions are indeed true that I can use my own body and bones to “know things” by tuning into the DNA codes that I share with the OPTB, what am I getting from my bones about how to bring in the RV and accelerate our ascension?

What I’m noticing is that we are as souls given the opportunity to embrace “light codes” that our DNA doesn’t have programs to entrap. I’m guessing that these are coming from the galactics and the Central Sun, Sun, etc. in the sun and star light. As we embrace/accept/honor these impulses, it causes the reptilian DNA entrapment programs to kick in to try to invalidate/devalue the light codes. To “turn our head” so to speak and either ignore the new impulses, or to give the DNA “time” to reinterpret them.

When I am successful to “hold fast” to honoring the codes and impulses while they are in the process of being accepted/sorted out/interpreted by my bones, and gently affirming that I will not accept or allow any interpretation (thoughts/feelings) to emerge within me that isn’t loving and kind, I feel intense pressure/heat/burning to “give in”. It gets very uncomfortable, sometimes causing a lot of bone-level pain, but as I keep my intention intact, its the reptilian thoughtforms that eventually “gives in”. In those moments, I feel a deep surrender, and I use that surrender as a beacon to catalyze the matching surrender in/as all reptilian DNA throughout the planet and beyond.

This has been an excruciating process involving a lot of discipline.

One of the best practices that I came up with to accelerate my surrender to the codes (resulting less pain when “blasted”) has been to listen to Yosef. On the RTC, I would listen with my bones to observe when a thought activated cabal codes or those of what I’d call Christ consciousness. As I would listen to Yosef “handle” callers and partipants who were coming from the cabal codes/perspectives/programming, I guess you’d call them agitators or trolls. As I listened to Yosef remain still and centered and process the energy, I felt tremendous support because he would resonantly entrain my body to embrace the Christ perspective and activate/awaken the supportive DNA. I would sit and meditate and let his words wash through me as he brought through the Christ perspective, burning away the cabal codes in the sacred fire.

I know, trippy. But, truthfully, that’s how I could relieve myself of daily pain by practicing proactively how to process through Christ consciousness impulses.

Now, what is very cool is that on the Human Angel calls, I can just soak up the Christ impulses through Yosef’s words and the words of the callers. This is a tremendous accelerator.

Also, I feel that the DNA “war” reached a tipping point on my birthday (July 26th), where it felt like cabal DNA plantet-wide finally surrendered. I can feel micro-gasps, together with sighs of relief. I’m getting that the DNA-level anchor points in humanity finally “let go” and I felt it as these agendas having less of a “hold on us”. For me it likely was the combination of the Galactic new year, birthday, new codes all combined to create a gentle-but-powerful alignment where “all resistance to Christ is futile”. In fact, there were almost-missed moments that day where it felt that from my bones I was finally able to sing my heart song, and I silently did so from a place of the most intimate silence/stillness. In metaphysical circles I could have experienced a “light signature” release from the core of my being. After that moment, I felt deeply that the struggle is finally over. I (we) reached the “tipping point”. From now on, cabal encoding will continue to disappear from my body. Another way to look at this moment… It’s as if I’m shedding a skin from the inside out (or from the depths to surface). We (I) now have a quick and effective way to conquer our inner demons.

I proved this to myself today when I got my driver’s license renewed. They asked me to press my finger on an finger print camera plate to take a digital picture of my finger print. This didn’t work very well. My finger just looks white where I pressed it against the plate with radiant light coming off of it. The clerk had to get an override from the manager. This glitch in the system apparently isn’t uncommon. It seemed like they were used to this, perhaps with the millennials. The clerk didn’t say anything directly, but she acted surprised for this to happen with an older person. Also, another confirmation that “something happened” on a genetic level this week. I look much younger/lighter in my driver’s license picture that I took today than I did 5 years ago. More skin looks more radiant and translucent.

Therefore, I’ve come up with the following steps for anyone overcoming an ancestorial encoding of fear/pain/suffering/despair/sorrow/shame/guilt.

1. In a random moment of feeling good, happy, satisfied, be still (stop) and establish an inner quiet to embrace/honor the moment. Listen. Adopt a “be still and know I am Christ/God/Source” stance in response to “taking the impulse seriously.”

2. While pausing and turning inward, dismiss thoughts/feelings. Most of them will be “jumpy”. These feel hot and reactive and tumultous, like jumping out of one’s skin. Agitated. As the “stirring up” happens, choose with free will to respond by “doing the opposite”. Use the jumpiness to go deeper, become more still and listening. Focus like all of us have learned to do to have an enjoyable conversation with a loved one in a noisy restraunt.

3. Keep listening until there is a “note” or “song” or “resonance” arising that feels like it is answering the “clarion call” from the silence. This feels like it arises out of “nowhere”.

4. Keep “holding space” for this impulse to emerge into more surface layers of awareness, watching the impulse “take shape” as its being decoded (unpacked) into code or vibrations.

5. Allow heart-felt feelings to arise in response to embracing these code activation. Usually it feels like a quiet child-like inner radiance/joy with an element of surpise and delight. Imagine the feelings you had as a child watching light dance as it reflects off a rain drop.

6. Allow the sensation of meaning to arise, which gives rise to purpose.

7. Allow motivation to express the impulse to love in a new way arise.

8. Let go. “Come up to the surface” of your life and continue on with your day. Intend that you’ll “find out what that was about” in some random moment of “aha”. A dream will occur, or trust that an “aha” will happen, an insight, or attracting a teacher to happen in your path to awaken the moment and give words to it. Don’t try to force yourself to “know what that was about” right away. Just let it go and move on to the next moment in the day. The words will emerge later (like in the shower)… in a “aha” moment that may not seem to be connected to the event.

I am seeing that this is the process by which we will overcome any tendency to be accepting or allowing of the “cabal agenda”. This is how we reprogram our cabal genetics from the inside out. Perhaps it is less extreme for those who didn’t grow up in an elite family with cabal ancestors (and become the outcast, punished scapegoat) with all of the resulting trauma and drama physically experienced. But, I’m guessing that the process would work for anyone who’s confronted with subtle moment-by-moment opportunities to overcome reptilian agendas from the inside–>out.


PS: I’m guessing that as more of us hold our own as described, the anchor points that were used by the reptilians for humanity to accept and allow the cabal agenda on the planet are being removed. Without the anchor points, the agenda cannot continue. As those of us with a lot of reptilian DNA exercise our free will choice to choose Christ, we will overtake all resistance/opposition introduced by the cabal. Remember that the Christ perspective is deeper, and as the rising tide raises all boats, that which is floating on top of the river of consciousness cannot remain and will “wash away” in the flood of mercy if the anchor points to pain and suffering are released.

PPS: Listen to Yosef/Showme Clarion Call in a meditative state. Watch what “comes up for you” and allow Yosef and callers to activate Christ codes within your DNA. From my experience, this call is the best most effective practice that I’ve found to gain and practice inner stability that I’ve encountered. And now that the format of the call has changed, we have a higher concentration of the “good stuff” in the call (without the Intel and other topics that cause distraction). If you still want to practice discernment (and reptilian introduced trigger removal), go to the RTC archives and do the steps that I outlined above as you watch what arises from within during the call.


“Re: Fireswan/Reptilian DNA” by TM – 7.29.17

Entry Submitted by TM at 10:50 AM EDT on July 29, 2017

“Overcoming Cabal Entrapment of Free Will” by Fireswan – 7.29.17

Dearest FireSwan:
First and foremost , thank you for sharing such personal information about yourself.
I encourage everyone who listens in to these posts in IDC to do their research on what was this planet’s history.

This is why I encourage our listeners not to take too much ” belief systems ” to heart…
If your/ our beliefs have been based on millennium of lies.
How to ” know” truths will require you to ” ” read between the lines”.
Believe me it will become a cascade of WTF moments.

And Yet the truth is ” hidden in plain sight”
We all share Alien DNA. These Anunnaki were part of the Luciferian ” Experiment”
That occured… I believe approximately
400,000 years ago.
This ” Infestation” required a quarantine of this part of the Universe for all this time.
Please inform yourselves.

Funny that I at 59 yrs of age not caring for computers have been mining you tube for ” Real News” . Not the Reptilian/ Cabal/ propaganda that has been Sold to us. Especially in America.

The Process has been long and hard for us. I do so believe Richard when he spoke of these Evil Ones destroying the planets rather than give it up.
I do believe that our Planet is surrounded by benevolent races of beings who are here not to allow this destruction to occur again.

Believe me, I TOO am at the end of my rope. Don’t allow anger to affect you.
Allow LOVE to heal you.
I know. It hurts
Blessings to All



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