Steve Beckow: A Quick Gloss on the Reval 8/05/2017

Steve Beckow: A Quick Gloss on the Reval

A reader asks: “Would you mind explaining the Reval?”

I can write a quick article on the subject.

Just off the top of my head, with a few germane quotes, if you’ll permit me:

The Global Currency Reset involves the Revaluation of a small number of currencies (primarily Zimbabwean Dollars, Vietnamese Dong, Iraqi Dinar, Indonesian Rupiah, etc.).

There are more aspects to it, but this is the one that lightworkers are primarily focused on.

It’s an element of the overall abundance program that the Company of Heaven (celestials, galactics, ascended masters, ground crew, white knights, etc.) have planned, to move us from where we are now, to readiness for the total revamping of the economy, governance, military, etc., under NESARA, to raise our spirits prior to Ascension, and to enable us to build Nova Earth.

NESARA (1) stands for the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, an act of the American Congress with global implications (leading to the coining of the further term GESARA). It mandates new governmental forms, economic, military, and so on, consistent with a world that works for everyone.

Restricting myself to the Reval, Archangel Michael tells us that the Company of Heaven has been encouraging lightworkers to purchase currency and use the proceeds to help humanity. He says:

“There are some of you that have heard our whisper to go and buy dinar or dong, etc. … We are always planting these ideas.” (2)

Why is the Company of Heaven using abundance as a tool at a time of gradual Ascension? Michael explains:

“Let us suggest to you why we are using, and why you are using, money, financial abundance. And we have observed this when I have said to you, there is a resurgence of hope, and hope is a necessary ingredient of this shift, of creation. If you do not hope, if you do not trust, if you are not in the love, then there is nothing to draw upon. …

“Make your plans of what you are going to create and do, because this is where lightworkers are being given the opportunity to demonstrate, in physicality, what creation of Nova Earth looks like. I cannot be more clear than that.” (3)

Not only will the Reval give hope to many, but it will end the cabal’s reign of power and create the foundation for NESARA, which I personally expect to happen in fairly short order after the Reval.

Other elements of the abundance program include the redemption of historic bonds/assets, (4) the distribution of the prosperity packages, (5) and the use of the Treasury Direct Accounts. (6)

The Company of Heaven is watching how lightworkers perform with the money given to them. Archangel Michael once called it “our allowance” and joked:

There will be several waves of abundance. So we give you the allowance and we see how you do.” (7)

Are we protected? Michael tells us:

Archangel Michael: Now I have repeatedly said to thee, not to worry about your own physical – or emotional for that matter – safety. You are grandly protected and, yes, I do take credit!

But there are many others who also accompany you and of course your cadre, your circle and we do not simply mean your immediate circle. We mean this in a very broad circle of light workers and love holders. (8)

But he also made the exception that lightworkers who are in greed or service-to-self rather than service-to-others and simply use the funds to buy yachts and airplanes for self-glorification, shall I say, step outside that circle of protection and may find they lose their money. (9)

This therefore is just a quick gloss on the Reval. Much more information can be found here: “On Financial Wayshowing and the Reval” at

Remember: No one here at the Golden Age of Gaia has the expertise to advise you on your financial decisions. I’ll be writing on the philosophy of the financial aspects of building Nova Earth but not on financial matters writ small.

No, I won’t be going off to some paradise island. I’ll continue my work, dealing only with six people and reserving the majority of my time, as now, for writing. Michael just said to me in my reading on Aug. 2 that the reason I’m well-suited to handling large sums of money is that I have every little use for it (i.e., few desires).

I imagine that’s true for a lot of lightworkers.


(1) For full details, see “NESARA” at; “Judy Byington: History of NESARA,” at; and “What is NESARA?” at

NESARA is not to be confused with the National Economic Security and Recovery Act, which seems to be a cabal attempt to discredit NESARA. For the disinformational version, see “NESARA” at

See also “The History of the Abundance Program” at

(2) “Archangel Michael: A Global Reset of Values, Part 1/2, ” channeled by Linda Dillon, September 16, 2013, at I wouldn’t bother purchasing Dinar, which have a relatively low worth per dollar. Dong has a higher worth. Zimbabwean Dollars have the highest worth (and can be purchased from eBay or Amazon) but are more expensive to buy than the others.

(3) “Archangel Michael: It is Time to Awaken Fully Now – Part 2/2,” June 11, 2013, at

(4) Once called “trading platforms” by the Illuminati, the historical assets are bonds given by governments to cover debts or raise money. They were traded with each trade bringing the owner a certain return, the entirety to be eventually, it was hoped, redeemed by the public, who would thereby pay the cost of all the money drained off by the Illuminati from successive trades.

The historic bonds/assets will now be redeemed by other sources of abundance (St. Germaine’s World Trust, gold brought by the galactics to Earth, sequestered Illuminati funds, and other sources).

(5) See “The Prosperity Packages” at

(6) Michael does not recommend that we use the TDA accounts yet. He told me in a reading on Aug. 2, 2017: “The system is not truly functional and in place as yet.” Many of the obstacles being met are not because of the cabal but because of clerks who don’t fully understand the situation:

“They are clerks who do not know the story behind the story. They do not know the truth of the situation. So many of these refusals, shall we say, are not necessarily maligned or malicious.” (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 2, 2017.)

(7) Archangel Michael in a personal reading, ibid., March 10, 2017.

(8) Archangel Michael in a personal reading, ibid., June 9, 2017.

(9) Archangel Michael: There are some engaged in this, what you think of as a currency exchange, that truly do not come, can we say, from the fullness of the Mother’s purity and desire and most certainly St. Germain’s desire for this transaction.

What we mean, and we have discussed this with you before, [is that] some light workers, and certainly [many in] the external community, the broader community are still coming from a place of selfishness, greed, and self-interest.

Now we do not say this in a way of condemnation or fault or anything. But there is a pattern. Let us just talk a minute about this.

Where there is selfishness and greed, and you see it every day in your various societies, there is [often] a tendency either to extravagance and flamboyance…

Steve: … Yes, ostentation. …

AAM: … Yes, ostentation …. Or hoarding. And hoarding is simply on the other end of that spectrum. It is still the demonstration of, “Look what I’ve got.”

Steve: Service to self…

AAM: Now are we going out of our way to provide overlighting and protection to those who are neither asking or requesting or even truly accepting our protection? The answer is no.

Now it does not mean that those people’s guardian angels and guides do not watch over them. Of course they do and they are being infused, as you well know, by all the various frequencies so there is always a chance for a last-minute revelation.

Your question is: Is the Lightworker community protected? If they [are], again, very low-key, not ostentatious in the slightest way and not flamboyant not because of nondisclosure agreements or any of that which are in place and very likely will be in place for everybody …

Steve: Everybody! Wow! Really? (Sigh)

AAM: … but it is the self-regulation of believing and practising and doing an internal nondisclosure as well. You do not want to announce to the world, as some would, that you have such affluence and you intend to shift the world. (Loc. cit.)

As easily (and this is not a threat – we do not operate on threats) but as easily as blessings are given, they can be taken away. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading, ibid., July 22, 2016.)


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