The Oracle Report for Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

The Oracle Report for Wednesday, August 30th, 2017

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First Quarter Moon Phase:  step out of comfort zone, take action

Moon in Sagittarius – moves to Capricorn overnight 4:19 am ET/7:19 am UT

Sun: 08 Virgo – “a girl takes her first dancing instruction”

True Alignments:  in the flow, letting the Higher Self lead, seeking more information, conditioning, creative expression, release of emotions

Catalysts for Change:  self-doubt, defeating oneself before one begins, continually having to start over, not grasping lessons, control issues, perfectionism, unrealistic expectations or unfair standards

Earth: 08 Pisces – “a girl blowing a bugle”

True Alignments:  awakening, seeing the signs, the outbreath of Spirit, music (how about some jazz?), the inner child, being alerted to something

Catalysts for Change:  noisy, difficulty concentrating, dissonant, being too sharp or critical with self or others, projecting anger or blowing up

There are two common denominators between the locations of the Sun and Earth today: PRACTICE and THE FEMININE.

In each symbol, girls are involved in performances.  One is at the beginning of her talent and one has progressed enough to be able to do it.

(Remember that the symbols were received at random by Elsie Wheeler in 1925, so she did not know that these opposite degrees in the sky were both about girls or practicing something.)

At heart, these symbols tell us to recognize that it is time for a new beginning and that new beginnings take effort to succeed.

They also tell us about structure and discipline.  Anyone can dance.  No instruction is needed.  But skill is acquired through instruction, and the best instruction comes from a framework or structure (something thought out).  Anyone can pick up an instrument (device, program, etc.) and make sounds.  But by going back to it and continuing to learn about it, one can master it. 

Structure and discipline.

This is the PRACTICE portion of today.

Where it gets tricky today is the Moon making conjunction with Saturn and the Black Moon.  Saturn and the Black Moon remain close, in tight conjunction.  The tendency with this is to be very hard on ourselves, which is either motivating or debilitating.

Unconscious fears are triggered when the Black Moon is activated.  Saturn is a tough task-master that demands responsibility and order.  The Black Moon wants to rebirth and Saturn wants to constrict.  Conflicts occur.  Oftentimes people become angry.  Negative mind loops (particularly about perceived failures or perceived weaknesses) can roll around in our heads.  If you encounter these sorts of things (with yourself or others), remember the wisdom of today’s symbols: it is time for a new beginning (thus an end to archontically-inserted negativity and self-perception) and new beginnings take effort to succeed (don’t give up).

The Black Moon represents the dark feminine – the place of the creative void.  The Black Moon is in the process of conjunction with the Galactic Center – the place of the spiritual void.  Limitlessness exists in these spaces.  Untapped wells of energy and creativity are available. 

One only need be receptive.

This is THE FEMININE portion of today.

Putting the Divine Feminine into practice is the aim of Archers of Consciousness as the Moon completes transit of Sagittarius today.  Where will it lead?


9:19 am ET/1:19 pm UT – Moon trine Eris Point

10:32 am ET/2:19 pm UT – Moon conjunct Saturn

12:23 pm ET/4:23 pm UT – Moon conjunct Black Moon

Saturday, September 2: Mars and Mercury (retrograde) will make conjunction at the degree of the Total Solar Eclipse

Tuesday, September 5 at 7:30 am ET/11:30 am UT: Mercury stations direct

Data on Harvey from a video found by wise owls and sent in:

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