Heavenletter #6125 Mark Your Days in Joy, September 1, 2017

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Heavenletter #6125 Mark Your Days in Joy, September 1, 2017

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Heavenletter #6125 Mark Your Days in Joy, September 1, 2017

God said:

You don’t have to produce work seven days a week. You can be exonerated from delivering orders every day of the week.

Of course, enjoy every day of the week whatever you do. Go ahead and whistle while you work.

Alas, for some, there may be no day of the week that is joy. Something took away the Lightness of your Life.

Sometimes, even a day off is not really a day off for you. You may not find any respite for you.

Arrange for some creative time in your Life. It strikes Me that Life is too precious to spend in discontent. On the other hand, you don’t have to demand that Life Be a Piece of Cake.

It is perfectly all right not to be entertained. Every day does not have be to a blast! At the same time, let go and harvest the God-given Life you have. I like this way of thinking: Harvest your Life. Sure, while you are at it, go ahead and find joy in daily Life. It is not My desire that you trudge uphill each day.

Enjoy all your Days on Earth. Certainly, you are not meant to sacrifice them. It’s also possible to work hard in Life AND to enjoy Life to its full measure. Give yourself open Sesame to reap all the joy in the world.

Life is meant to be far greater than just putting up with it or somehow making it through by the skin or your teeth. Get some Joy back into your step. Joy is what you are here for.

Life absolutely does not have to be a trial.

Oh, if only you could stop a moment and simply breathe in Life and acknowledge that Life is Good. Make it a habit that Life is for Happiness. Let Life be free-flow. Have a ball in Life.

If Life must be excruciating, make Life Excruciating Joy!

It’s fine to muster your own Joy. You are capable of adding Joy to your day by the bowlful.

Whoever said that anyone’s Life is to be bereft of Joy? Not I. Never did I have the idea that suffering is a good idea. Suffering is a waste of time. Give yourself wide-open sanction to be Joyful. Sing a Song of Joy. Sing loudly while you’re at it.

Sure, little steps of Joy are fine, yet there are no restrictions on the Immense Joy that can leap in tandem with your Heart over hill and dale. Why not Hopping Joy? Why not Leaping Joy greater than you ever dreamed of? Your Joy is to be given by the eyedropper? No, not the way I see it. Not I. Never. Plant great crops and reap them. Do it now.

Enjoy Life in the Sun. Rise and shine with the Sun. Never be stingy with Joy. I speak of the Joy that arises from within you.

Let your Life on Earth bear Good Fruit.

Three Cheers for Joy! Anticipate Joy. Stumble over Joy. Honor Joy. Follow Joy. Be your own Harbinger of Joy.

When you get into future or long-range prediction of Joy, this is when you may find yourself on the outskirts of Joy. Moment by moment, give yourself the Choice of Joy. Joy is not an add-on. It is a key ingredient to you. You are supposed to roam in the Hills of Joy. Joy is to be with you always. Accept that you are Joy, Mighty Joy, and that you are to be filled with Joy to the Brimful. This is your birthright. This is your entitlement. Give yourself the Go-Ahead. Get ready, get set, go from this Moment to the next. Be established in Joy.

Please Mark your Days in Joy.

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