Retail Bloodbath After Target Announces Price Cuts On “Thousands Of Items” – Sept 09 2017

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Retail Bloodbath After Target Announces Price Cuts On “Thousands Of Items”

Posted By: NaturalWisdom
Date: Saturday, 9-Sep-2017 16:19:59


Let’s peer into our crystal ball of future forecasts … in 5 years, Amazon (Bezos) will own most of the bankrupted retail chains like Target in addition to major media outlets like the Washington Post; after acquiring competitors like Twitter and LinkedIn, Facebook will rule the social media space as a sole monopoly and dictate its censorship policies with an iron fist; and YouTube (with the blessing of its parent, Google) will be the sole provider of digital video content on the web. Sound far-fetched?

Retail Bloodbath After Target Announces Price Cuts On “Thousands Of Items”
Zero Hedge | Sep 8, 2017
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Amazon may have the most razor thin margins in the entire retail world, but that doesn’t mean that its peers can’t catch up as the global race to the deflationary bottom enters its final stage.

Moments ago, that’s precisely what Target did when it announced on its blog that it has taken a “close look” at products most important to its customers to ensure they’re priced right daily, and has cut prices on “thousands of items.” The company also unveiled that it has “eliminated more than two-thirds of our price and offer call-outs so you can more easily spot the savings” and that it is not “ditching promotions.”

In short, Target just pre-pre-announced that it will shortly be guiding both margins and earnings much lower. The only question is whether Amazon will allow it to expand revenues by enough to offset the bottom line drop. Judging by the market REACTION, the answer is no…

… and not only at Target, but the entire retail sector has been similarly crushed as Amazon takes another multi-billion chunk in market cap from its competition.


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