“All is Well” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – September 10, 2017

“All is Well” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Sunday – September 10, 2017

Summer ended in the air crisp colder tonight. Still no RV. Hard to believe everything is working out exactly as planned, but it is. Th…

Summer ended in the air crisp colder tonight. Still no RV.

Hard to believe everything is working out exactly as planned, but it is.

The hurricane band that was artificially begun off the western coast of Africa and weaponized in the Atlantic was the last series of cabal pebbles thrown at the Elder tank.

Harvey didn’t reach the zeeoubkic vaults, instead it flooded the oil, gas and chemical empire of the Bush Empire in Texas.

Katia slid south and harmlessly made landfall in Mexico as a mere tropical storm.

Irma’s eye wall missed hitting the entire peninsula of Florida and will go down as the false alarm of the century.

And Jose will drift off course into the Atlantic Ocean, never be heard from again.

Four planned category 3-5 hurricanes in less than two weeks, an impressive feat to be sure, yet it changed absolutely nothing about the future.

All is well. Still. Despite their best efforts to convince us otherwise.


Meanwhile, front screen redemption rates were elevated across the board just to send the cabal hold overs into a frenzy. The Zim was at 3.22 tonight. Seems like the more agony they inflict upon humanity, the more blessed we become. Aware or not, the unconditional love being bestowed upon our world right now is beyond indescribable and without question inconceivable.

Literally nothing concerning these Hurricanes has altered the immanent political collapse of Trump which is coming. Structurally nothing has changed not one smidgeon. Trump’s resignation has long been turned in. Netanyahu too. Both are confirmed exiled leaders of a forgotten era. As Ryan and Sasse literally wait out the orange storm currently hovering over Washington.

It’s remarkable to watch everything unfold knowing the end of the movie. We win. They lose. We heroically retake the earth with infinite resources. They disappear forever like the heartless cowards they really are. The earth returns to its proper order and natural balance. While the universe welcomes mankind back as a cosmic family of good standing and sovereign species.

All is well brothers and sisters. Because all is well. Be at peace. Sobeit.

God is with us

Source: Human Angel Services


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