“Reptilian Rat Bastards Over and Out” – Cowboy Down Under – 9.12.17

“Reptilian Rat Bastards Over and Out” – Cowboy Down Under – 9.12.17

Entry Submitted by Cowboy Down Under at 1:01 AM EDT on September 12, 2017

It’s become really clear to me that though many are resisting it we as a planet have moved from the 3d world into the 5d world and will soon move beyond that. Hurricane Irma did not magically get turned so that it’s full force was not felt as predicted, no that was done by us. For every idea the old Reptilian Rat Bastard Cabal has on how to break us apart, we come up with another idea of how to hold together, like group meditations for turning and weakening the hurricane. All the recent pump fakes that we will not RV until hell freezes over or tonight whichever comes first have now turned into a humor campaign with everybody in 5d laughing at how stupid it all is. The cabal attempt at GCR/RV Humor is not funny anymore, never was. The Psyops team posting the GCR/RV intel/humor along with the supporting articles that the world is one big mess are intending to make you think there are thousands of supporters to their stupidity, sorry there are not. They only bring to light how few actually believe any of it anymore. We were sheeple, we were asleep, we were debt slavery lab rats however now because we are awake we are untouchable by all of that. I had a dream in which I saw this last faction of cabal pump fakers trying to separate the sheeple from the awakened ones by become more and more absurd in their postings because only a sheeple would follow what’s being said and not only support it but defend it. In the dream I saw exactly what the cabal wanted to do, because the sheeple that were still on the earth and believing their crap were not human after all. They were a part human, part reptilian bred race and the cabal wanted to lead them into one big pen so they could make sure they would not get out or end up mixing in with us awakened ones. Then God showed up in my dream and told me “no, they are collecting them there because they are going to transport them off the earth together in hopes of saving thier Reptilian Rat Bastard asses so they could live to fight again” but God laughed and said “they have no idea what’s really going on because they’re the ones who are all asleep.” She said “they will be rehabilitated and repurposed.” I woke up laughing and thought how funny and strange has this whole trip been. You could not write this story into a sci fi movie because no one would buy it.

Keep the faith family we are all OK, because together, awake and aware we will soon be reshaping the world into a place our grandchildren will be proud of. I Love you all and am happy to serve on this good ship lollypop with YOU! Up Up and Away!

Cowboy in love with it all

If the Cabal only had a brain and a heart, over and out!

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