The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 9-12-17

The Big Call w/ Bruce Intel Notes by PinkRoses 9-12-17

Thank you PinkRoses for continually transcribing Bruce’s Call. ~ Dinar Chronicles



Bruce: Welcome Everybody to the Big Call tonight who is out there in Big Call Universe. I appreciate everybody’s faithfulness in coming in and listening every Tuesday and Thursday night. Due to Irma there was damage in Florida, Islands, Georgia, and South Carolina. It was a big storm and a lot of rain. I am happy for the fact we are going to be okay even though it will take a lot of restoration and building. I am saddened by what has happened in Barbuda being wiped off the face of the earth as same thing with St. Martin. St. Martin lost 75% of the homes. Only homes that made it were the concrete structure homes. I don’t know about the flooding. That is why when we are able to go back and help with rebuilding there and other places we have the ability to come and help them. I hope Barbuda is open to let us help them. We can rebuild it, re-do it completely because we will have the money to do it.

Bruce: Rebuild America is we want to do first starting with Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, and South Carolina. What I really think is we are there to help. We will have the funding to be able to do it. There will be a shortage of tradesmen and workers to help us do the rebuilding. I hope we can bring people from the north where they might need a job, better work. We will see a shift as Texas, Louisiana, and Florida needs rebuilding much less the Caribbean. We will need help from other parts of the country from places that were not affected.

Bruce: Where are we Intel wise? Let’s start with Iraq. Iraq is basically done. With that I mean they published everything in the Gazette except the new rate. They were settling on a new rate yesterday. We had a CBI rate being worked between so many dollars above it for a CBI rate. That I believe should be just about settled in to where it could be published in tomorrow’s Gazette. That is what I am hearing from my sources in Iraq. They are wrapping things up with a nice tiny little bow and see that rate in tomorrow’s Gazette. They already started the digital version of the Gazette, and bring it out 7:30 am Iraqi time or12:30am EST tonight.

Bruce: That is an interesting time to me. Based on what is happening in Iraq and based on who is coming from Iraq to meet with our President. We have representatives from Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Great Britain, and China tomorrow. Some are there now and some are on the way to meet with the President tomorrow.

Bruce: I got to believe there is a reason behind it. I don’t know what will come out of the meeting or what to expect. I think it is a good sign. The delegation from Iraq is expected to speak at the UN on Thursday when our President will be down in Florida. There is something defiantly going on with that. Based on what I heard earlier Iraq is really ready to put their rate international and have it in the Gazette. If that happens, we are just about where we need to be.

Bruce: I know that the Redemption Centers are coming back online in Florida. Miami is going to come up by Thursday morning. Other ones are on their way coning back up. A lot of the cities like the airports reopened back up today down in Florida. We had Miami open up at 9:15 am this morning. Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, reopened. They are coming back and making a nice resurgence. Same thing can be said for the banks and the Redemption Centers. We know where they were ferried to and I believe they were on their way back today and tonight. We will get a better tally on the Redemption Centers, but I think for right now the plan is to go ahead. If certain Redemption Centers in Florida are not quite ready, they will catch up in a day or so. They will catch up. I think we are moving forward in terms of our Redemption Centers. .

Bruce: In terms of the rates, they have been trading the ZIM heavily last night overnight internationally, not in this country, Traded it very high. So high our hedge fund guys here and our traders here were not real happy because they didn’t take part in that trade. The rates were high, then came down a little bit, and then up again very high. Very higher than we have been for the ZIM as a screen rate. I think everybody is going to be pleased with that if they are part of the Internet Group and if they use the Redemption Centers, the 800 numbers, because there will be a difference. That is important to know. Your highest and privately negotiable rates are at the Redemption Centers. 7430 plus in North America. Just a heads up.

Bruce: I will say one thing. Out west it is quiet, very quiet, and quiet for a reason. Could it be NDAs are in place, and gag orders are in place? It is quiet.

Bruce: We heard that, UN Operational. Rates suppose to show on the 13th, tomorrow. Supposed to be posted and taken effect date on the 15th which is Friday. I don’t know if those will show tonight aftermidnight or sometime tomorrow, but we understand the Operational rates are due for a change. This is our currency rates, I believe 38 currencies were actively trading today mostly went up. There are currencies getting ready to come out that are moving and a lot of them are moving up. We got our 5 or 6 currencies that we have that we are aware of, but the entire 209 countries are affected by this with either their rates coming up or down or staying about the same. In that sense it is a total global reset we call GCR for many years. It is a global reset. Don’t look for a 2nd, 3rd, or 4th basket. That was a theory back when, but they decided to do it all at once. Doesn’t mean the rates won’t continue to change on Forex. They will, but for right now we will have whatever the rates show up as they are. I would think the UN rates will be indicator of that.

Bruce: Beyond that remember the groups of the so call private exchanges? We had 6 or 7 groupings of those that needed to be paid last week. They were all paid out. Now we are at the point that Tier 4 is either to start or about to start and we are in the Tier 4 with the Internet Group. Fines and Penalties, Prosperity Packages, and so on? We have heard so many times they have been funded, started, all this stuff. I think what is really happening for the most part is that those that I just mention will have liquidity about the same time we get started with our notifications. I think it will be a true shot gun start with that perspective. I think that is the case.

Bruce: The USN has been active for us for about ten days now. That is a positive thing for us, of course. Guys I don’t know if there is a lot of Intel other than we are waiting to be notified. Could something go after midnight? It could, I am not going to call it, but based on what is happening in Iraq, by then we could be in the sweet spot in the next 24 to 36 hours. That is really powerful indicator where we are. I think everybody is in a great place to hang in there a little bit longer with patience, and hope we have it before our Thursday call. I feel good where we are, where the rates are, and where the goals are to get to that point.

Bruce: What we are trying to do with humanitarian projects, stay tune to We have captured 3 URLs and we will be working on that so you can register for our new site and we can stay in touch with calls and with pod casts. We got our URLs that we wanted, and I think we will like our concept where we are going. When we are ready to take your registering, you will have that information on our web site,

Bruce: When I get that 800 number to set appointments for our currency exchanges and redeeming ZIM bonds, we will have that on our website: and a couple of other locations. Be very confident in the rates you will get at the Redemption Centers. Even the screen rates will knock your socks off. If you feel you need to negotiate the rates higher, you can do that on the ZIM, Dinar, Dong and the Rial. I think you guys are ready to go with everything we got right now. I am excited. That is all the Intel we are going to do tonight. Stay tune, stay in faith, and be confident. Get plenty of sleep and be expectant of a really great week. It is only Tuesday. We are in great shape.

Bruce: Thank you everybody for listening tonight and coming in. We appreciate your participation and after your participation after this blessing happens when we get our projects started. We are ready, in season and out of season. Good Night Everybody. Thank you Everybody. Have a good night and a beautiful night sleep. Stay tune to Good Night Everybody.


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