“WWII Gold, the Great Society, Micro-Loans and the Church Bank” by Restive Sage – 9.12.17

“WWII Gold, the Great Society, Micro-Loans and the Church Bank” by Restive Sage – 9.12.17

Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 10:26 PM EDT on September 12, 2017 At the end of WWII, General McArthur accepted the formal surrender o…

“WWII Gold, the Great Society, Micro-Loans and the Church Bank” by Restive Sage – 9.12.17

Entry Submitted by Restive Sage at 10:26 PM EDT on September 12, 2017

At the end of WWII, General McArthur accepted the formal surrender of the leaders of Japan. He learned about that same time of the massive trove of stolen gold, silver, boxed bearer bonds, precious gems, currency and other wealth they had amassed during the war and subsequently hidden. The Japanese conquest of most of China, French IndoChina, Malaysia, British Hong Kong, British Singapore, Portuguese Macao, Thailand, British Burma and Dutch Indonesia represented the seizure of a sizable percentage of the world’s wealth. Because what they took from China was so large, this was probably the largest value hoard ever assembled on the planet via warfare. It was even greater than that amassed by the nearly parallel Nazi looting of Europe (much of Europe’s wealth was removed to London, New York and Toronto in the first year of the war for safekeeping). Ironically, what they actual looted from China, the wealthiest country in the world, probably represented 5% or less of China’s actual gold and other precious metal assets.

Only the Japanese Emperor and a tight cadre of high-ranking officials and trusted leaders knew about the secret places where this wealth was hidden, along with the coded location maps and the coded inventory lists. It was hidden away in secret man-made bunkers, caves and walled-up tunnels all over the Far East, including Japan itself. So confident were the Japanese of victory, that a large part was hidden in the Philippines, previously an American protectorate. This island nation, which we know to be an wide-spread archipelago of hundreds of sizable populated islands and hundreds more of smaller islands, was a good place to hide something. Under severe interrogation, coercion, and high-level negotiating, the Americans were able to recover a large percentage of this hoard amounting to hundred of billions of dollars

U.S. President Harry S. Truman was of course notified. He and his cabinet along with those at the highest circles of power decided to keep this hoard a secret from the American people. It represented an incredible transfer of wealth – East to West. But secret. Off the books.

Through the years following, this treasure was used both as a secret “dark money” account for the CIA and NSA. It further backed large -scale national borrowing from the cabal-controlled Federal Reserve System banking system. How the government money was used has been the subject of much speculation and debate. Some very astute researchers believe that in addition to funding 1000s of deep state Black Ops, it alos funded countless most of the manipulative international interventions seen throughout the Cold War. No need to wait around on Congress for funding, eh?. Part, it is said, was used to accelerate the engineering of costly new weapons and covert war-science programs, including the race to obtain the hydrogen bomb. Part backed the “public version” of NASA via government borrowing. A larger part was used some say for a top secret Space Program. One author, noted for his exhaustive repertoire on the subject, even suggests that the discovery that UFOs were real in 1947-1950 prompted an effort to focus on that particular mode-of-flight technology (reverse-engineering??) as a matter of the utmost national importance, even to the point of helping foster alliances with visitor aliens.

There is little doubt as well that a part of this hoard was used to finance and implement the “Great Society” programs of the late 1950s and especially the 1960s. These programs became infamous over time for “throwing money” at social problems in the U.S. As the country moved further from an agrarian to an industrialized-urban culture, there was governmental impetus for a large-scale humanitarian push to eliminate poverty. The Great Depression had made life hard for 30% of the country in the 1930s and after 25 years the country was still suffering from its aftereffects. While the political ideals and effort directed to the “Great Society” was laudable, most would agree it failed miserably in practice. The ill-conceived social engineering projects set forth were noteworthy for their lack of cogent, effective planning and wasteful budgetary practices. The programs and projects often displayed a rank misunderstanding of human behavior and some projects were seen ultimately as self-defeating. It is realized today that much of this multi-year period of massive governmental expenditures was ineffective and sadly diluted by graft, corruption, wastefulness and poor execution.

We have come to the crucial hydration phase of the steadily unfolding GESARA plan. There is a coercive element to this plan…that is to say: the good guys have cornered the bad guys. How I do not know. There appears to be a hidden hand of intelligent benevolence at play. One thing is certain, GESARA will not work without world peace and an end to neo-colonialism. The cabal, which had a chance to change its modus operandi once upon a time, became instead an ugly blood-sucking parasite that turned half the world into a cesspool and engendered economic debt slavery for 40 percent of the western world and Japan.

Even the staunchest cabal players realized after the 2008 collapse of the fiat money system in the West and Japan that it had long been inevitable. You cannot ride far on a crippled and exhausted horse. But it is clear: something or someone has imposed its overarching will on the cabal. Mass defections have swept their ranks. They are decimated. GESARA is unfolding before our very eyes, masterminded by a new leadership model. Contrary to what some believe, it is in the best interest of all on the planet to keep the industrialized countries of the world stable and wealthy in the post GCR period. And, because this is very wise, this is how it will be handled. You don’t correct suffering by imposing more suffering. What is strong, correct and righteous you make stronger and ally with it; then greater is the centralized initial outpouring of mercy for all, leading us into our impending Golden Age.

With GESARA it is no longer necessary or acceptable for one nation to desire or seek hegemony over another. Oddly enough, GESARA is modeled on the United States of America concept. In the late 1700s the word “state” meant “country”. The federalist cooperative system did break down in the Civil War, but afterwards functioned well for 152 years. It promoted peaceful co-existence. Unfortunately the cabal took over our country and eventually ruined it. GESARA in the same manner can promote and enforce peaceful co-existence. Does the population of Virginia fear the warlike and intransigent populace of N. Carolina? Do the fierce inhabitants of Vermont and New Hampshire think it would be somehow beneficial to invade Massachusetts. No, because there would no gain in it. And, No, the other states would impose an overwhelming and immediate end to it. The evolved American system of trans-state cooperation and meaningless borders points the way to how all countries on the globe can utilize a tried and tested system of enlightened economic federalism. It works because is allows a protracted and successful social and economic interaction of all nations — without warfare. Remember that, without the desire for hegemony, which is the dark impetus for warfare, a post GESARA transformation forces this antiquated and counter-productive line of thought to finally drop away. And, just as for the United States’ current multiple collection of “little countries” where war is simply not on the table, thoughts of warfare globally soon fade and essentially disappear. In a harmonious sharing of the globe, with GESARA in place, the war option eventually leaves the mental constructs of mankind. It offers no gain.

So..what exactly is GESARA. World peace first. Reduced militarism and no more invasive intra-country meddling second. The end of central bank wealth-hoarding mechanisms and the end of fiat money and and the move to a just new banking system third. Hydration with gold-backed currency fourth.

It is the hydration phase that forms the coup de grace to the old cabal system, which is a regressive hold-over from the old feudal system. The hydration is funded by back screen gold held in trust, the monetizing of the in-ground assets of certain mineral rich countries and possibly the capture or mining of asteroids. It should be realized by now that the world’s technological gains will soon be turned to economic common cause, post-GESARA, and not turned to warfare. This one shift alone will free up huge amounts of wealth currently wasted over even a mere decade and trillions over a longer time frame.

The imminent hydration phase will force a change — from a world of scarcity to a world of plenitude and mercy. And it is nigh upon us.

The old system is based on the NEED TO BORROW. This need stems from people, companies and even nations pushing to get what they need, now, where money is hoarded and therefore scarce. In the new system, as people stabilize their lives and gain greater levels of individual wealth, there will be no further need to borrow money. And if there is no need to borrow money, the basis for the cabal’s power is quashed. Their power fades further and further as enhanced wealth conditions proliferate, family by family, over all the world. The core cabal will become a vestige of the feudal past. The vestiges of the cabal that are still useful will be incorporated into a totally new financial system where banking is service based. The end of scarcity is the end of the core cabal. In fact, GESARA is a necessary part of the further evolution of mankind on this planet. It points the way to a deeper spiritual catharsis at an inter-dimensional level. The focus will be on joy and love, not a drudging daily grind just to survive. It is the end of neo-colonialism. It is the end of debt slavery within 5 years time. It propels us into a new age of man. And that is why it must happen.

While big projects and certain large-scale endeavors will still need funding, these can be financed using a small group of ultra-wealthy investors, or, via the classic incorporation model…without the need for an intermediary agent ie the cabal. Extremely large projects can be funded via the national treasury. After the GESARA hydration, there is no functional NEED for a cabal. Should it then exist?

I believe it is very important to understand that merely throwing money at a problem does not always have the intended result. It is incumbent on all of us to be good planners and to further educate ourselves as we move forward. We will experience the joy first of being ABLE to help in almost supra-human ways. An ardent human desire to give and to aid our fellow man is too often thwarted by a life of poverty or low-income just getting by. That horrible feeling will soon end for many light-workers.

We should work hard to understand the full effects of our projects, our philanthropies and our humanitarian undertakings. I believe such “concept hub” initiatives as the “Human Angel” project led by Yosef and “Rebuild America” by Bruce are good examples of how we can interact with one another and streamline our efforts. I am particularly positive about the “Church Bank” concept as conceived by Brother Moishe and Yosef. It is a real-world example of balanced and well-targeted hydration management, especially at the street and small business level, moving forward. I can see that it will be a tremendous blessing in my area of the country, an area rife with ultra-high unemployment rates and social injustice. No doubt the concept will branch out into a myriad of other social arenas as it proliferates all over the world. We already see today how the relatively recent, conventional advent of crowd funding, church funding and micro loans in the Second and Third World have allowed new businesses to emerge and provided humanitarian gains at the local level. This early-stage seed can be expanded and enhanced via the much more comprehensive and exceptionally well-funded “Church Bank” plan as proposed.

My own heart has been warmed by the almost palpable willingness and indeed the earnest desire of most on this site to be worthy and diligent contributors to the hydration phase. We will act to immediately to create better local economic conditions in our own purchases and job creation plans. We obviously relish our plans to play key roles in moving the entire world into its Golden Age. And there are thousands of us. Every time we help someone, we will ask them to refer us another person in need. So, if we are helping 10 per day, we then are helping 20. We understand, I think, the need to move forward with both intellectual prowess and a hearty work-ethic. This will skillfully and joyfully spread a wave of mercy to humanity. While there is a “must-have” early emergency phase of rescue and repair, it must be accompanied by a large scale foundation-building effort that introduces a steady increase in the standard of living for every single country. It must be designed for longevity. We will not impose our system on theirs, but allow their own to prosper.

To begin with, we Americans must identify what is correct, good and righteous about our current system and this should of course be maintained and reinforced. At the same time, needed changes will be addressed and weaker elements of our system will be steadily supplanted by more efficient elements. Since most currency holders are in America, the strong base we establish here will form a reliable hub of mercy that radiates to all the world. Whatever is done here, whatever we think and do, our most sacred mission is to channel a wave of mercy to our brothers and sisters all over the world. I cannot emphasize enough the need to fund projects that will foster not only broad-based economic, social and governmental stability, but also the enlargement of sizable middle classes in the Second and Third World countries. This means the implementation of new jobs, even if a large percentage are initially service jobs that we subsidize. And professional and production jobs as will happen. This implementation represents literally an increase over the next 10-20 years of several billion persons who will transition from dependent consumers at subsistence levels today to earners/producers/property owners who can sustain an improved lifestyle over their remaining lives and which will transition to their families at their death. The ostracizing of these billions has been the enduring sin of the core cabal leadership and, ironically, the true cause of their ignominious collapse.

Adding a human demand base of this size in the Second and Third World will quite naturally lead to even greater wealth in the industrialized part of the world. Corporations serving the greater good will continue to address the higher end needs of the world economy, a role they will eventually share with all countries via the construction of new production facilities. This circulating money interchange of gold-backed currency in a peaceful world environment will form a rising tide that lifts all boats.

Enhancing the quest for middle class expansion in the Second and Third World is the fact that many new technologies and much new infrastructure will be funded over the next decade. These heavy-duty projects will provide millions of new jobs and new job categories throughout the globe. New work-related educational programs and new training facilities, many of them internet based, will be needed. GESARA’s hydration mechanism will foster a rise over time in not only new infrastructure, but also jobs. This Golden Age scenario will virtually eliminate poverty and promote harmonious living for all. No one left behind. Such things are not to be decried as Utopian any longer, not with the technology we now have at our service. Not with GESARA. It is no longer to be deemed ridiculous to think about this new Golden Age in front of us, a Golden Age that we ourselves with God’s inspiration and assistance will help initiate and sustain.

My largest project is called the “End of Desperation Foundation” and I will be revealing its structure soon. It is international in scope and, with GESARA in place, will be present in every city in the world. Prodigious ins cope, it can be implemented early-on for rescues and will be a fixture that can steadily play its part to lessen world wide despair tremendously, and ultimately poverty itself. The unmet needs for the lower 15% that lead lives of daily fear and privation will in fact be met. With GESARA. No more desperation. It has both a bricks and mortar aspect and an internet aspect. We will help initially with cash and intake counseling, but it does not end there. After the rescue component, we sustain a perpetual covenant with every recipient that calls on us. It has an onsite medical, housing and educational component. I have personally designed it to co-exist with and integrate into existing social welfare models and operative city managed programs, but is in no way dependent on them. It also dove-tails well with my uniquely designed Unified Disaster Relief project and my Circle of Strength project. I am pretty sure I can coordinate successfully with the “Church Bank” and other certain well-matched projects as well.

I look forward to working with all of you in our progress toward God’s new Golden Age. Implementing the hydration wave of GESARA will require our best efforts and will pose many challenges; but success will also grant our souls the greatest joy and happiness we have ever known. We will transform this planet person by person, city by city and country by country.



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