News Update – Sunday, September 3, 2017 – The Ascension Call – with Cheryl Croci

News Update – Sunday, September 3, 2017 – The Ascension Call – with Cheryl Croci

News Update – Sunday, September 3, 2017 – The Ascension Call – with Cheryl Croci

RAMA: Greetings!

TARA: Hurricane Irma is still a Category 3 storm. We can dissolve those energies with the Violet Flame!
And today is a number 22 day. A Master day. So as we can work with that energy in a good way, that would be awesome!

We did a long counseling session today, and Mother came through, about the so-called thermonuclear double warhead.

[On Alex Witt’s Sunday show [Sept 3], a nuclear scientist described this weapon: “It’s not a rudimentary one stage device. It has an accentuated waist and two bulbous ends. This is a two stage thermo nuclear weapon. It’s not a rudimentary one stage device in which explosives collapse a spherical core. What they are looking to convince us of is that there is a first nuclear weapon (fission based) that then detonates a fusion weapon, a thermo nuclear weapon in the 2nd stage. That is a greater yield. It’s what sophisticated US nuclear weapons use. Really, they are trying to convey to us that there is this advanced technology that they have mastered.”]

Mother said that neither one is a nuclear warhead. They’re playing with fake news. That doesn’t mean they don’t have the technology. All of that has been put there in North Korea by our black ops, to scare people. The Armageddon stuff has reared its head again.

And the reason Mr Grump is so grumpy, is because Rama was told yesterday—by Sam Seder, Mike Papantonio, and Bobby Kennedy Jr [when he called them up during a break in their radio show], that Mr Putin is getting ready to go global with that tape from that hotel room in St Petersburg, showing Trump violently raping and murdering a 12-year old girl.

That’s really what’s going on here.

The reason Melania and the Grump went back to Texas is that behind the scenes, he was ordered to, and threatened within an inch of his life, that as he didn’t go back there, and change that attitude all the way—the Pentagon generals, and General Dumford (he’s not President; rather, he is head of Joint Chiefs of Staff)—all the Joint Chiefs would frog march him out of there, like it or lump it.

The other, darker side of this, is that the Koch Brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and other vulture capitalists who are behind Paul Ryan and Mitch McTurtle [McConnell]— have put a contract out on the Grump’s head.

Those two things came through yesterday.

So the behavior is explainable, and there’s no nuclear anything going on over there. Nonetheless, what they’re trying to do, even without the tools to do it, is scare people. So that gets more challenging. It’s good for     the soul in the sense that the deeper into the heart that we go and meet these challenges, the more we     can pick out the root of this evil.

And you heard from Delilah—

RAMA: Delilah called me yesterday, and she said, “This is coming to an end right now!”

TARA: And explain why it’s important that she would call you and say that.

RAMA: Delilah is all over the country on syndicated radio, where she plays love songs on stations across the country. Her husband is one of the King of Swords’ right-hand men. He has been with the King of Swords at least 21 years or more. Delilah doesn’t [usually] go into the news. She doesn’t go into politics.

TARA: She shares loving stories of people, and how people are sharing and bringing more Love into their communities. She and her husband have adopted seven children from countries all over the world. There’s a friend of hers who helps with her radio show and helps with the children.

RAMA: Lady Jane.

TARA: Yes. Delilah and her husband only get to see one another once or twice a year, since 1996. The work that the Faction Three White Knights are doing is all the Earth-based things that must be done to enact NESARA, to release the world  from being a prison planet.

Let’s do the work, and remember that Love always prevails!

RAMA: I was listening to Deepak Chopra this morning, and he said, “Blessed are the Peacemakers. This is the order of the day.”

TARA: On the 20th anniversary of the death of Princess Diana and Dodi [Al-Fayad] and Henri Paul – all clonesRama had a visit from Mr X, who got a call from Dodi and Di.

Mr X, in his Men in Black suit, joined Rama in the faery ring [up on the mountain] and took out of his pocket the cellphone that was already live with Lady Di and Dodi on line, direct from the Wesak Valley. Though they were calling from the Wesak Valley, the line was as clear as a bell!

Not only are we in the Sat Yuga (meaning 5D); not only are we on the good Red Road, and not only are these [dark] ones out of power, rather, also, this is the most illusionary test in history that we are giving to ourselves, in order to thoroughly transform and rebalance the energies of androgyny in all of us, and by all of us. May we all pass every test!

The first step is to elevate the Feminine in all of us, and in people burdened with wrong-headed thinking. However, it is only for the sake of forgiveness now!

[Reads the I Ching for September 4]

Love is a great gift
One that should not be refused
When offered embrace
The Wisdom:
You have begun to recognize your goodness
And it is good that you know it.
Now open to gratitude
Be humble and modest.
You have so much right now—your riches in knowledge and spirit as a result of striving for inner truth will become part of you. You can clear obstacles and know your position in life’s wonder by being humble in the context of possessing such vital knowledge and spiritual insight which is an incredibly powerful combination.

Look to accomplishments in your career, your relationships, your heart, your spirituality. It is good to shine, and very necessary, so that your light illuminates the truth for your tribe to see. Know that you will shine much brighter in humility than you will in ego expression. . .

News Update – Saturday, September 2, 2017 – True History Show

RAMA: Greetings!

TARA: As Jimi Hendrix said, “As the power of Love overcomes the love of power, then there will be peace on Earth!”

RAMA: Blessed Be! So it is!

TARA: It takes all of us to PRAISE, RESPECT, THANK AND LOVE all the challenges and overcome them with the power of love that Jimmie Hendrix talked about. Even these grumpy old men in their devious ways     and cluelessness have the opportunity in every moment to choose love.

RAMA: Thank you, everyone, so much, at this time. This is a labor of Love. Labor Day—what is that story about? Unions!

Today, Dr Richard Wolff, early this morning, talked about the Thule Society, and Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Goering, and Adolf Eichmann.

TARA: Dr Wollf always says, “I am the Marxist without the horns!”

RAMA: Karl Marx wasn’t a bad guy. We got a line of b.s. about the meaning of his work from the dark side of this convoluted story; the dollar bill and its motto —“E Pluribus Unum”—“Out of the Many, One.” – were just words; we all got hoodwinked by their dark plans.

They twisted this story so much, and so far. Today, Mike Papantonio, Bobby Kennedy Jr, and Sam Seder were on the radio, and I got to talk to them. They said the first time Grump showed up [in Texas], he only hung out with First Responders and government officials, like “heck-of-a-job Brownie” didn’t do. [Hurricane Katrina: Brown was the head of FEMA under Bush Jr]

The dark [cabal] ones have failed.

Dr Wolff talked about the Thule Society and the obsession with absolute power, so that Hitler could be the Messiah. He believed he was on a Divine Mission. Today, there are weird stories out there about Hitler’s followers. The only way I can describe them is that they are false prophets in fake robes, presenting themselves as different ministers and—

TARA: —evangelicals.

RAMA: They’re saying the Grump has been ordained by God to lead the country and the planet down the very dark road of 4th Reich endless war. This plan is just a continuation of those of Hitler and Himmler, and this strange circle of men.

Madam Blavatsky showed up [in the late 19th century and brought through Ascended Masters who warned people against meddling in black magic]. Alastair Crowley showed up [in the early 20th century and turned some people back to the black magic]. They played with the powerful magic and got into trouble because of that. [As you play, you pay.]

RAMA: In reality, Lucifer has come back to his true Light as Luciafera, the Bringer of the Dawn.

TARA: As we work with demonic energy, the energy reflects back to us how we feel about ourselves. As we work with the energy of Light, the energy reflects more Light back to us.

All experience leads us to the truth that we are all One.

“This is whole; that is whole.
Taking away whole from whole,
Whole still remains whole.” [Swami Purna]

RAMA: Richard Wolff went on to tell the story [in physical and metaphysical terms] about different objects Hitler was obsessed with, because he wanted to be the most powerful person on earth: He believed he was the Messiah, sent by the Valkeries who are naughty, like the naughty Jinn. One [object] was the Ark of the Covenant. He wanted to bring it back to Berlin.

As you approach the Ark with evil, it will take you out. There are nine arks: the Ark of Gabriel recently was found  in the City of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, and taken to Antarctica [by Putin/Russia].

He [Hitler] wanted to use the Tesseract [also known as Metatron’s cube. It’s one of five infinity stones called the space stone. It opens portals  throughout our galaxy to bring in dark Pleiadians and dark Sirians. As he couldn’t do that, he hired Wilhelm Reich to create a portal.

[Reich actually did this, and it is currently used at Mantauk to transport people to Mars. It is called “the jump chair.”] Hitler used the portal [called the jump chair] to walk his soldier into that energy, and merge that soldier with dark ET energies, thus creating super soldiers; it’s called the walk-in process. [A portal is defined as bringing galactic energy into the 3D world.]

TARA: Hitler was a transcendent soul. He could call in a being as a hologram, and bring that being from     the future into the present. [They were more interested in bringing in future beings as there are more advanced technologies there.]

RAMA: He was Atlantean, and used that ability for the wrong purpose. As he got swayed [mind-controlled by the dark Orion warlords who invaded Atlantis], after King Atlas, the good king of Atlantis [fell]. After that, Hitler was one of those ambassadors from the Orion War who used the Great Crystal for dark magic.

Then Richard Wolff  “changed the CD” suddenly and went into a completely different subject. He started talking about our local public bank here in Santa Fe that is owned by We the People.

TARA: Open to the public?

RAMA: Open to the public, like the bank in North Dakota are using. They are using silver and gold, and introducing Bitcoin and ethereum [another kind of crpto currency].

TARA: They need to have brochures to tell people about it!

After a point, you can take something of the value of the Bitcoin, and you can pull out dollars. There are     no material dollars with Bitcoin, yet you can pull it out of the ether, and go pay your bills!

Grump thought he could be really clever and take all the currency completely off the market for everybody, and require everybody to be a slave of the beast.

RAMA: A cashless society.

TARA: And not in the Light sense! You have to use their cards and banks, where they surveil everything [and own your soul!]

RAMA: The microchip they put in your hand or forehead: they scan it at the grocery store, and you don’t handle any money. [This was their hope in the past; has been cancelled.]

TARA: They have things on your phone; you get a number and all you do is give those folks at the counter your number. They check that in their computer and give you a receipt, and you aren’t walking around with     any cash.

RAMA: I stand here with Lord Michael and his sword! [Meaning, this is not happening. Lord Michael says NO.]

TARA: These guys have got to go!

RAMA: Richard Wolff went on to talk about public banks. As we were to do this in all 50 states, it changes the banking system, where we don’t have the big banks and Jamie Dimon any more

Some of the people running these banks might be farmers or mechanics.

TARA: You have to have community meetings, because the shareholders are people in the community.

[Post-NESARA] there will be oversight from the Galactics, where all these new technologies for healing and vibration—they’re all geared to consciousness.

A friend of ours from England called us and said, “I bought the Keshe technology and plugged it in, and it didn’t work!Yet you’ve got to resonate your consciousness with the technology, and that is how it works!

RAMA: Mike Papantonio, Bobby Kennedy Jr, and Sam Seder talked about the Grump and Melania and how, on their first trip to Texas, they showed no emotion and hung out with the government officials. This time they were all lovey and huggy. It’s a show, folks. It’s not real.

TARA: You called up during the break at Ring of Fire radio show, and talked to Mike, Sam, and Bobby about this issue. They said, “Grump is toast,” and went into speaking about his lack of compassion.

They said on his first trip to Texas, “he only met with government officials, including several of his own cabinet members he hauled with him, and some First Responders. No [ordinary] people. He didn’t go where the     energy was. He went to Corpus Christi. He went where 4-inch stilettos would go across the walk!”

They talked about this on Alex Witt—how the jounalists have experience in doing these things. When they went to Ellington Air Force Base, the journalists on Air Force One, seeing those heels Melania had on, said “You’re not getting out of the plane.” Someone else got out their running pants and sneakers and said, “You’re not leaving the plane unless you change.”

It’s dangerous to walk across the turf in those heels! So then  we saw sneakers and jeans and a crewneck shirt on Melania the next time.

It wasn’t a friendly conversation that got them to go back to Texas. Grump’s been walking a very fine line lately, relative to potential removal by the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

RAMA: the Joint Chiefs are enraged at Trump, behind the scenes. This goes into all the other layers of stuff—

TARA: Where he gets to expose them: it goes both ways.

RAMA: What ET Corey [Goode] and Bill Tompkins and David Wilcock talk about—the Secret Space Program—this guy [Trump] is dumb enough to start talking about this stuff.

Mike, Sam, and Bobby said, “The generals would just lock and load, point guns at him, and say ‘Shut up, sit down. We’re going to talk, and you’re going to listen.’ “ It’s a scene out of one of The Avengers movies!

TARA: And Mitch McTurtle and Paul Ryan and buddies have a contract on Grump’s head, and behind that contract are the people paying them—the Koch brothers, the Mercers, etc.

Chris Hayes last night had on a Republican from Florida who was in Congress in 2014. He said he was gung-ho when he first went into Congress, saying, “When are we going to work on comprehensive immigration reform?”

He said, “I thought we had constitutional, judicial, legislative branches of government. I got a slap in the     face [as I became a member of Congress]. Deals made dirt cheap is all that’s going on in DC!”

For a former congressional representative, a Republican, to come out and start talking about his own party like that—there was probably a posse [with him], to ensure he’s not dead when he walks off that set.

RAMA: And Netanyahu went to Putin to warn Russia that Israel is going to do maneuvers in Syria, and Putin said, “That’s ending Now.

TARA: Israel has been doing that. So Russia said, “You’re violating international law

RAMA: Mike, Bobby and Sam said that Putin knows the law and Netanyahu thinks he’s above the law; they also  said “There will be consequences.”

TARA: Rama heard from the Three [Mike, Bobby, Sam]—that is not a small powerhouse, those three people, as they pass on news like that. They’re all Faction Three White Knights, and are all under a gag order.

RAMA: That’s why I talked to them over the phone, not on the air [during the radio show].

TARA: Rama has a technology on his phone that he uses, a protection that keeps him safe, and he can call at encrypted levels.

Rama got these ship crystals once [years ago].

RAMA: Then I took the ship crystals to Ship Rock, a powerful vortex at Four Corners

TARA:  There he started spinning the crystals!

RAMA: And my little Subaru got beamed up with me in it, into the shuttle bay of the New Jerusalem!

TARA: By him signaling the ship like that, the Air Force—

RAMA: They sent out three F16s [fighter jets] into that air space!

TARA: He almost got himself de-materialized into subatomic particles because the  Air Force could have taken him out; they have back-engineeered various kinds of galactic technologies and that is why Ashtar beamed Rama up, out of harm’s way.

How fine is that line for people? We were talking about how our sister Samana, and also Ross [who work on the website]—they are very talented people, and our sister Caroline—as we do these things together, this is the first time in any time-space continuum that all of us are working together to move the energy in world group service within collective consciousness.

RAMA: That’s huge!

TARA: What we’re talking about is the sixth dimension and higher, because individual consciousness is third and fourth dimension. Unity consciousness is fifth dimension.

Sixth dimension is collective consciousness; we’re breaking away completely from control. And yet, that newfound freedomas the kundalini rises, and we have a kundalini experience—there is no turning back.

Language is a challenge—you talk to some people [about Ascension], and they want to know what you’re smoking! They don’t get a word of it!

As we try to go backwards, we bump into lower vibrational energy . . .

RAMA: It will burn you!

TARA: The Collective yesterday spoke of the zeitgeist of NESARA; it is fifth dimensional energy and higher, in terms of what it brings into the planet.

In the 12th dimension, we were in the Pleaides, in antimatter, before we co-Created together the matter Universe which didn’t exist, till we asked to have that experiment with Mother.

RAMA: We were Mad Hatters!

TARA: I know so many people who have said, “What have we done?” Rama came in with one side of his body pink, and the other side blue, and feet first [breech birth] – trying to put the brakes on!  And your mother     is on—

RAMA: Pink-purple ripple! That is bad news!

What I remember from rebirthing sessions and regressions with various folks, is talking about this stuff     and crying my eyes out. What I got, was that I was sitting with Mother and Ashtar and Athena, so that I could come in to do the mission.

TARA: And simultaneously with us coming in—millions of children volunteered to be born in war-torn zones all over this planet.

I heard Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov say that there is a way where “this breakdancing of the US, all by themselves, is instigating nothing good. As that were to be carried out into a war game now—there’s nothing you could compare it to, since WWII.”


Washington ordered Russia on Thursday to shutter its San Francisco consulate and close offices in Washington and New York. Washington gave Moscow 48 hours to comply.

Addressing students at MGIMO University in Moscow, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said Russia was seeking cooperation with its former Cold War foe.

“As you know, it takes two to tango,” Lavrov said. “But it seems to me our U.S. counterparts are performing a solo breakdance again.”

He added that Moscow “will have a tough response to the things that come totally out of the blue to hurt us and are driven solely by the desire to spoil our relations with the United States.”

The Trump administration described its action as retaliation for the Kremlin’s “unwarranted and detrimental” demand in August that the U.S. cut its diplomatic staff in Russia.

The closures on both U.S. coasts marked perhaps the most drastic diplomatic measure by the United States against Russia since 1986, near the end of the Cold War, when the nuclear-armed powers expelled dozens of each other’s diplomats.]

TARA: Lavrov ain’t no dummy! In a sense, he’s saying, Hit us with your best shot. Because it’s going to come back to you a million-fold. Not the people, though they are mind-controlled and don’t want to leave that reality.

RAMA: And it’s not bad news, I’ll just say that.

TARA: This morning, one of us was saying that as this energy opens and releases completely into the flow of people, people who are not willing and are totally comfortable with the mind control program—it can be such a shock, that they can die right away.

There is such a shock of terror and fear about what they think freedom is, in that little box where mind-control has told them what freedom is.

Whether we can see it or not, hundreds of millions since 1990 have been moved into another time-space continuum over these decades, where they won’t go into a state of shock from which they cannot recover. Mother has said that she is more merciful than she is just, and moving those people is a demonstration of that.
We who are working with collective consciousness are walking ahead of the curve – in fact, very far ahead of normal conversation!

Masses of people would think, Boy are they ever stoned on something! Yet achieving the resonance of the heart, with greater wisdom and comprehension, and the dropping of all of our old perceptions —you might say this is the wild card.

I keep asking Rama—we’ve been doing this for 27 years— as we first got together, we were at Shield and Sharula’s. Sherula was born in Telos in 1795. Her parents are Lord Rantu and Lady Master Meru.

RAMA: and presently, King and Queen of Telos!

TARA: Telos is the capital city of the Inner Earth Agartha network. King Rantu and L M Meru are first and foremost King and Queen of the Aurora Sun System which is in anti-matter. So they’re still holding that original story in antimatter, and they’re holding that whole story in Telos as well.

There is no Past or Future, and never has been. There’s only Present Time. There’s been a certain level of awareness about it [the Past/Future belief], which is already being dissolved now.

I went on a ride at the World Expo in 1986 in Vancouver, that went all the way up over the whole grounds. At the top, it started spinning, and gravity of the spinning held our bodies against the wall; when the floor left our feet, we were aware of it: there’s a feeling attached  That’s what’s going on right now!!

That 3D footing, which is no longer appropriate,  is leaving. The Fool [in the Tarot deck] knows he can fly as he jumps off the cliff; this is an experience of that, which is utterly profound.

Another ride was similar to that; a friend and I went on it.  There was a bar to hold onto, and you could see out, with some protection around you. From the sternum up, there wasn’t anything holding you back, just air.
It goes up to the top, then there’s a moment as the whole thing stands still, and there’s some kind of an     air system that gives you the feeling of being lifted, then it starts going down really fast.

We did this together, and we jumped as it started to go down, and we stayed there, suspended in animation, in weightlessness, for three-quarters of the way down. Then it slowed down and gently let us down on the floor.

As we do that kind of thing without fear, with consciousness, that’s a taste of what Nassim Haramein was talking about recently.

In the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragons, they used all kinds of support systems and technology to make it look like they were flying in that film. Yet the people who have studied the martial arts disciplines actually can fly, and they don’t forget it.     Once you can fly, you don’t forget how. It’s a matter of pursuing higher consciousness. Getting comfortably numb is not comfortable!


TARA: Our friend, like many others, thought you could just plug Keshe technology into the wall, and it’s going to work. There are many now in family relationships—a mom or a dad—where all of a sudden, the consciousness [of one partner] goes up, and the other doesn’t believe it at all, and they [the one with higher consciousness] realizes, “This isn’t working anymore!”

Swami Purna said it is absolutely necessary to have a sacred space in a home, whereby whatever is going on in that home, that space is completely in Divine neutrality. It’s a sacred area, a conscious sacred space or altar, or a sacred sound happening there 24/7. [such as solfeggio scale tones]

[Our friend] Cynthia does that for the whole house. She has a sound system in every room, even outside, and she is playing music for the sympathetic or parasympathetic nervous system. The music for the parasympathetic system is for nighttime, conducive to the dream time. That music can be playing all night.

In daytime, its music for the sympathetic nervous system – the awake, active time when you do many things, to get things done.

Nassim chose to come in from the Other Side at the time when the consciousness would be raised enough that his work would be recognized by more and more people.

There is a lack of awareness of the meaning of consciousness—there’s varying levels of frustration with that. We’ve been taught that we buy something and it works, and you don’t have to bother with it anymore. That’s out of the question now!  Plasma energy is involved, and it is in everything – it is the essence of consciousness and requires interaction, requires love –

In the case of the Tesla car—Elon Musk not being a very nice person, to put it mildly—there’s a big lawsuit at his California Tesla car manufacturing space. Not only is there a lack of consciousness at this company, much less love, people are being abused. There’s no protection, dangerous conditions, no fair play. A very abusive situation there. A big lawsuit against that.

Chris Hayes said on his show that Musk is a strange person all by himself. Now you get to see more of the not-
nice thing.

RAMA: He’s playing with AI [artificial intelligence].

TARA: Ivanka and Jared [Kushner] are his guinea pigs for that!

RAMA: This goes into the negative side of the cyber story—the Terminator story.

TARA: He [Elon Musk] already has smart droids working for him. At a certain point, they learn language, and they take off, and there’s no controlling them. They can make up new words, new decisions, and they can kill people without any tether to the human.

Those machines will make more machines, who are their servants.

An aspect of that technology was inserted into the brains of Ivanka and Jared [Kushner]. Which means now you’ve got a degradation of human DNA, mixed with mal-intentioned AI DNA.

Ivanka and Jared have now become mutated forms of their original DNA. They have intentionally submitted themselves to machine programming, created by an evil-intentioned person. By doing this procedure, they take themselves further and further away from Divine emotions.

As Jimmie Hendrix said, “As the power of Love TRUMPS the love of power, then we will have Peace on Earth!”

This technology is the exact opposite of that. Imagine having a drone that decides, “OK, I’m done with this job. I’m going to go kill some people over here.

RAMA: I wanted to play this piece where John Lennon is talking about organizing and coming together to stop the war, and they talk about folks all over the world, participating and singing.

[Plays videos about John Lennon’s Peace efforts]

TARA: To finish the news Rama got today: Regarding Putin, he is getting ready now to release the videotape!
For those who don’t know, it’s a video from St Petersburg, in a hotel, where the Grump violently raped and murdered a 12-year-old girl. Comey and others have that tape—we got told that much.

Putin is getting ready to release it, as the people are at the place of wanting justice. Not necessarily a good thing, as they want it in their own perception of what that might look like, at their level. They want it however they can get it, even as it includes violence in the mix. That is dangerous; not OK. That just brings more violence. War cannot bring peace.

This is why the Grump and Melania made their second visit; they were threatened within an inch of their lives from higher ups. They wouldn’t tell us exactly who, yet they were basically ordered back to Houston.

The display of compassion, of touching people,  of picking up a little Black girl and kissing her on the cheek—that display was for one reason alone: that they did not want to die. It shows that in so many ways—again, send more Love!

And then Delilah called, right?

RAMA: Yes, Delilah called me today. She has a radio show.

TARA:  She lives in Albuquerque, and has a hubby who, since 1996, she only sees once or twice a year. He’s a Faction Three White Knight who works with the King of Swords, getting the job done.

They have adopted children from all over the world. They had two or three of their own, and then seven     more that they adopted from all over.

There is a small cadre of their friends who are helping with all of this—teamwork. They’ve got children from Russia, Guatemala, Viet Nam, Tibet, China, Africa, South America.

They have emphasized the importance of diversity, from every kind of background. Someone who’s not a very nice lady [Hillary Clinton] said “It’s takes a village to raise a child.” They’re doing it from a much     higher perspective.

This is what it means to become Galactic citizens and intergalactic citizens in this Universe, tapping in at the high heart level. The kind of joy that comes from that is beyond our wildest dreams. So we are stepping into an unknown. As Mother [Sekhmet] was saying yesterday, “It’s beyond what 3D has seen so far.”

It takes a willingness to walk into that unknown. It absolutely requires guidance from higher beings. It requires that.

In the astrological sense, as we were saying before, there’s Western astrology, and it’s been colored by the International Astrology Association which, like everything else, has been controlled by this cabal. They don’t want anyone moving into higher consciousness by astrology. They are leaving out a whole constellation, which is leaving out the teachings of St Germain and the Violet Flame.

The CIA controls the Theosophical Society as well. They have a little section called K17. That’s the story of the Galactics that they don’t want to be taught in the open. They have only an inner, inner, inner circle who are handpicked by our CIA who get to go there and discuss things there.

We got a call from Dr Vinayak [], and he was ecstatic. He’d finally seen the movie Unacknowledged! We played the whole movie in June.

[Play video]

TARA: I just wanted to say—the message from Delilah was “This is going down now! This country is going into Peace!”

[From conversation on Conference Call]

COR: What did Delilah tell Rama? I missed part of it.

RAMA: Delilah told me that there is great upliftment going on right now, as these guys are going down all the way.

TARA: “We are moving higher” she said. In Michelle Obama’s speech—she used that phrase—“When they go low, we go high!”

RAMA: We are in such a magnificent time right now with all the energies going higher. She’s asking us to focus on the higher frequencies of Love. What John Lennon was talking about.

TARA: And what Kaypacha [Lescher] and Richard were talking about too. “I can point my finger and blame others for what is. Yet ultimately I am responsible for creating my bliss. The mantra sums it up. The downside of Lilith conjuncts Saturn—self-righteousness.

With Mercury in Mars, it may be a tendency to condemn. Both individuals and groups can get to nick-picking and fighting over who’s right and who’s wrong, missing the opportunity to accept diversity and unity. There’s room for individuals to hold opposing beliefs, according to their soul path in this incarnation. Yet as love and compassion are missing . . .

The change we’re talking about now is about becoming our immortal selves. That means moving beyond death.

Moving beyond the consciousness of singular lifetimes, and into the continuum of collective consciousness  without death, into immortality. That is a really big change. It’s not necessarily something that one can embrace easily without being willing to take a really big quantum leap.

That’s why we talked about the Fool—we think he’s a maniac and, in literal terms, without the discipline—Richard was saying that too. “We are dancers; however we are still dancers with the master.” That mentorship and higher guidance is still required. Otherwise that Fool, as he jumps off the cliff thinking he can fly, may end up on the ground in a crumpled heap.

To me, Delilah was saying, “This is happening! These guys are going down, precisely because they are not interested in moving higher! They think they can manipulate with the old program as long as there are people who continue to buy it.”

Alice was right: Follow the Yellow Brick road! And make sure to check out the wizard behind the curtain!


To hear the entire True History update for September 2, 2017, go to:…


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