“Leap” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Saturday – September 16, 2017

“Leap” – GCR/RV Intel SITREP – Saturday – September 16, 2017

Received via email at 10:49 AM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Brothers and Sisters,

It’s fourth and goal and humanity needs a touchdown to win the game of life against our inhuman cabal captors.

We are the running back deciding whether or not to leap over the pile of players a la Walter Payton and make the winning score.

To do so, however, we must leave our trembling feet to trust in God, that He alone will clear us a path high above the fray.

But that puts us at completely at the mercy of God because we can no longer drive our 3D lives forward anymore.

We sellout to God. And we leap by faith alone.

Once we make the leap there’s no going back. No return. But constant surrender.

The risk is that we may be met by something with equal or greater force that will end our momentum and push us back in defeat.

This potential outcome is why human beings rarely jump anymore because they are paralyzed that the cabal is too powerful, too strong, too good … and will meet us head on in the air to stop our momentum.

Also, humanity has gotten to big, too fat, too slow to be able to drive our spiritual legs up and over the obstacles we face as a species.

The problem is the cabal is now not only weak, but dying and on the verge of total irrelevance, yet they still attempt to create for us, present to us in the media an illusion of strength.

Take President Trump for instance.

He’s very good at portraying the Alpha male, when in truth he was born a female and is terrified that his truth will be discovered on a global scale.

That’s what Putin has on him–a video in a Moscow hotel of a naked Donna Trump urinating in a bed with underaged male prostitutes–as a woman.

No wonder Trump is willing to do anything Putin wants and has since his secrete was filmed and shown to him in 2013.

So maybe what we are collectively experiencing is placing too much weight on unfounded fears that the cabal’s old defense somehow is greater than humanity’s new offense?

Maybe collectively we still lack enough trust in our innate ability to fly like Human Angels, and this is why the RV hasn’t started yet?

Are the benevolents waiting on us to leap over the proverbial emotional goal line of freedom!

But we gotta get into the end zone so billions of our brothers and sisters can also break a 13 millennia losing streak and finally start winning in this game called life!

We all must leap to win! And we only have one moth– f—ing yard to go for God sakes!

So no more excuses!!!!!!

Leap and trust God or stay in your dead end 3D lives and die a silent death like generations of your ancestors.

There’s your choice humanity. It’s clear. Make it and live with your decision.

As for me, I made the leap back in 2006 just like “Sweetness” Walter Payton, and the reason fifty one thousand Human Angels (www.humanangelservices.com) are now assembled ready for flight, to serve as one unified body of mercy!

We launch in 8 days. RV or not.

And we won’t be pushed back ever again! As we proclaim our journey in service of Yeshua as well as the cabal as dead in His name!

God’s Will as alive and thriving! Put that on the fake news!

But the only way to join us is to jump and leave your feet completely by trusting in God with everything you are and will be, surrendering to follow His path not theirs, and soaring high above the steaming pile of misery and suffering they have offered humanity below.

So leap! Fly! Score! Win!

God is with us!!


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