Monday, September 18, 2017 Here We Go Again: Triple East Coast Threat Jose, Maria and Lee – ALRIGHT LIGHT-FORCES – YOU KNOW WHAT to DO !



Monday, September 18, 2017

Here We Go Again: Triple East Coast Threat Jose, Maria and Lee

(The Event ChronicleMaria is a feisty tropical storm raging in the Atlantic, and she’s expected to become a hurricane today just like her brother Jose who is off the East Coast, not to mention the fact that TS Lee is in hot pursuit…

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SourceThe Event Chronicle

by Staff Writer, September 18th, 2017

First there’s this:

The NHC is indeed the bearer of bad news:

Maria brought two brothers with her, and Jose is a category 1 hurricane off the East Coast:

From the Weather Channel:
High surf and rip currents will continue to affect the U.S. East Coast as Jose moves northward.
Rain and gusty winds from Jose could brush parts of the U.S. East Coast this week.
Tropical storm-force winds are possible along portions of the immediate coast.
Minor to moderate coastal flooding is also possible.Jose, a Category 1 hurricane in the western Atlantic, will continue to produce dangerous high surf and rip currents as it moves parallel to the Eastern Seaboard in the upcoming week. Rain and tropical storm-force winds could also brush portions of the East Coast.

And if that wasn’t enough, Lee is a tropical storm already:

Here is an excellent interview for preparing for disasters, including hurricanes, timely and fresh from Chris Martenson:

On this week’s podcast, Mat details his recommended steps for those facing imminent threat of crisis (Hurricane Irma), those with more time to prepare for one (Hurricane Jose), and those dealing with the aftermath of disaster (Hurricane Harvey).

With major hurricanes in our immediate past, present & future, the topic of how to prepare for a natural disaster is an extremely timely one. The right advance preparations can literally mean the difference between life and death. And of course, hurricanes aren’t the only reasons to prepare for an emergency.

As emergencies can be naturally-caused — like a flood, tornado or earthquake — or man-made — such as a financial crisis, social unrest, or war — everyone listening to this podcast has a vested interest in taking steps today to reduce their vulnerability should one of these unfortunate events occur where they live in the future.

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