Heavenletter #6145 Hear Me, O My Children, Hear Me, September 21, 2017

Heavenletter #6145 Hear Me, O My Children, Hear Me, September 21, 2017

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Date: Thursday, 21-Sep-2017 19:28:39


Heavenletter #6145 Hear Me, O My Children, Hear Me, September 21, 2017

God said:

Godwriting is a process, a very innocent process, yet in the mundane world, it takes courage to Godwrite. Sometimes Great Courage, even All the Courage in the world, for you are easily embarrassed. How bizarre that something so enlivening and so simple takes courage.

Once upon a time My Children could hear the Beat of My Heart, and this was accepted hands down. It was not extraordinary. It was a good idea. In fact, the more the merrier. It quite rightly was conveyed in the world that in the old days it was hunky-dory for Me to be heard. Even Aaron, Moses’ brother who stuttered was to hear from Me and pass it on to the world even as Aaron himself did not feel qualified.

What I had to say mattered. There was no express list of qualifications, and it was acceptable to share My words. My Truth stood on its own.

Then, the world at large barred the idea of an ordinary person’s hearing Me. My Words fell into disrepute. The idea that just anyone could hear My Words and presume to repeat them – well, it became ingrained in the world at large that this was shoddy, even arrogant, and, well, not quite kosher.

By some decree, no ordinary person was considered capable of hearing from Me any more. If someone said he heard from God, he must be hallucinating, so, he was popped into the booby hatch. He had to be either cuckoo or a fraud.

Thus, hearing from Me went out of style. Surely hearing from Me, picking up My drift, sensing My Voice goes far beyond elements of style and fashion. I tell you that I am not an on and off God. No matter by what Name you may call Me, I exist, and I exist for all.

The fact that you can hear Me is not to be shoved aside. Surely, you are not to be shunned because of a desire to hear Me. Surely Our relationship is not to be one-sided. And now, in the world, it’s accepted to hear Me again.

Beloveds, our relationship has to go beyond your being a penitent and My granting your pleas or not granting your pleas depending upon your sincerity, guilt, or innocence. You are very innocent indeed if you think I am limited. I never said that Our Relationship is to be only one way. Of course, I say We are two-way.

I am not exterior to you. I am not so far away as the world may have upheld. I AM, and I AM within you. I exist within everyone, and this means you too.

We are Soul of One Soul, Heart of One Heart, no exceptions. All are worthy. Regardless of anything, no one is outlawed from Heaven. I throw no one out. All will come to awareness of Our Connection. There is room for all at the Inn. Do you think I would have it any other way?

So, here I am now, a Master Speaker, going to cite from Myself from an earlier Heavenletter even as each Heavenletter exists in ever-present Eternal Infinity and still reverberates within you. I am aware I live only in Infinity and not in any set-aside time. You are becoming aware.

I whispered:

“There is nothing you have to do, but to be a receiver of Me. This is your task. This is your mission. To hear God. Not for God to hear you, but for you to hear God.

“…You are here for Me. You hear for Me. Not for yourself, but for Me…

“And the time comes that you hear Me. And this time has come. You pick yourself up, and you follow Me right to the Heavens where We have always been… Now you know how to listen for My call, and you know how to answer it. You say:

“…‘Father, I listen for Your call, and this is how I hear you:

” ‘I listen…'”


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