EVERYONE just might WANT to SEE THIS – Head’s Up – thought I would SHARE various Perspectives on SOUL TRAPPING and STEALING – MOST of you know this, it is FOR the NEWBIES – Sept 25 2017

The Truth about Angels – Archangel Michael – Angels & Demons – The Watchers – Nephilim

Published on Aug 17, 2009

weekly TELE CLASS here: http://www.CourseOfAwakening.comhttp://www.TheHeartEnergy.com http://www.InnerBodyAwakening.com http://www.AlchemyEnergyProcess.com http://www.SpiritualTravelers.com unfortunately we now have to delete just outright ignorant and attacking comments. ‘Wise people discuss, fools argue.’ keep it respectful please. -The Truth about Angels – who are the Angels? – What are ‘Fallen Angels’. Short clip by Tobias Lars from What’s the biggest misunderstanding about angels? Why all ‘Light’ is not ‘good’ or loving. How can you know the difference between ‘Good’ & ‘Bad’ Angels? Who is the God Pan? Who are ‘The Watchers’? The Nephilim keep it clean and respectful or your comments will be removed. “Wise people discuss and fools argue or attack.” Apologies for ‘disabling comments’ but I just don’t have time to deal with the ‘spiritual crazyness’ a topic like this seems to generate.

The Oldest Soul Trapping Game -Tobias Lars

Published on Oct 28, 2013

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Humans Are Tricked Into Staying Inside The Saturn Matrix

Published on Nov 16, 2014

https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3646218 Pictures by Neil Hague http://neilhague.com/ http://neilhague.com/index.php/shop/ Ever wondered why you’re in this shithole reality? Here is why (one probable reason). Why would someone come here or stay here? Good question i guess. Here are 4 possible reasons i know of: 1. Some people claim differently, saying that souls get forced into the soul processing alien industrial complex on the moon against their will to have their memory erased and sent back into the reptilian soul farm earth. But i think that no one can be forced to incarnate here against their free-will, but being deceived into it is allowed by universal law because it’s your choice to be deceived or not as the deception is never flawless and has in-built contraries that you could identify if you choose so. This is what the following scene reveals. Beforehand – Star Trek contains several as fiction disguised real life elements. The Borg for example refer to the reptilian/mantid/nordic/orion collective. With the Borg Symbol revealing encrypted reptilian physiology: https://vimeo.com/92076129 The Borg facial device symbolizes google glas obviously (a steping stone towards full transhumanism). Elements of Star Trek like other movies/series originate from sources that know the orion agenda blue-print they aparently use to conquer planets throughout the galaxy. The same happened on thousands of worlds before. We’re being given intel/ being pre-conditioned through movies and series by human/alien individuals/factions in the media. Whoever they are, they know what’s going on and what’s going to happen if no one opposes its manifestation. What i mention to give the following scene that likely reveals the truth about the matrix more credibility: Janeway vs. evil Alien At the end, when the alien goes back into the matrix it makes it look suspiciously precisely like the all-seeing eye of sauron/saturn. What this scene likely reveals it that when someone dies impostor relatives/pets appear at the “light-tunnel” who will convince you to enter the tunnel which leads into the soul processing plant on the moon and then back to the slave farm. 2. As Icke mentions in “The Perception Deception” there is the issue of addiction to the state of physicality. The famous V-Symbol (often appearing in combination with one eye symbolism and sticked out tongue) you see the luciferians making all the time seemingly symbolizes Spirit condensed into matter, what the satan saturn matrix is. Probably when being given the choice to leave the matrix a great portion of souls will be like…okay just one last time, but this will be the last time i swear! Like addicts. Just another experience, just another scenario, etc. 3. Some come here in an attempt to overthrow the reptilian terror-overlordship control system from within, refered to as “system busters” in the Bringers of the Dawn material. Inter-dimensional special forces so to speak. 4. These times are very different from all other times in human history as we are approaching the singularity. So there likely are many volunteers that just came here to be part of the big show. This possibly will be the time when the switchover between 3D and 4D will happen for those who have choosen/are suited to experience it. Others came here to experience the end of a world. The destruction of Zion with bio-weapon laboratories and nuclear power plants intentionally built on earthquake falt lines (you can see things being moved into place for the 6th reset) being destroyed (haarp), nuclear war and fallout, clone armies emerging from deep underground bases, dimensional portals (CERN, japan, hoover dam) being opened, Mass Effect/Star Craft-typish alien war, etc. Furhter earth being a prison planet for troublemakers that committed crimes in the galaxy, Soul testing laboratory/bootcamp for souls to decide what evolutionary path (STS, STO) they will follow, and so on. Once i heared a story about someone who claimed that he went to one of the bases in the moon where he supposedly met human aliens that told him to “not complain about his conditions as they had it much harder to break free”. I thought that comment to be very curious.
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