Message from Sananda for September 24, 2017

 Message from Sananda for September 24, 2017



This is Sananda and I give you my greetings this day and continue with my Ascension plan for mankind. Perhaps you may not have thought of this concept – do you realize now that in ascending to the fifth dimension in this way your bodies will be changed forever? It is a perfectly painless procedure. All this has come about through God’s Plan and He is protecting you in everything that occurs so do not fear anything. Your bodies will be so changed that there will be no transition of death in future days for mankind. I say death because nothing dies at all as you know – it just passes into another dimension, but this time you are passing into another dimension and yet your bodies are still a part of you. You will be existing on both dimensions for some time until the Earth herself has changed and transmuted into the fifth dimension like yourself.

Therefore it is new thought – a wonderful thought that in future there will be no suffering. As a result of this change your bodies will not age and they will gradually return to the prime of life if you are past that, as it would have occurred when passing into spirit. But this time you are taking a giant step forwardit is completely new uncharted territory for you. As I transmuted into light so will you and change in your outlook should one be one of expectancy, hope and happiness, because you will never be parted from one another even for a few days. Instead of the gap between the transition of one of you into spirit there will be nothing like that in the future. You will not be parted from your loved ones and therefore this new thought will be something to look forward to in future days. God’s Plan has been well thought out. It has been in the process for a long time, and mankind will find that he has a new life ahead of him.

Those of you who have already been in soul contact shall we say, meditating for some years and on the spiritual pathyou will have now accepted this plan. It may be difficult for others to come to terms with it. If they cannot that is alright – do not worry, it is there for all and it will occur in due course, and in time you too will come to accept these words as the truth which they are. It may be that you are not quite ready and feel that it may not come to pass – just reject it for the time being and carry on with your life. This is what you all must do in any case, but the meditation is part of your lives now. Something which you always do – that upliftment of your mind to the realms above and the listening and turning within which gives you some time of quiet and helps you through your daily life. It is a time of peace and even if you do not hear your inner voice it is a time which you set aside for that peace and quietude. Others may not be ready for this but the time will come when they will feel this need to be in contact with the realms above – with God, and they will recognize the fact that they area a part of Him as all living things are.

We know that you are accepting the fact that all of us – the Masters of the Hierarchy, the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, and those who are helping us from the other planets, particularly Ashtar who is one who has been of great help to usall of us are working in conjunction to make sure that this Ascension plan comes about very smoothly in the years to come. You will find that in time you will relax and be ready to accept whatever occurs. After all, it is only like walking in to another room, it will be as simple as that and you will be made ready when your time occurs to transmute into this new dimension. Your guide, your inner voice, that God within will instruct you and be with you at this time. It will be like stepping through a lighted doorway, and when this happens just accept it, relax and visualize yourselves walking along a lighted pathway through a corridor of light and you will find that others are there – excited awakened beings who are ready and willing to accept these words.

Many of your friends will be with you and you will return in a very short space of time to your loved ones who will hardly have noticed that you have gone, for as you know the time between the two dimensions can stretch forward and back so that it may appear that you have been gone an hour or two at the most. The two dimensions are interlinked and you will find that all will be as you have left it. It is not as though you are passing into spirit – you are spirit already passing another dimension, here and now virtually. You will just disappear for a little while and then reappear.

If you have practised the visualisations that I gave you previously and perhaps enlarged on those you will find it quite easy to accept, because for instance if you step into the bubble of light and float upwards you can conceive of yourselves looking down upon your house, rising upwards and looking down on the countryside round about and rising higher so that you look down upon your country and then upon the whole Earth in time, still safe in the bubble of light. The bubble of light represents your light body, which is part of your etheric, which surrounds you and intertwines throughout your whole physical body. Your light body is virtually the spirit within you, and it is that which is rising upwards looking down, rather as when you are dreaming while you are asleep. Your spirit can soar wherever is wishes into the astral, the fourth dimension, still attached to your body by the silver cord so that you are quite safe and can travel wherever you wish. It is the same principle that we are talking about. Your whole spirit and soul are linked with your physical body and you are just moving into another dimension and then retuning to the third dimension quite simply.

If there are any doubts in your mind practise these visualisations regularly. Perhaps you have other favourite ones, which you can use. Visualisation is a powerful tool for the mind and it helps you to appreciate what will be occurring. I know that some of you have not done visualisation or perhaps cannot picture things very easily in your mind, but if you work at it and try to imagine yourself walking along a beach in the warmth of the sun doing something that you have done physically and can visualise from a past holiday. Think of this – see your footprints in the wet sand and see water flowing towards you and retreating. The sound of the gulls and the sound of children at play – all these things can make it real for you so that your visualisation becomes stronger and therefore your thoughts become stronger. It is through thought that many things can be done and through thought that you can achieve many things, which you could not have imagined, possible. As you know you can send forth-healing thoughts to others and positive thoughts to those who are about to take a journey, wishing them well. It is like a prayer and these visualisations can help you on your way.

Those of you who are happy with these thoughts and are ready for this plan will be accepting everything knowing that all is well and that they will return to help the next wave who are on the verge of understanding. You will be teachers and guides to them all, and they will accept your words as the truth because you will have more power behind you. You will have achieved that capability which some have now those who are very powerful healersthose who counsel others, and you yourselves will be as they areable to counsel others and guide people when they are afraid. All who are in the second wave of humanity will find it quite simple and will raise on to the fifth dimension very easily when the time occurs and return if you wish to the Earth. I am sure that everyone will feel that they will be starting a new life on this new Earth, which will be changed to a beautiful place of peace. There will be no wars and mankind will live as once he did when he first inhabited the Earth – peacefully and working alongside the animals as a friend not an enemy, not killing animals for sport as some do at present, but he will be as he once was, at peace with all.

The third wave of ascension will take a little longer and although there may be help required all will take place smoothly when the time comes. There will be so many others who have returned ready to help those who have not already passed into the fifth dimension and spacecraft will be waiting if at the time it is necessary for some to be raised upwards on those craft. Change is all about you but it will be a change, which will be for the good of mankind and the good of planet Earth, and a new life awaits in future times. Many prospects, which you had not imagined, will occur and all will be well. Without change there is no progress and man should accept that he will find change stimulating and always attempt to progress upwards in his lifetime – there should never be stagnation. There should always be a change for the better. All is well – all is very well.

God bless and keep you all.


— Submitted by One With God


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