The Oracle Report for Monday September 25th, 2017

The Oracle Report for Monday September 25th, 2017

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By oraclereport

Crescent Moon Phase:  the need for perseverance and the determination to  not give up

Moon in Sagittarius

Sun: 03 Libra – “the dawn of a new day reflects everything has changed

True Alignments:  the silver lining, seeing something existent for/a new beginning, situation that are old and came before, renewed outlook, sidden awarements, respect for what is moving on, respectful

Catalysts for Change: holding onto what is important, respectful, encouraging ideas, see in the new, out of control

Earth: 03 Aries: ” a cameo picture of a man in the outline of his country:

True Alignments:  making a mark, personal, preparations, team efforts, perceptions, like-minded, carving out individual talents

Catalyst for Change:  blindly following, stereo typing, envy, lack of personal boundaries

The primary thing to remember today is to follow along, gently flowing where the currents of life take us.  It is a brand new day, one that comes courtesy of the Sun’s efforts to manage the situation.  We can trust in higher power.  What does the dawn of a new day mean for you right now?

Be aware that this is a Black Moon day for everyone, but especially those with the Black Moon, Chiron, or the Sun in Sagittarius or Gemini.  Heavy duty is rebirth is happening!

Let’s make our mark – our cameo headline – to make this a truly wonderful energy to recognize.


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