Archangel Michael’s Advice on Post-Reval Philanthropy – Part 1 & 2

Archangel Michael’s Advice on Post-Reval Philanthropy – Part 1/2

Archangel Michael’s Advice on Post-Reval Philanthropy – Part 1/2

May I have a discussion with you about what I regard as important aspects of building Nova Earth with the funds generated from the Reval?

I had an exchange with Archangel Michel in a personal reading on Aug. 2, 2017, which has led to a number of insights and alterations in my Post-Reval plan for myself.

I’d like to post some of those insights in this article and follow it with a second article containing an excerpt from the reading on the importance of balance in approaching humanitarian philanthropy.

I came with one question but he gave me a different answer, as you’ll see in Part 2.


Let me explain my position after the Reval, as it has evolved, much of it as a result of this reading.

As matters stand now, and as a result of my wanting to spend a quarter of my time in awareness writing, (1) I’ll be part of the “flowthrough” or “throughput” segment of the abundance chain.

I personally won’t be funding people or projects now. (The Hope Chest will however.) Instead I’ll be funding funds and foundations.

Or, in the beginning, large organizations like the National Organization of Women or Doctors Without Borders or Transparency International, who can be relied upon to further use or distribute the money.

Sitara and I often discuss the fact that she’s concerned with grassroots action and community development and I’m concerned with blue-sky notions (visionary work) and largescale finances.

My service will lie in “flowthrough” to hubs rather than serving as a hub myself. Sitara, for instance, may choose to serve more as a hub in the Bellingham area. I think it’s introverts and extroverts again.


With that as prelude, may I say that in the weeks since that interview, I’ve come to see two elements of the overall plan to build Nova Earth that I think need to be put in place – now is a good time – if we’re to excel as stewards of the Mother’s wealth and a community of New Earth planet-builders.

The first one concerns our need to respect each other’s freedom.

I firmly believe that, as a globe, the chances of the success of our efforts to build Nova Earth will rise or fall proportionate to the extent to which we allow everyone (except those with harmful intent) freedom of will, choice, action, and path.

We regularly and routinely fail to recognize or actually violate the free will and choices of others. We’ll never be able to build Nova Earth together unless that stops universally. Everywhere on Earth. Things need to go back to the way they were in the days when you left your bike on the front lawn and the door unlocked. Yes, I remember them.

Everyone’s property was respected. There was little stealing. We were taught to be polite and seldom saw anything get out of hand.

We need to recreate the safety and security for all people that allows us to again unlock our doors – this time the doors of our hearts.


The second element concerns tolerating diversity.

As I see it, as we contemplate building Nova Earth together, tolerating and even enjoying our diversity is going to be a highly-valued gift. We’re about to become, not a melting pot – not by any stretch of the imagination – but a cultural mosaic.

Think of a 500-piece jigsaw puzzle. It takes all the pieces in place to make the puzzle become a picture. Each piece is different, but part of the whole.

I have my piece of the puzzle and you have yours. Without our pieces, the picture may not be seen.

If we just agree with each other to live and work (and be allowed to live and work) consistent with our puzzle piece, allowing others the same right, and combine our efforts, rather than trying to make everyone else be like ourselves, we’ll turn the puzzle into a picture.

If not, we remain puzzle pieces worriedly seeking the whole.

To summarize both elements: To successfully build Nova Earth together, in my opinion, in future, we’ll need to religiously respect (A) each other’s freewill choices and (B) our cultural diversity, making allowances for it.

That’s the price of making the overall task of building Nova Earth work, I think. (What do you think?)


Coming back to the interview, again as background, Sanat Kumara and Michael have both promised me that there will be what Sanat called “bumper cars” with additional funds behind the initial currency-funded money.

But I still need to know how to coordinate matters – what my rate of flowthrough should be. I didn’t want to jeopardize matters overall by flowing funds through too quickly. How quick is quick? How slow is slow?

Michael began by saying that I should hold back enough funds to gift over a three-year period. And he asked me to also hold back a contingency fund, or “grand reserve,” as he called it.

But he didn’t answer my question by coming up with a formula for throughput or something similar.  Instead he focused my attention on achieving balance.

Well, of course, in balance is where discrimination lies, serenity, generosity. He advised to proceed with moderation, except in the matter of remunerating the staff, where I should be generous.

Since Michael is my cocreative partner, I know he has his eyes on the finances and can coordinate the bumper cars.  I know deep down I don’t really need to worry about it.

According to him, learning to respond with balance is what will save me from jeopardizing operations.

I know he’s right. He’s just given me the “Prime Directive.”

Implicit in what he recommends is for me to use the universal laws in my work because their entire intent is to restore the individual to balance. (I’m going to turn next to the universal laws after completing the Divine Mother book.)

Note to myself: Balance = centerpoint = heart. All attention, from whatever source you read, is being focused on the heart, the balance point, the stillpoint. No wonder. Preparation for a heart opening?

At some point I predict that calling upon the laws will become second nature to us all, which I think is what’s cosmically intended.

In the next post comes the exchange with Archangel Michael on the importance of balance in Post-Reval gifting.

(Concluded in Part 2, below.)


(1) A quarter in each of sacred partnership, financial stewardship, awareness writing, and sleep.

Archangel Michael’s Advice on Post-Reval Philanthropy – Part 2/2

Archangel Michael’s Advice on Post-Reval Philanthropy – Part 2/2

(Concluded from Part 1, above.)

From Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 2, 2017

Steve Beckow: I’m a little concerned about how to know the throughput of money that I should be spending, consistent with the notion that bumper cars would come to me. I’m concerned I’ll either spend too little or too much to coordinate with them.

At every point I’m going to be disbursing money and I never know whether I’ve disbursed so much money that I jeopardize the continuity of it all.

Archangel Michael: This is an excellent question and I have an excellent answer!

This is part of the learning and manifestation of balance. And as you know in the building and the restoration of course of Earth but the building of Nova Earth as well (and those are glued together), the sense of balance is a theme and a very physical, present theme in all things.

So, yes, there will be “bumper cars,” as you have called them. That is a delightful term. But we want you, and we consistently tell you, to pace yourself.

Let it be that moderation is your key.

And that is why we suggest to you not to be cheap or limited but not to be grandiose or over-the-top either. This is the way we want you to think of it.

And by the way, while we are at it, you are not intended to deny yourself either. No, we know that your desires do not tend towards the physical. And of course that is one of the reasons why you are perfect for flowthrough.

You are not looking for planes and châteaus, as we have talked about before. But I would say to you, be physically comfortable and when you look around and you say, “I am comfortable now,” then take it up a notch.

Steve: Go up to the penthouse? [My secret wish.]

AAM: Yes. That is my advice to you. (1)

Now when you are looking [for new employees?] – this is why you’re going to have adequate staff to run these projects – you are only to deal with a handful of people. So you say to your CFO – and this is the guidance – “Tell me, what does it take to, say, run the Vancouver Project for three years? What does it take to run it for five years?”

We are not suggesting that it would be necessary or even desirable to stretch that out in terms of estimations for 10 years or 20 years. Because there will be ample money. But make that estimation.

We would suggest a three-year estimation and not paying people low wages, not saying that people have to live in bunkhouses, for example, or have to eat cheap food that is not organic.

So in terms of generosity of spirit and practicality of transformation, you look at that and you set that money aside. So there is a grand reserve, (2) so you never have to worry about the bumper car because we can guarantee you where this is going. (3)

Where the bumper car is going to come in, practically, is that every project, and that is why we want you to start slow, every project is going to spin off additional need. It is guaranteed.

Steve: Could you give me an example of that to firm it up in my mind?

The Vancouver Project is going to spin off extra need, like they’ll identify a need that I haven’t thought of.

Like: “There is a native reserve just outside of Vancouver which we do a lot with. Could you include them?” Is that what you mean?

AAM: That is exactly what we mean. [Another example.] There are not adequate support groups for men to discover a deeper side of who they truly are. That is a separate project but it is a spin-off.

Steve: So, I should keep that in mind that the initial amounts will grow, so to speak.

AAM: The initial amounts will grow and you will have it in reserve one by one by one by one. (4)

And you do not want – and this is on the practical side; yes, still with only handful of people reporting to you – so many projects that you can’t see the beauty unfold, the singularity of one project anymore.

Steve: Now, this question benefits from what you just finished saying but I’d like to read it nonetheless.

I’m getting clearer and clearer that my first priority is awareness writing. I’m becoming more and more comfortable with the principle behind contact with no more than a handful of people.

I know you want me to remain the ultimate decision maker in matters of policy but apart from that, if I carve out a lifestyle kind and attentive to the needs of awareness writing, are you alright with that? That’s really my first love.

AAM: I am over the moon with that! You can do the writing and I will do the art and music!  (5)


(1)  had a friend who lived in the penthouse of the apartment I live in. Seeing her apartment was what had me want to be in this building in the first place.

The last two times he helped me with finding new apartments, he either said he could or actually did arrange for the right vacancy at the end of the existing month, in one case in less than 48 hours.

I imagine as soon as I want to move to the penthouse here, I’ll find that the current renters have just decided to move to a better spot elsewhere. I’ll let you know.

(2) This “grand reserve” he’s also called a contingency fund elsewhere. He’s asked me to keep 20% aside for it and to begin to slow down with disbursements when I have only 27% of my total capital left.

(3) Well, it’s going to be NESARA.

See “NESARA” at or look at the First Contact data base here:

(4) Adequate money set aside in separate accounts, I imagine – “one by one by one.”

(5) Ours is a co-creative partnership.  Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 2, 2017.

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