SEEMS like there is a lot of “BITCH SLAPPING” going on lately in RV land and the U.F.O. intel community. PEOPLE are DIVIDING US or DECIDING US or PERHAPS you ALL ARE IMMENSELY FRUSTRATED and FED-UP ? MAY I calmly and POLITELY remind YOU, that WE are the STABILIZING force, so STABILIZE ! YOU STICK together and X-NAE on the trashing of each other.

I have done it too, NOT saying that I am perfect here, but I am NOT going to point fingers at YOU, Excuse my rant the other day about the Playboy HUGH that died, and YES I did point a finger at him, which I removed. I was NOT him so much that I was DISGUSTED in as MUCH as the DISGUSTING LUST business that has ruined many a good marriage as ONE has to LEARN to FOLLOW the HEART and NOT the ORGAN, and control those sexual URGES !

BUT I am ADDRESSING the LIGHTWORKER’S HERE. YOU know, I too also thought that this would have been over, a year ago, and yes it is DRAGGING out and WE are EXHAUSTED and yes sometimes quite a LITTLE frustrated.

SOME of these SOULS you are TRASHING are your LIGHT FAMILYWHOMYOU all have BEEN on MANY MISSIONS with BEFORE, learn to love them and their diversity. NO ONE has to AGREE with YOU or ME or ANYONE ELSE, but YOU are the FRONT-LINES and some of the FIRST ONES noticed when HUNTING for the TRUTH. IF HUMANITY cannot TRUST YOU, then WHO can they TRUST ? HUMANITY is looking for some STABLE truth, just like YOU all were, and YOU had to START to TRUST your OWN little intel GROUPS. YOU, by the way, YOU ALL have DONE a marvelous, FABULOUS and FANTASTIC JOB, doing YOUR MISSIONS in YOUR OWN UNIQUE ways.

Is trashing others loving ? NO, and WE have been there, done that, right ?

HAVEN’T WE ALL learned this BY NOW ? EVEN I REFUSE to DO it and I AM JUSTICE and had to do JUDGEMENT of the CABAL and what they did to HUMANITY by INVADING the PLANET, and trying to claim it etc. WELL someone had to do it, and it had to be ME as it was MY MISSION, part of it. BUT, IT DOES NOT FEEL RIGHT and it REALLY ISN’T ME, the CABAL however are a much DIFFERENT STORY and that does NOT need to be EXPLAINED at all ! It upsets the HIGHER-UPS who rarely disagree, NOT saying they don’t, they just KNOW there is NO competition in cooperation.

SOME ADVICE about about JUDGEMENT from someone WHO KNOWS;

BE a ROCK, NOT a PEBBLE, for even a pebble can make waves, BUT a ROCK can either put a HOLE in someone’s BOAT or STAND STRONG. TRY NOT be SWAYED by the INSANITY of this situation. What if YOU find out soon that the PERSON YOU trashed is NOT exactly as rotten as YOU thought they are ?

HOW will YOU feel then, and DO YOU really want to burn those BRIDGES ?


WHEN I go to your SITES and I SEE how EACH BEAUTIFUL LIGHTWORKER contributes LIKE YOU ALL DO and IMMENSELY, I add. I SEE and I KNOW that YOU also SEE HOW EVERY ONE of YOU CONTRIBUTES, but this HAS to be in CO-OPERATION and NOT the 3rd Dimensional COMPETITION nitpick.

What is it that YOU are competing for, best intel provider & award ? YOU are already the SUPERSTARS of intel and KNOWLEDGE etc. There is NO other COMPETITION in 5D only CO-OPERATION, for an example meditations, do they WORK ? YOU bet your sweet bibby ! Are you pissed at each other and throwing stones when YOU are in the VORTEX of LOVE and LIGHT ? NO !!! And that is ONE of the MAGICAL REASONS it WORKS, your co-operation is Golden. SO are ALL of YOU. GOD and LOVE does not SEE COLOR or LACK of COLOR, NOR does it SEE ONE is BETTER than the other, WE ARE ALL ONE !

In the the 5th dimensional aspect of SELF, YOU ALL DESERVE GOLD STARS, as ANYONE that can pick through endless piles of blatent BULL EXCREMENT smattered across the FAKE news, deserves a GOLD STAR, and to be PRIZED. YOU ARE UNIQUE and DIFFERENT and YOU were ALL CHOSEN just because of it, as to YOUR FLAIR and to what you DO, what YOU are GREAT at. FOR some it is the LESSONS, for others it is INTEL and COMMUNICATIONS, for others it is MORAL and UNDERSTANDING and others it is LEADERSHIP or SPIRITUAL information or SPIRITUAL WARFARE or GALACTIC intel, even if the INTEL we get sometimes seems off, take EACH SOUL that is DOING this and be THANK-FULL that WE are NOT all the SAME, even though it may not seem so at times, WE are ALL on the SAME TEAM and on the SAME SIDE !

YIKES!  Can YOU imagine IF we ALL LOOKED and ACTED exactly the SAME ? HOW visually BORING and INTELLECTUALLY boring it would be if we ALL thought the SAME. YOU continue this and YOU might as well sign-up for the dark-energy cloned Military armies of the world. There is NOT ONE real pure HUMAN or animal SOUL that deserves MORE LOVE or CARE or HEALTH or WEALTH or HELP and AID or HEALING, than the other. NO ONE is BETTER, does PRIME CREATOR not mention to YOU and used to say EQUAL HEART, as in EQUALLY LOVED, APPRECIATED and RESPECTED and HONORED and ACKNOWLEDGED etc, etc. etc ? YOU volunteered to be here with your teams.


YOU are LOVED and APPRECIATED for EVERYTHING YOU do, do NOT get caught up in 3D LOOPING thought processes going on of COMPETITION.

LIKE we have told you before, A FLOWER does NOT punch out the other FLOWERS, just so it can bloom. Toss in a LITTLE humor now and then does NOT hurt either, but in good jesting, NOT damaging and disrespecting O.K. ?

Sometimes there is a FINE line between JESTING and INSULTING others. Just like there is a FINE line between wearing something sexy or sleazzy.

SOMETIMES we can cross that line, even without realizing it as what we, you, I, might consider it funny or silly, someone can get emotionally hurt by it !

WE are learning and teaching ourselves and others about what is and will not be tolerated. TAKE HEART this frustration we are FEELING is minimal than the UNISON and COOPERATION with JOY instead as JOY raises US ALL UP !

YOU were created in LOVE, UNIQUENESS in UNITY, not to be separate, ever.


I LOVE EVERY ONE of YOU and YOU have ALL BEEN GREAT contribution.


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