“Atone” – GCR/RV SITREP – Sunday – October 1, 2017

“Atone” – GCR/RV SITREP – Sunday – October 1, 2017

Received via email at 4:06 PM EDT for publication. ~ Dinar Chronicles

Dear Zap,

Read your taunting post of my coming sovereign financial irrelevance.

Well that 12 years of fighting for humanity was sure for nothing!

Which village in the mountains above Beijing or Shanghai should I send my resignation?

Hear me brother so this spat between us can end–we’re engaged in this transition on very different spiritual planes and I report to very different set of “elders” from a very different “family.”

Our lifepaths therefore exist on separate dimensional realms and only intersect for a short period that is now ending.

Hence the sudden friction. Bruce too.

All Pre Event Constructs are crumbling in spirit and causing great confusion in form.

Therefore please don’t worry about returning the $500 given to you as a unconditional gift so you could eat.

It’s on the house for greater good services already rendered. I learned a lot from you and Doug.

But know Landa has lost my trust and sadly the respect of this entire community as a honorable organization of mercy.

Threatening me will not earn their trust back, nor mine.

I’m not alone in needing to see actual physical performance of mercy from Landa after years of broken promises.

Not talk. Just value added amenities. Simple.

Momentum is hard to gain and even harder to recover. You had it, lost it and now must accept a lesser role in this community as a result.

Brother, I know your intent began to do good things when you started your sovereign journey decades ago, but you lost “face” in this community with the repeated begging requests.

Real Asian Elders know all about “face.” And they understand abject poverty, but you’re not an Elder nor do you have their ear. Thus you have lost “face” with the currency holding community as well as project operators in need of funding.

So your consistent threats fall into what is already a deep abyss of hollow words, sadly so has Landa and Dragon Heart.

You’re just a righteous dude from Alberta trying to do big humanitarian projects. Which is so cool.

I know this first hand because you sent me a few projects 8 years ago when you were looking for project money.

Then one day you were suddenly offering infinite project money as an ancient Elder go between.

Quite the promotion. Great! So where is the cash? Paymasters still stealing your loot?

Come on man. Enough.

Maybe you’re just like the rest of us waiting? Nothing special, nothing significant, same tier economically but morally your persistent performance-less claims have dropped you from our good graces.

Which is perfectly normal, we all missed performance windows, just stop selling us your quixotic illusions of grandeur as the leader of the project funding mercy movement.

Please for the love of God stop. Literally for the love of God. Atone for your sins with silence. It’s he only honorable way out.

Bruce that goes for you too. Your tires are flat. While HAS is inflating ours by the hour, with capital to actually accomplish an amenity loaded website for this community which launches tomorrow!


Your endless and empty promises of wires forthcoming from “European Sovereign Families” who have “absolutely nothing to do with the currencies” has grown stale, so stale in fact this community is sickened whenever they see your CAPITAL LETTERS shouting at them.

You come off now bitter and destitute in all your updates and communications.

Perhaps you are both. Or neither. Maybe you are just angry at the timing of the event as it relates to your life cycle.

I know IAM and I’m only in my late forties. You must be pissed getting this blessing so late in your season.

But this new venom your spewing, for me specifically, is only shortening your time on earth not preserving your core following or expanding your constancy.

It’s actually growing HAS. Remember people are conditioned to eat up controversy.

Plus, it speaks to something deport and darker, something more like a cornered snake hissing in fear than a heroic humanitarian valiantly leading other souls into a project funding and compliance battle against bigger and more powerful foes.

It’s like you’re yelling at HAS to get off your lawn in your underwear holding a loaded shotgun. When we are here with hot food, medicine and everyday life supplies.

We always thought Landa and HAS were on the same team? Guess not. Sobeit.

Global project funding is a big arena brother, and honestly neither of our groups are the only players with vested interests or advanced sovereign connections.

So it makes no logical sense for HAS in a survival of the fittest cellular sense to feed a mouth that keeps insulting or slandering the meek of he earth in an era of meek of he earth restoration.

We were PLANNING TO GIVE YOU SHORT TERM FUNDS. And still will if you stand down for punching us with your posts.

Fighting HAS is like fighting the Will of God. Literally. Is that a good short or long term strategy?

I care enough to speak hard truth to you JB, I really do believe you are a true humanitarian at heart. As such, I trust that you will make right energetic decision.

Bruce too.

Let let this little spat go with all mouths and fingers going silence together for the good of the community at large.

I KNOW Yeshua feels this to be a wise and prudent choice. As a result this is my last SITREP, never to return again.

Thank you for your service everyone!

God is with us.


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