Energy Update: Etheric Pulse Alert, Chaos as Planned, Sudden Shift Ahead! 10/01/2017 01:36:00 AM

Energy Update: Etheric Pulse Alert, Chaos as Planned, Sudden Shift Ahead!

Energy Update ~ Etheric Pulse Alert, Chaos as Planned, Sudden Shift Ahead!

September 29, 2017

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By Jona Bryndis, 09/28/2017

Weekly Energy Report for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Chaos As Planned – Sudden Shift Ahead!

Hi Everybody,

sorry for the delay. As many of you know, we just wrapped up our live workshop here in Colorado, which was really cool, btw – so, administrative things had to wait a bit!

This report is short and I will concentrate on the current energies these days (27th September 2017), in which energetically sensitives and pets! can feel an intense shift in their emotional energies. The new live update is already on the way and will be broadcasted on the 28th September 2017 on my Facebook Page.

We are currently experiencing an extremely strong influx of faster vibratory energies, causing our energies to feel like WE WANT TO OPT OUT. Strong etheric buzzing, pulsing and even spontaneous OBE’s are being reported. You are not alone!!!!! There are indicators for another ‘wave’ of chaotic energies (as announced) – so, the most important thing right now is to STAY PRESENT IN YOUR HEART!

Cave in if you have to, but do not shut your sensations down!

Last week was intense in a physical way – but this week you will have to pay attention with your heart! While things seem quiet at first glance, lots is going on. We are SITTING ON A VOLCANO, that just waits to erupt! Do not get caught off guard, even if you personally don’t feel like there is anything happening – for most of the people around you things are so strange right now, that they won’t know how to handle it other than with denial or dissociation.

If you have gotten through last week without major disasters, and you managed to respond rather than react, you are probably really good at sucking your emotions in – and absorbing for that matter. I don’t mean this in a sarcastic way, but this time is very much about learning to DISCERN BETWEEN DISSOCIATING AND DETACHING. Just because you think you are good at controlling your emotions, you are not free of the energetic effects of suppressing them.

We all have ‘good’ reasons to control our emotions, most of which are linked to trauma and pain in the past, but this doesn’t mean that it’s serving our good. Right now it is very important that you SPEAK YOUR TRUTH!

Dissociating from our pain our of fear is the most common cause for empaths to absorb other people’s energies/emotions. So, while believing that we can handle it – often mixed with thinking that we are being of service for others, we think that the safest way to deal with abusive behaviors is to put our feelings aside…sounds familiar? The real reason why we are other people’s energetic doormats is because we are afraid of the INTENSITY OF BIG EMOTIONS.

Everyone who knows how to connect with his/her heart knows how to get through intensity through BREATHING, CENTERING AND GROUNDING. Accept that there is a lot going on under the surface and STAND YOUR GROUND!

Other than what I am already recommending in the video, try to stay CALM BUT ALERT. Always try to see the THIRD OPTION!

THERE ALWAYS IS ANOTHER WAY – even if you cannot see it at the moment. Train yourself to stay centered enough to let this ‘third’ option to come to you. TRUST!

Find the opportunity in your situation! SHIFT! Make a quantum leap into your NEW FUTURE! This week can be extremely fateful for those who can see beyond the emotional overlay clouding our perception!

Especially, connect with your true needs and express them before you explode. Don’t just suck your emotions in – you are sucking other people’s emotions in along with it!

More in the live update on Thursday!

Thank you for your patience!

All the best.

Much Love,


Source: Love Has Won

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