Intel Situation Report (SITREP) from Deep Source(s) 10-3-17

Website Update – Yesterday’s Intel

Dear Readers, There was quite some intel yesterday. If you missed them, I’ve provided the links below. “EO After Trump Visit to…

Intel Situation Report (SITREP) from Deep Source(s) 10-3-17

SITREP (Situation Report)


11:42 PM EDT

Deep Source (GCR/RV):

“Trump to sign an executive order before arriving in Puerto Rico to release the USN’s. Thus triggering the release funds and necessary requirements needed for the GCR/RV.

Deep Source (Resistance):
Several Cabal Deep Underground Military Bases were destroyed last month. The search for more of these tirelessly continues until no more remain. Republic military assets were targeted by the Military Industrial Complex under the cover of the hurricanes last month. Attempts to destroy Republic military assets were avoided and dealt with thanks to Alliance intelligence.”

Deep Source (The Alliance):
“Alliance forces aided in reducing the effects of the hurricanes last month (with the help of lightworker meditation). The Cabal intended to create several super hurricanes in order to cause massive destruction. This was a desperate Cabal attempt to bring as many of us down with them as they can.”

Note from Deep Source(s):
“Please note: Intel that is being provided from us to you is indeed accurate but completely raw and does have a tendency to not follow through. There is no denying that we are all in frustration and loss of patience. It is entirely a fact that intel being provided is real, but there are constant on-going activities that change the situation. This is agonizing but you mustn’t lose hope. Nothing lasts forever.”

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