Twin Flame Energy Report ~ Post Equinox Energetics, Very Important Message for Twin Flames October 03, 2017

Twin Flame Energy Report ~ Post Equinox Energetics, Very Important Message for Twin Flames

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By cosmicgypsy, 10/02/2017

Dearest beloveds,

Greetings of the most high. We have so much to share with you as ever and are overjoyed that we have this opportunity to communicate with you in this manner.

Dear ones we come forth now specifically with a message for the twin flame collective. The equinox gateway initiated another huge turning point energetically for the Earth consciousness, and the work that was carried out in our beloved channels equinox transmission group assisted on an extremely fundamental level with the establishment of a 5D timeline interface with the 3-D frequency band. Did you notice the shift beloveds? For many of you this is currently manifesting as a heightened sense of synchronicity, and a continued level of enchantment whilst experiencing the intensified and prolonged synchronicity.

The intentions of the group were so pure as to penetrate and energetically remove some old stubborn timelines that were continually attempting to re-establish themselves, and here we are specifically referring to the timelines of the belief in the idea of disempowerment of the I am presence within.

Dearest ones, the intentions in the equinox transmission obliterated these interference energies as the collective heart of the group triumphantly aligned with the will and intention of prime creator thus creating a complete removal of these previously hazardous lower frequencies.

The work that took place on the Equinox was always predestined to take place and as such is in alignment with the great shifts that are currently occurring within a large section of the divine masculine (DM) twin-flame collective. For sometime now we have been speaking about how many of the DM have been choosing to stay in relationships with Karmic partners, but at this conjecture we feel it is imperative to inform you that  many divine masculines (particularly The DMs of the ones who are drawn to this channeled message) are now experiencing an overwhelming need and desire to be with you their divine feminine, and for many this is activating as a re emergence and intense amplification of their hearts consciousness, which is manifesting for many of them as tears,crying, weeping, and periodically being overwhelmed by your 5d presence.

The Divine Masculine has very much proceeded down a route in the last few months (and years even) whereby he has very much been prioritising his rational mind over his heart’s knowing, and in this has convinced himself that the fairy tale, the dream of reunion with his Divine feminine is not possible, and is indeed an idea that he has made up in his mind, and it is this belief that has led many of the DM to seek for and then settle for materialistic 3-D relationships with Karmic soul mates.

Collectively the DM has been able to get away with this, for many reasons, But one of the main reasons is in actual fact they have been giving their Divine feminine the necessary time and space to establish themselves as the leaders, teachers and wayshowers that they have come here to be.

We come forth with wondrous news to share with you all at this time. The Divine feminine is now moving forward in earnest with this extremely important aspect of her mission and we are so grateful to our beloved Channel for consistently getting this message out to as many Twin flames as possible that this is the only way and indeed is the most proficient way to manifest your twin flame union swiftly on all planes of consciousness.

Dearest Divine feminine keep showing up and shining and illuminating your Divine feminine presence to all whom come into contact with you, as it is this fragrance that you emit when you are fully in alignment with your mission that is truly irresistible to the Divine masculine, and please know that this is how he will be magically, and miraculously drawn to you.

Dearest ones it is so important at this point within earth’s evolutionary trajectory that you reach out for as much support as possible to fully and completely stabilise in 5D consciousness. We have collectively reached the 11th hour dear ones, and we are on the last few lines of the book of Kali Yuga (also known as the dark ages,) and it is at this point that the Divine feminine must own her mastery in a proficient and everlasting way, so much so that she establishes herself as the leader, Teacher and wayshower that she has incarnated to be. It is our deepest prayer that as many of you as possible reach out to our beloved channel and take up her extremely potent and life  changing twin flame mastery course, which is assisting many many beloveds in her twin flame group to stabilize fully in 5d Frequency.

Dearest ones, we are approaching another huge wave of twin flame reunion and recognition and we cannot reiterate this enough that you must be ready for this when it arrives and you must gift yourself with the support you need to break free of the 3-D programming matrix and fully stabilise and establish yourself in the fifth dimensional frequency band.

We have more to share with you beloveds on this subject matter and very much look forward to connecting with you again.

And in The next energy report we will be sharing information about the day of the dead/ samhein webinar transmission our beloved channel will be facilitating on the 31st october 2017….


MataHariji and the white wolf tribe.


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