Aries Full Moon Ceremony, October 2017 October 03, 2017 [FULL MOON tonight, Wed & Thurs Oct 04 & 05 2017]

Aries Full Moon Ceremony, October 2017

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By Tanaaz

The Aries Full Moon on October 5th is going to be helping us come face to face with the obstacles that are holding us back in life.

We all have obstacles that prevent us from doing what we want or from moving forward in our lives. These obstacles, no matter what they may be, are often representations of fear.

Our mind is so powerful that often the obstacles that come before us are manifestations of the fear that lives inside.

Sometimes obstacles are necessary as they allow us to weigh up what we really want and what we are willing to do to make it happen. Obstacles also help to direct us on our path.

This Aries Full Moon is going to be an obstacle crusher. Whatever obstacles are in your way, this Full Moon is going to help you smash past them and make it to the other side.

However, in order to do this, you first have to be willing to surrender and release the fear.

There is really only one way to release fear and that is through self belief. When you believe in yourself, when you believe in life, your path, and your future, fear can be no match.

When you believe in something, when your heart’s desire is beating strong, all fear looks small in comparison.

This ritual is designed to help you not only tune into your heart’s desire and to believe in yourself but it will also allow you to shed any fears that are holding you back.

Majority of the work comes from feeling your heart’s desire and believing it. Once you do that, the rest will gradually fall into place.

Aries Full Moon Ritual for Finding Your Heart’s Desire

You will need:

  • Sage or palo santo for smudging
  • 4 Candles
  • Black tea leaves (tea bag is fine)
  • 3 of your favorite crystals (choose whatever you feel drawn to)
  • Pen and paper


This ritual is best done in the evening before bed. Optimal times to complete this ritual are October 3rd-8th.

1.) Brew the tea according to directions and allow to cool. Do not add milk! You just want the tea water.

2.) While the tea is cooling, use your sage or palo santo to cleanse your aura and your surroundings. You can find more instructions on how to do this here. (If you have the option, use Palo Santo as it more aligned with the vibration of Aries).

3.) Once you have cleansed yourself and aura set up your ritual as follows-

  • Light the candles and place them in a square shape (one candle in each corner)
  • Take your cup of tea and place it in the center of the square
  • Arrange your crystals around the cup in whatever pattern you choose

4.) Gently begin rubbing your heart center area in a circular motion to start activating the energy. Place your hands into prayer position and rest them against your heart center. Close your eyes and take 10-20 deep breaths. As you breathe, imagine your heart center opening up. You can imagine it as a flower bud opening or as a ball of white or pink light that gradually gets bigger and bigger.

Note: if you are not the best visualiser, you can also silently repeat to yourself- “I am now opening my heart center to release and unlock my true desires.”

5.) Once you feel a gentle buzz or hum in your heart center (it may take more than 10 breaths), gently and quietly ask your heart to show you or tell you its desire. Ask your heart what it needs from you. You may see it as written words or a vision, you may hear it being spoken to you, or you may just get a feeling or “knowing”. Trust whatever feelings or messages arrive and try not to judge. Keep it simple.

6.) Take your pen and paper and begin writing down whatever messages are unfolding for you so you can remember them later. Feel free to write as much or as little as you like, just follow your inspiration. For this ritual, keeping it simple is best.

7.) Once you have an understanding or even a glimmer of your heart’s desire, rub your hands together while repeating your desire and place them around the tea cup. Black tea holds the energy and vibration of fire and Mars (Aries ruling element and planet). While holding the tea cup repeat your heart’s desire 3 times to yourself and take a sip of the brew. This sip symbolises you infusing your heart’s desire into your entire body. It also symbolically adds strength to your desire.

8.) Place your tea cup back into the center of the candles with the crystals. Fold up your paper and place that into the middle as well. Resting your hands over your heart, say thank you and then blow out the candles, but keep everything else in place over night.

9.) The next morning, take your tea and wash your hands with it. As you wash your hands repeat the following-

“I now wash away the fears of yesterday and release myself from the obstacles holding me back. I forgive and let go of the past and know that I no longer need to carry it with me. I wash away my fears and replace them with the wisdom of my heart’s desire. My heart’s desire of (insert heart’s desire here) now flows through me and leads me at every turn. Nothing is impossible as long as I am following my heart’s desire.”

10.) Close the ritual by clearing up the candles and crystals. You can keep the piece of paper in a safe place to remind yourself of  your heart’s desire.

Happy Aries Full Moon!


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