“Checking Our Egos at Heaven’s Door” by Fireswan – 10.9.17

Entry Submitted by Fireswan at 12:38 AM EDT on October 9, 2017

Thank you for the responses to my suggestion that Zap consider Yosef’s offer to help him.

No, I am not a mouthpiece for Yosef or for HAS. I just think the HAS initiative is amazing. Notice that I said initiave.

Like all of us humans, Yosef has his shadow aspects. I do not support Yosef’s outbursts and displays of ego, nor do I support Zap’s. Both men need to surrender more often and check their egos in with Christ at Heaven’s door. That being said, I think I know what could be done to facilitate this happening. A mutually-beneficial gesture of surrender. Like Bubba and Fluffy. And inspiring example of the two men reconciling and work together for humanity’s greatest benefit. Then they’d both see for themselves that they’re on the same team. Our team. God’s team.

I read Zap’s latest fundraiser email. This time he has another compliance problem. I want Zap to succeed in his projects. I want him to get over the finish line and start doing the wonderful things he has devoted his life to do.

What’s in the way?

What’s in the way for all of us?


We need to show one another loving/kindness. Zap seems to keep getting stuck in the same place. Yosef has apparently broken through similar impasses.


Dimensional math. Belevolent Logic. I saw that there is a possibility that if egos could be set aside that there could be a win-win. Yosef could save face by showing benevolence to Zap. Zap could save face by getting an accelerator for his projects. 1+1=3 style win-win.

That’s all. And, that’s everything. Why? Isn’t the point of all of this is to surrender our egos and practice the spirit of the Prayer of St. Francis in our daily lives. In our living words, inspired actions, kind and loving deeds.

We see one in need (Zap keeps getting stuck). We see one with resources (Yosef has gotten past the point where Zap keeps getting stuck). Yosef has offered to put the egos aside to help Zap. That impressed me. Zap could subscribe for free just by signing up for a hardship subscription. He clearly qualifies. Using the resources on the site, Zap could uniquely see how the HAS program can be enhanced or improved from his unique vantage point. We all win in the LIGHT generated by those two getting past their differences and showing us all a compassionate BETTER WAY. Divide and conquer is dead. Arising from the D&C grave is Grace and Peace. In action, right HERE, right NOW.

Let there be LIGHT, and let it begin with US. We have the template for the solution, let’s end the division and step up to demonstrate how, when, where and why cooperation can occur by celebrating that our leaders had the courage to get their egos out of the way and help each other!!!

Imagine a Zap update announcing how Yosef helped him. Imagine a HAS project compliance example featuring Zap.

That would be beyond cool!

I want to see a real-tangible example that the Hand of God is powerful enough to overcome ego bruises and intel disputes that has plagued our Dinarland/Dongville/Zimlandia for far too long.

That would be beyond cool!

God is with us.





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