Heavenletters: From Where Greatness Comes – Oct 08 2017

Heavenletters: From Where Greatness Comes

From Where Greatness Comes | Heavenletters

OCT 8 2017

God said:

I know from where Greatness comes. You may not know, yet I do know. Greatness comes from you.

This is a secret you keep from yourself.

You don’t see your own Greatness. Your Greatness is so simple and so close to you, you don’t begin to see it.

You also don’t see others’ Greatness until you perhaps stumble on it, for others’ Greatness is too far from you, and you also don’t expect it, and you don’t look to see it unless the world has already proclaimed it.

Perhaps you anticipate the ho-hum and the dreary. You are not looking for explosions of Greatness today. You may be looking just to get through the day and get home and watch a good series on TV that can enchant you and get your mind off daily Life.

There are many layers in Life. Go for the core. What does this mean? It doesn’t mean exactly chasing Life, yet, at the same time, you are on an expedition. You don’t have to be avid about it. You can lightly know that something Great is coming. You may be in the middle of it and have no idea. An expedition is not your mind’s wandering hither and yon, yet nor must your mind wander around in greener pastures nor must your mind not wander around.

There are really no rules about Life that you must follow. Life is not a forced event. You are not a follower of Life as others may deem. You are a Leader of your own Life. Follow your own Life. Lead your own Life.

Ah, let’s say that your expedition is an amble. Life will not run off without you. Life will not miss you. Life will not go past you. Life is at the Essence of you. You are the Essence of Life. You are birthing your Life. You yourself are the mountain you climb. You don’t even catch on that you are the very Peak you climb. When you get to the top, you begin to introduce yourself to your Self. Yet, does one ever reach the summit? The joke is that you are already right here with Me. You already are a winner.

Your Life can be a gambol. Go ahead, consider Life a caper, a dance you go to, a Happy Hunting Ground. Simple. Straight forward. An easy place to play in.

Have an easy view of Life. See it not as work. See it as an accompaniment. Life accompanies you. You and Life hold hands. Live your Life as only you can. Perhaps you grabbed your Life. Perhaps it was handed to you. It doesn’t matter. Make of your Life what you will.

Your Life is like a movie you see. You see the movie in front of you. The person next to you may watch the same movie, yet to him, it’s a different movie he watches. He doesn’t see Life as you do. What does the movie he looks at have to do with the movie you look at?

In living the Life you live, rely on yourself. Be your own guidelines. Learn from others, yet others are not your mentors. Others’ opinions are simply others’ opinions. That others hold their opinions does not make them true. Your Truth lies within you. Nor am I saying that you are precisely right, nor do you have to be right, for you are growing and learning and unlearning as well, even as you are your primary mentor, you, regardless of how you may appear to the outer world.

The world is also growing. Growth is inevitable. Even in what you might call dark patches, you are growing and growing and growing fast. Every moment you are moving forward. It’s okay to change directions. Step out of ego and enter Greatness and begin to see yourself with new eyes. Face front, Beloveds. Follow Me.

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Source: Rainbow Wave of Light


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