“About the Church Bank and HAS” by Ron Giles – 10.9.17 & “Re: About the Church Bank and HAS” by Victor – 10.10.17

YES I saw these 2 and was debating whether to post them. P.S. all of CINDY KAY CURRIER’S stuff has been demoted to the very bottom last list of this site and will be dealt with later as a FALSE LIGHTWORKER! NO ONE TELLS US that we cannot connect to our GOD/DESS self or to MOTHER and FATHER GOD for that matter, BEWARE !!! It is a DICTATORSHIP with no GOD or LOVE CONNECTION. WE are ALL DIVINE BEINGS of pure LOVE connected to GOD and it would be impossible to NOT be connected as YOU WOULD have to be the CABAL or a CLONE !!!


“About the Church Bank and HAS” by Ron Giles – 10.9.17

“About the Church Bank and HAS” by Ron Giles – 10.9.17

Entry Submitted by Ron Giles at 11:25 PM EDT on October 9, 2017

The following is my opinion. It is not designed to be in opposition to Josef’s new plan. It does, however, present a different point of view to consider.

It appears from the onset that the whole reason for a Church Bank stems from the old financial system of Cabal controlled Banks and an attempt to remedy the problems that are inherent with the greed and their enslavement of mankind, agenda. While the concept would have Religious connotations of being, “Christlike,” in nature, it is still organized and run by men who could only be considered, “the arm of flesh.” Putting new money into an old Cabal structure is tantamount to putting old wine in new bottles at best. While trying to solve the old problems in the old system has merit, the Elders have been working on the solutions for centuries and have, in coordination with the heavens, created a new financial system of transparency in banking that incorporates technology and super computers not available to the world before. To not have faith in the new system and to assume one has a better approach than the team effort between the Elders and the heavens represent the height of ignorance and a slap in the face of the Elders and Grandfather. I would be very careful about the intent for such a maneuver as anything inferior is an open door to Cabal minions for use, manipulations and control. I also believe those who participate in such a Church Bank would be suspect and open to chalking of a less pure color.

It could also be just another attempt by Cabal thinking individuals to get money from the system by enticing unknowing Trillionaires to participate. HSBC is the lead bank for a reason. I would not choose another bank to hold my money, yet alone a startup bank with no history of experience to gain credibility.

Concerning HAS.

I have not studied all that this organization has to offer but from the outset, if the only money to fund my project comes from others, then where is the money coming from to fund their project as well. Sounds like a Ponzi Scheme to me. Outside infusion of cash is required to succeed. If outside funds are a part of HAS then it could work. But if not, it would be allowed to continue for a while until someone complains to the authorities who would charge it as a Ponzi Scheme until it was proven otherwise. A Ponzi Scheme does damage, is fraud, and is against the law. It would not survive in the Restored Republic. But perhaps the worst thing is this: those who participate in it may have already been chalked with a less pure color which could drastically reduce the once in a lifetime exchange rate. Discernment is critical in these end times and may be the key to moving ahead for the Elders and Grandfather to bless your intensions with great abundance. It may be a clever way of saying something that the heavens do anyway, but Chalking was done for reason and that reason still exists. Trying to go around the process has, and will have, a negative effect in the exchange appointment.

As the old Australian saying goes, “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, thinks like a duck, behaves like a duck, has little wings like a duck, hangs out in swampy waters like a duck, then put down your money, Mate, it’s probably a duck.”

On another point, I would like to express my appreciation for the efforts that Yosef has put out for us here on IDC. He’s been a stalwart and a lasting survivor like a few of the other Gurus. He is entitled to receive his pay packet, whatever it may be and however he chooses to receive it. Even with the false flags and the non-effective release dates, he got us to this point. I wish him and Show Me, well. That said, I do not and will not be following them into unsafe waters and will choose my inner knowing and discernment as I move forward. The waiting time has been well spent in engineering my humanitarian platform and plans, they are intense. If there are further delays, I will go to the next higher level of preparedness being led by Spirit and Love. I await the storms and adversity to end and bring us the brighter day in which to perform our labors. I wish all here on IDC to receive the portion of the gift that makes you feel comfortable and ready to come from your heart. I send my love and blessings to you all.

Ron Giles



“Re: About the Church Bank and HAS” by Victor – 10.10.17

“Re: About the Church Bank and HAS” by Victor – 10.10.17

Entry Submitted by Victor at 11:18 AM EDT on October 10, 2017

“About the Church Bank and HAS” by Ron Giles – 10.9.17

Excellent point Ron Giles. It is so freaking obvious no one seems to see it. Divert the RV funds into an opposing banking system (church bank) that counters the Intent of the RV. So obvious and so Cabal. Put it In the ….”Disinformation Agent” …..(YO YO) put him in early in the game and even have him disclose it, that he is a disinformation agent. So freaking insulting to those “they” hold in disdain and start early to get into the minds of the Sheep.

The sheep will never see it coming since, the programing will……”ALL BE DONE EARLY”….. on Them. Yes, the programing with little white lies started a few years ago, when he was so Loving. I even liked him then. Yet……. those little White lies contain a seed of Truth so they do…….”feel good”….

Of course, anything that feels good is not fought or resisted by the mind of sheep. They accept it and they depend on it. In fact once accepted no one is able to even say one thing against the little……”White Lies”……The sheep become addicted even to the the little white feel good lies.

I notice even you Ron, at the end of your post had to walk lightly and give praise to those little white lies that brought us to the end? Really……..Where is your big stick man?

We now have to praise the double agent and MK-Ultra programmers for telling us three years of …..”Little White lies”……..that feel good, because we are to scared to stand up in our TRUTH. May be we should call them little ……”Colored Lies”………to be politically correct? and give homage to the mind bender himself. Show him we…”Believe”….We want to make sure we don’t piss old Orange hating YO YO off and he chalks your Ass correctly…….since we are too scared to be on the pretend shit list.

So now that we have become “Corrupted mentally” and have …..LET in the “Trojan horse” past the senses of …….”Discernment”……we got the demon seed right in our own house. IN our own MINDS…….Amen morons!……IMO.

Once the seed of corruption and stupidity is planted who will get it out? Will YOU get your own house in order and cast the “EGO” out?…….No, you will not. YOU LET “THEM” IN. What are you going to cast out? You are a sheep.

So you will praise and now pay, the …….”white lies/colored lies”…..promoter who corrupted you, because you can NOT admit……You can not ….”Surrender”….your own EGO and see that you made a mistake. Because when you where not ….”Aware”………and not “Awake”……….you are in the Matrix.

So when YOU get the RV $$$$$,………YOU!……. you will give it right back to the …..”Controllers”….. who will put the new wine in the same old bottles and YOU (through Free Will) Will have given the…….Cabal……..LIFE.

YOU will have put Frankenstein back in all its pieces and given it LIFE……..through your new RV $$$$. HOW does that feel? Not bad for some Little White lies/Colored lies…..EHHH?

YOU…… by your failure to see and their misdirection (Cabal) of……. “YOUR FREE WILL”….will give life again to your oppressor and you will never have seen it coming and you will not change…….UNLESS?………Unless you get a great…….”SHOCK”…….But by them it will bet too late. After the fact of the RV and you handing over the keys to the kingdom once again. May be that is a reason for delays? Yeah……….? Let that one come home to roost. HOW long will it take to fix that? To fix YOU………???

A GREAT SHOCK IS WHAT YOU NEED. …….It is what the whole world needs. But what will that shock be?……..I don’t have a freaking idea? The shock concept is one thing I have been studying for many years.. Does it even work or ever happen? It happens to the alcoholic or the…… “great repenter”……YO YO if you are to believe his story of how he found the Truth. I guess that is the THEORY…….. or one Theory of how to bring about change in an …….”UN-Aware mind”……..”Asleep EGO”…..Let it All collapse get to the depths of Hell and scream for help.

Will a …… “cabal like negative shock”……will do the job of awakening the mind? I am skeptical since it seems to toss you right into the Belief that you need a “Savior” to save your ass, since you are not good enough or awake enough……once again, to do it on your own. Kind off gets YOU back on the dependency on something outside of yourself………which we have seen the abuse of organized Religions for a long time. They take this inner collapse of the Ego and make it work for …..”THEM”……and created a whole industry of dependency and ……..LACK…..and money making negative energy producing.

YOU could take the other PATH, that would be to empower yourself, by following your …..”JOY”………that, IMO seems to be the way to the “Galactics”……….But WTF do I Know? ain’t seen one of them suckers yet. You tell me or tell yourself.

NOW do you see the …….”DANGER”…….of this Little white/colored pack of lies? Where you are now convinced you are on the side of GOD and you will hand over to GOD the money to help fix his world. Man………”stupid is as stupid does”…..one of my favorite lines.

Can you see that once you do give the money or you do give allegiance to what you don’t know. You have made a bad deal and a dangerous deal, with so far an Anonymous entity that has not disclosed itself.

The real problem is that YOU will become the problem now……after the RV. Who can change your corrupted mind at such a late date? Not many…….IMO.

Will a great shock do it?……..May be if you get one and it is strong enough and at the right time. Will following your JOY and becoming AWARE do it? ……May be?…..but that takes a bit of time and you also have to change a great deal since you will have to give up your …….”LACK THINKING”……..which you have not been able to do since you let the Trojan horse in to your mind to begin with your belief in ……SIN.

Will you ……”Surrender Sin”……..???

All of this done with……..Little white/colored lies”…….which seems so innocent and make you feel so good, that you will even pay to keep on hearing them and give your own ….”SOVEREIGNTY AWAY”……..for the that little drug of deception. But a little deception always leads to the ultimate deception and deceiver…….which will sour all of the wine.

So do you need to praise the deception pushers and pay for it?……….Haaa ……..haaa. NO you don’t.

YOU brought your self here. NOT the deceptions which have a perfect 100% accuracy rate of being wrong. I mean think about it? You can go to any casino and they are never going to win 100% of the time. But a pusher of …….”white lies/colored lies”…….can be right/wrong100% of the time? WOW……….that is some kind of Bookie. If you are wrong that often in your prediction……you have to know where the TRUTH lies, so you can avoid it? …..IMO…….So what does that mean?

Does that mean? Does it mean that we as a group of humans are to stupid to be told the Truth forcefully and clearly and can only be told little lies? Pathetic……..but that is the way of the CABAL. I would rather Tell the TRUTH with strength…..stand in it and don’t…….”FAWN” ….before your oppressors and liars. Don’t give them an inch and don’t give them a dime or give them $25 dollars………and certainly don’t give them your mind or your RV ideas and most of all the RV MONEY………..which is what they are after. Which is what you have to protect.

You are the weak link here. They are not here to help anyone but service to themselves. That is who you are up against.

Much Love Victor



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