Spiritual Significance of The 10th day of October (10/10)

Spiritual Significance of The 10th day of October (10/10)

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By Tanaaz

The 10th day of October (10/10) unlocks a powerful gateway of energy that is all about taking steps in a new direction.

2017 has been asking us to take on the mission of completely rebirthing ourselves and our lives, and the energy of 10/10 comes as a reminder that we need to take this new “us”, this new beginning that we have all be granted, and do something with it.

We are now entering the action phase of the cycle, and this will continue for the remainder of the year.

For the coming months, we are all going to be guided to take this clean slate that we have been given and start building on it.

We need to begin drawing what calls to our heart and soul straight onto the blank canvas.

In numerology, 10 is a power number that signifies wholeness. It signifies a time when everything is in balance and the wheel can start moving again in a new direction.

It is also a powerful manifestation number that we can use to turn our dreams into reality.

10/10 doubles this vibration, making it an extra potent time to manifest and to put plans into place in regards to what you want your life to feel like.

Simply taking small steps in the direction that feels good is the best way to start revolutionising your life and welcoming in this new and powerful vibration.

From an astrological point of view, 10/10 is also highly significant due to the fact that Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion is preparing to shift signs.

Since September 2016, Jupiter has been touring the air sign of Libra and helping all of us to focus on partnerships and humanity. During this time we have been encouraged to think about our fellow humans and to practice compassion, love and understanding for all.

Now on 10/10, Jupiter is going to move into Scorpio where it has not been since 2005-2006. Jupiter will remain in Scorpio until November 2018 and will be bringing about a new set of lessons.

Whenever a big planet like Jupiter shifts signs, we all feel it. It causes the ground beneath us to move and shake and it causes things to be stirred up that need our attention.

Jupiter expands whatever it touches, which means that if there are issues in your life that need addressing, Jupiter is going to highlight them so they can be dealt with once and for all.

Jupiter doesn’t discriminate either, for if there are wonderful, prosperous things happening in your life, Jupiter will also cast its magic and expand and illuminate these things as well.

Many astrologers refer to Jupiter as the lucky planet for this very reason. Jupiter will amplify what is already present in your life with the hopes that you can make it even better.

Jupiter’s move into Scorpio is going to be powerful for areas relating to sexuality, spirituality and all things metaphysical.

Scorpio is a very transformative sign as well, which means that we are all going to go on our own transformative journey while Jupiter is in this placement.

Perhaps think about what was happening for you around 2005-2006, as this time period may provide a clue as to what themes or lessons Jupiter in Scorpio has in store for you.

Jupiter in Scorpio on a global level also signifies a time of awakening. The planet is going to continue awakening, and more and more people are going to start tuning into higher levels of consciousness.

Even though planet Earth is a third dimensional planet, there is the possibility to live on the fourth or even fifth dimension while living here.

You can read more about the dimensions here, but now would be the perfect time to start raising your vibration and living from the place of your highest self.

10/10 unlocks a powerful gateway of energy that we are all going to have access to. Use this day to start taking actionable steps forward so you can live the life that you desire.


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